February 16, 2006

Mike Davis resigns as Indiana University basketball coach.: Most stories say the resignation will be effective at the end of the season, others say it will take effect immediately. IU has called a news conference at 3:30pm EST today. IU President Adam Herbert and AD Rick Greenspan will also be in attendance. Who's next for Indiana, and what's next for Davis?

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This is probably the best thing for Mike Davis and for the Univ. of Indiana. Davis is a good young coach but probably not cut out for a university like IU with such an incredible legacy. Davis will get hired at another decent school and more than likely be successful. IU should go after Bob Knight. At least I wish. Doubt that will happen though.

posted by CarolinaCowboy at 01:44 PM on February 16, 2006

That was a no win situation for mike.Know one will be able to fill the shoes that bobby knight left there.The sad thing is what great basketball tradition is there,and no quick fix in the near future.

posted by softball brian at 02:18 PM on February 16, 2006

Good riddance to Davis, no quick fix but there are better options out there than Davis. But I really don't understand the timing, have some class and wait till the season is over. I can't wait to see who they will get.

posted by kenmrcm at 03:13 PM on February 16, 2006

I'm from IU and hate the school even more than I did before. The fans are morons, and the admin isn't much better. Worst fans in the Big 10 hands down!!! Mike Davis is right they want one of their own, and they will never ever get is. LOL!!!!!

posted by Big Dookie at 03:26 PM on February 16, 2006

Steve Alford

posted by sumokenobi at 05:18 PM on February 16, 2006

Good luck Mike, You deserve better. Perhaps the "U of I" want wins more than responsible student athletes.

posted by westcoast at 06:53 PM on February 16, 2006

I agree that its the best thing for IU and Davis. I just hope to god that IU doesn't mess this up by getting another relatively inexperienced coach. As much as Steve Alford has meant to IU in the past, his record as coach at Iowa hasn't exactly been sterling. IIRC, Davis has had the better record. Lets hope IU can get a solid, known coach who can finally get the in-state recruiting back on track. ps there is no such thing as the University of Indiana

posted by ttrendel at 07:37 AM on February 17, 2006

there is no such thing as the University of Indiana Thank you. It's IU, not the U of I.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 08:16 AM on February 17, 2006

Mike Davis can recruit very well. He is not the best coach yet. I say yet, because I believe one day he will be a great coach after he gets a little more experience. I'm glad to see him go, but not in this way. He deserved better than what he got in the end. Now I just want to see Steve Alford coaching here next year.

posted by jmbraun773 at 08:32 AM on February 17, 2006

IU botched their dealings with Knight, and then compounded it by allowing the players to in effect choose his replacement. I am no fan of the Big 10 (11), but enjoy watching good basketball wherever it may be. Steve Alford would meet the requirement of a home grown product. IU might be better to recruit for then Iowa.

posted by Aggie1 at 10:09 AM on February 17, 2006

1) Just anecdotal, but people around Iowa City tell me Alford is not very well-liked there. 2) The Hawks are having a damn good run this year, but I don't know if there's much in the tank for next year. 3) Iowa fans' expectations are often just as unrealistic as anybody's. Would he rather get skewered in Bloomington or Iowa City? These factors suggest that a move might appeal to Alford. Whether IU really wants him is an open question. Prior to this year, I've heard him called "Mr November" plenty: good teams early in the season, but they flame out later. FWIW, a lot of Iowa folks I talk to wouldn't mind seeing Alford go so the Hawks could poach Greg McDermott from Northern Iowa. He's an Iowa boy with an up-and-comer's resume that includes several wins over Alford.

posted by Uncle Toby at 04:00 PM on February 17, 2006

Davis could recruit, but him as a potential coach...please. Never did I see the Hoosiers come out of the locker room with a defense solved or a new approach. If the shots from 3 fall from the get go then he looks great. They also have NEVER been able to score against a zone defense. I don't know why everybody doesn't play it against a Davis-led team. Nobody gets to the holes in the zone or cuts to the hoop... terrible.

posted by smittybeam at 04:59 PM on March 08, 2006

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