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As big as a sports fan as I am, I haven't really attended that many live events. Two seasons of Indiana U. basketball home games, 5 reds games, 2 Pacers games, 1 Colts game, and too many horse races to count are the beginning and end of my live sports resume.

Best live sports moment: The Bobby Knight vs. Ted Valentine incident during senior night at Assembly Hall. Bobby illustrated the exact same brand of behavior that night that makes me miss him now. It's not that Mike Davis isn't a great coach. He is. He just isn't that drunken, violent uncle type.

Favorite Sports:

College BB- Nothing but pure love for Indiana. Nothing but sheer hatred for the Illini.

NFL- I always root for the Colts, but I enjoy each and every game. Fantasy football will stand forever as the most important achievement of our time. I've actually quit a few jobs to free up Sunday afternoons. The gf and I are rabid NFL fans- she loves the rapidly declining Packers while I ask her how she will cope after Favre retires.

Boxing- Try to watch as many fights as I can. Currently hoping that Toney gets what he has worked so hard for, that Vladimir Klitshko recovers and learns his lesson, that Vitali Klitschko finally gets his shot at Lewis and beats him to a bloody pulp, and that Lewis drops off the face of the earth.

Also, Horse Racing- I'm not exactly a track monkey, but I love the subculture found at tracks and OTB's. It's great to watch and even more fun to bet on. Of all sporting events, the most fun you can have is betting on horses. And as long as you have some self-control, it's one damn cheap way to spend a fun afternoon.

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This may seem slighly odd, but here goes. I just moved into a huge apartment which allows me more room for my treasured foosball table. The problem is that I'm in an extremely crafty mood and the foosball table is a little bland. My grand solutions is to make the table a representation of either a historic non-helmet football game or a long-standing rivalry. My only prerequisites are that the team logo's/flags are relatively simple so that they are easy to duplicate and that they are from either international or Premiership play. Any ideas?

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The NFL season is now upon us and Dr. Z has made his picks.: What are yours? (more inside)

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The birth of North American football.: A small bio on how an otherwise silly game became the American pasttime.

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Spurred on by Marc's post in the sidebar, how exactly are us ordinary users supposed to submit potential columns? The amount of sports knowledge and history here is frankly scary. I think that it would be great to see a few columnists for each sport, ie: owillis: Redskins v. Cowboys- game of the Century? anyoneelse: Redskins v. Cowboys- why didn't they join the XFL?

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Should SportsFilter be the place for rah-rah posts like these? I understand that sports-related sites lend themselves to favoritism, but non-newsworthy stories that are posted for the sole purpose of creating buzz have no place in this medium.

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Mike Davis resigns as Indiana University basketball coach.

I agree that its the best thing for IU and Davis. I just hope to god that IU doesn't mess this up by getting another relatively inexperienced coach. As much as Steve Alford has meant to IU in the past, his record as coach at Iowa hasn't exactly been sterling. IIRC, Davis has had the better record. Lets hope IU can get a solid, known coach who can finally get the in-state recruiting back on track. ps there is no such thing as the University of Indiana

posted by ttrendel at 07:37 AM on February 17, 2006

The Sportscenter Drinking game.

I'll gladly sit through an hour of hackneyed catchphrases to catch just a glimpse of sweet,sweet Linda Cohn. Hello Mrs. Robinson.

posted by ttrendel at 12:24 AM on December 24, 2003

Colts Rally for Overtime Win,

"The correct call of a dipshit rule." Dipshit rule or not, a rule is a rule. Without rules the game is nonexistent. If I'm getting paid 2 million a year to play a game, I'd make pretty damn sure that I know the fucking rules.

posted by ttrendel at 01:49 AM on October 07, 2003

Colts Rally for Overtime Win,

All Colts fans are happy for the win and Dilger still had a decent night. That's as good as it gets. I think most Colts fans have a soft spot for him. He was a bright spot on the team when there weren't many others and he always seemed like such an approachable guy. I can't say that making him available was a bad call, but he was such a likeable guy. I never knew he was somehat local, though. Good info.

posted by ttrendel at 01:39 AM on October 07, 2003

Colts Rally for Overtime Win,

Nope. A win is a win. There were many bad calls against the Colts as well. Bad calls are part of the game. If you don' t like 'em, don't play. I dunno how anyone who has read the NFL rulebook could call the (*coughpatriots/raiderscough*) call a bad one. The refs followed what was in the rulebook perfectly. The only reason that call got so much attention is that most Raiders fans cannot read, and therefore cannot read the NFL rulebook.

