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I had a super choice sport gig in college. I ran the jumbotron for the football games and the scoreboard for the basketball games. And I ran the Athletics department web site. R U Rah Rah!

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"Tech doping"? How Speedo's LZR suit breaks swim records

You can tell the Olympics are coming when the local papers start having their baseball/football guys write columns on swimming. Our paper had one where the guy questioned even the possibility of suits making you go faster, and suggested the recent records were "because they worked harder".

posted by Smackfu at 02:50 PM on April 15, 2008

Vivian Stringer reaches 800 wins

Should be a good game tonight vs UConn. #1 vs #4, and #4 Rutgers won the other meeting this season. Of course, they'll probably play again in the Big Est tourney, and then possibly in the NCAAs.

posted by Smackfu at 06:48 PM on March 03, 2008

"Your all-star game logo, for the final, wonderful year of Yankee Stadium, sucks."

The 2007 one is very nice. The 2005 one linked in the comments is hideous. The Detroit Tigers font shouldn't be mixed with anything.

posted by Smackfu at 07:01 PM on September 06, 2007

The Smoking Gun Reveals Steelers Secrets!

I thought that was a lot more interesting than the average Smoking Gun rider. Not weird or wacky, but intersting. But then I love the arcana of organization.

posted by Smackfu at 11:01 PM on August 14, 2007

Police: Teen Posed as a Reporter at Shea.

I can't imagine they were thinking of sports writers when they drafted that law.

posted by Smackfu at 10:52 PM on August 21, 2006

US Stumbles Out of the Gates

The Japan Australia game was thrilling Yeah, and I'm kind of glad that the US wasn't on the bottom in that one.

posted by Smackfu at 09:07 PM on June 12, 2006

Steelers: Big Ben Injured In Motorcycle Accident

I'm surprised he doesn't have some kind of clause that prohibits riding without a helmet, considering how much risk it transfers to the Steelers. I've seen interviews with Ewan McGregor where he's said that while he's filming movies, he's banned from riding his bike entirely.

posted by Smackfu at 01:58 PM on June 12, 2006

Brackets trashed around the country.

Someone told me this morning that there are actually 4 people on the ESPN brackets that picked the final four. I want to know what kind of drugs they were using. I read a story about that somewhere, so it should be on Google News. The best part was that one of the guys thought he was picking George Washington instead of George Mason... he put in another bracket when he realized his mistake.

posted by Smackfu at 05:21 PM on March 29, 2006

Why skating is not a sport

Yawn. Wake me when some other hack writes this article again four years from now. You know it. Even the debate is unbearably boring now, it's been repeated so many times.

posted by Smackfu at 08:20 PM on February 21, 2006

Ice Dancing Results

The acrobatic ski thing was just prelims, so they're not going to focus on it. And they did show two other different downhill skiing events.

posted by Smackfu at 11:33 PM on February 20, 2006

Bode's a bust

It was silly to predict golds at all. You win the World Cup by finishing consistently good, not by winning every race.

posted by Smackfu at 03:38 PM on February 20, 2006

Bode's a bust

That one legged save in slo-mo was the highlight of the Olympics for me. Like an acrobat. I suppose I just can't get all worked up about a guy (and a sport) that I didn't care about last month and that I'll forget about by next month.

posted by Smackfu at 09:43 AM on February 20, 2006

The Agony of Defeat.

So in the end, this post is complaining about NBC censoring something they actually showed in primetime? Personally, I thought the ice skating fall by the Chinese girl looked way more painful. And that got a couple of slow-mo replays.

posted by Smackfu at 09:54 AM on February 14, 2006

Stewart Rips NASCAR For 'Dangerous' Racing

We don't need cars flying into the grand stands. One of these days someone is going to have a flipping roll that happens in the wrong place.

posted by Smackfu at 09:51 AM on February 14, 2006

True Grit in the Pairs Figure Skating Finals

The new scoring system doesn't deduct points for a fall, it just adds less for that element (as long as you complete the revolutions before falling). This isn't nearly as bad for the overall score.

posted by Smackfu at 09:47 AM on February 14, 2006