posted by ttrendel at 12:45 AM on October 07, 2003

Colts Rally for Overtime Win,

Wooh-wooh!!! Lots of yelling around the complex tonight. I dunno if it rivals the Miracle in the Meadowlands, but it has to be close. The look on poor Sapp's face was priceless. Average allowed ppg by Bucs D: 7.3 Points scored by Colts over bucs: 38

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If at first you don't succeed,

My picks: AFC East: Miami AFC South: Indianapolis AFC North: Cleveland AFC West: Kansas City Wildcards: Oakland, Tennessee NFC East: Philadelpia NFC South: Tampa Bay NFC North: Green Bay NFC West: San Francisco Wildcards: St. Louis, New Orleans AFC: Kansas City NFC: Philadelphia SuperBowl: Kansas City

posted by ttrendel at 12:06 PM on September 05, 2003

Why men don't watch women's sports.

I watch WUSA games as well. I watch the games every once in a while for the same reason that I suspect many do- I don't have Direct TV or FoxSportsWorld, so WUSA games are almost the only televised soccer games I get to see. I'm not so sure that the WNBA's woes are so much about which sex is playing, but rather it being a young upstart league. Regardless of sex, doesn't every upstart league have difficulties from the get go? I think a new men's pro league would have the same difficulties.

posted by ttrendel at 10:35 AM on August 25, 2003

Gamecube for me. I'd rather have a medium sized assortment of good quality games than very little (XBox) or a ton of really shitty games with a few gems mixed in (PS2). I don't really like any FPS's, so the overwhelming glut of those on the other consoles never really swayed me. I also pray nightly for the next Mario Kart game. I think the Madden games get a little repetitive. Sure the rosters are updated, but the looks and feel of the game are basically the same. I bought Madden 2k2 out of the discount bin a little while ago and was throughly unimpressed. The original NFL Gameday for the PS was much better. I'll second garfield on FIFA 2003. I got it about a month ago and have played at least 3 matches every day since. Playing against the computer with it switched onto the World-Class difficulty setting is one of the most frustrating, infuriating things I have ever done.

posted by ttrendel at 03:10 PM on August 15, 2003

"And all you North Americans supporting Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal and Newcastle, shame on you."- salmacis I dunno. I live in Indiana, not exactly soccer central (although IU's soccer club is the most dominant in the country). I always found soccer to be rather boring. I was at the local mall one day and bought a 2002 soccer game on a whim. I decided to pick a team to play as strictly by chance. That team was ManU. As sad as it is, this video game made me realize how exciting the EPL is and what I had been missing. It wasn't until months later when I realized how successful ManU is(EPL coverage in North America is minimal). I love American Football to the point that I refuse to work on sundays or monday nights. A stupid video game made me fall in love with soccer. Every time I watch a fixture my hearts stops for long periods of time and I love that. That's what makes it special to me. Most of us yanks have very little exposure to EPL games. What we are exposed to is minimal. I don't get FSW, so the matches that I do get to see are those of a successful team(ManU). I say this as a mid-westerner who is currently sitting on a ManU rug and follows the EPL as close as he possibly can. Why don't you support the Indianapolis Colts, salmacis? It would be wise to hop on board the Indy train right before we win the SuperBowl.

posted by ttrendel at 02:33 AM on August 02, 2003

I'm in. actually looks pretty good. It definitely seems better than yahoo. Good work WC2002. Now you just have to bear with my learning curve.

posted by ttrendel at 01:12 AM on July 28, 2003

I think I'm leaning towards England/Germany. Thanks, squealy. Brazil is definitely out after I realized how hard it is to paint Ronaldinho across the back of one of the miniature players. I'll have to post up some pics after I finish airbrushing each side of the case with the respective flags.

posted by ttrendel at 07:03 PM on July 26, 2003

I'm currently leaning towards Germany/Brazil as the 2002 WC finalists, but I'm a little leary of painting Brazil's flag by hand. (sorry I knocked you off the front page, WC2002 and wfrazerjr).

posted by ttrendel at 03:57 AM on July 26, 2003

Women. Wood. Water.

I caught a little bit of that too, WC. I suspect that I was drawn in by the exact same thing that you were- some of those women are incredibly hot.

posted by ttrendel at 02:13 AM on July 22, 2003

Definitely head-to-head. The points system is kinda boring and doesn't stimulate constant team activity as much as head-to-head.

posted by ttrendel at 11:14 AM on July 17, 2003