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Vinatieri Signs with the Colts

I think this is a great move. Vanderjagt has been becoming a liability (not necessarily on the field). He is the most accurate kicker in NFL History, but he has been in a dome. Vinatieri has been playing in Boston, which is crazy weather. Vanderjagt 87.5% in a dome. Vinatieri 81.9% outside in Boston. I'll take Vinatieri.

posted by jmbraun773 at 12:03 PM on March 22, 2006

Vinatieri Signs with the Colts

Vanderjagt was going to cost too much for the Colts to keep. They should have considered getting rid of the REAL CHOKER (Manning) to save cap room. Manning is the one who made the last kick of the year 46 yards rather than 36 because he called the stupid plays. Rather than handing off to Edge (who is also gone) and letting him run for his usual 4+ yards per carry, he throws more incomplete passes that gained 0 yards. As a Colts fan I say, keep the Edge (the most consistant running back in the league) and Vandy (who is the most consistant kicker in the league) and get rid of Peyton (who is the most consistant CHOKER in the league). I think this is one of the stupidest statements I have ever read. Get rid of one of the best QB's in the league...yeah that's smart

posted by jmbraun773 at 11:49 AM on March 22, 2006

Wily Mo Pena traded to BoSox for Bronson Arroyo, Cash

I'm a Reds fan so I was able to see Wily Mo play quite a bit. The man has power, but he also misses the ball quite a bit. His fielding does need to improve but I believe it will in time. I am happy with this trade because the Reds desperately needed some pitching, and I have always been a fan of Arroyo. Hopefully he can bring some of those good memories to Cincy.

posted by jmbraun773 at 01:15 PM on March 20, 2006

Kirby Puckett Passes Away

Come on Vito...have a little class....the man just died. RIP Kirby you will be missed.

posted by jmbraun773 at 09:52 AM on March 07, 2006

Mike Davis resigns as Indiana University basketball coach.

Mike Davis can recruit very well. He is not the best coach yet. I say yet, because I believe one day he will be a great coach after he gets a little more experience. I'm glad to see him go, but not in this way. He deserved better than what he got in the end. Now I just want to see Steve Alford coaching here next year.

posted by jmbraun773 at 08:32 AM on February 17, 2006

Nash Must Be The MVP

Lebron's triple-double leads cavs Leads them to where. Yeah he's great...but he is no MVP. I will add that I do believe he will win several MVP awards in his career, cause the man is just unbelievable. I'm with insomnyuk in cleveland you have Lebron James and Lebron Phoenix nash has a decent team Z, Gooden, Hughes (i know he just got hurt), Damon Jones, Donyell Marshall, and Eric Snow. To me that is a pretty good supporting cast.

posted by jmbraun773 at 12:39 PM on February 16, 2006

Ty Law...Free Agent

I would love to see him come and play for the colts (although i know that will never happen) A veteran in the secondary would be huge for the colts.

posted by jmbraun773 at 09:03 AM on February 16, 2006

Nash Must Be The MVP

My vote would also go with Nash. Just because he basically gets everything started for the Suns. Without him they play a much slower, low scoring game. He is fun to watch.

posted by jmbraun773 at 09:01 AM on February 16, 2006

DOWNHILL SPIRAL: The case behind Bode Miller's fifth-place finish.

I'm just saying that people were expecting him to come back with 5 olympic gold medals...that's crazy. It is hard enough to win one. And by "we" I mean the fans, media, etc...

posted by jmbraun773 at 10:27 AM on February 15, 2006

Tainted Steel

What makes this funny is that the same team for whom the NFL supposedly fixed the Super Bowl, was complaining about a game being "fixed" against them just two weeks earlier. Really, if a team gets screwed by the officials one week and helped by them the next, is the fix really in? The Colts were the better story for the NFL for that game....but when the Steelers won that game (which would have been highway robbery if they hadn't) they became the better story for the NFL. And how do you make money in the entertainment business...good story lines.

posted by jmbraun773 at 09:38 AM on February 15, 2006

SpoFi Baseball League

yes you can ying yang

posted by jmbraun773 at 09:28 AM on February 15, 2006

DOWNHILL SPIRAL: The case behind Bode Miller's fifth-place finish.

Everyone needs to give this guy a break. Let him enjoy the Olympic scene how he wants to. These guys he is going up against are no chumps, so it is almost impossible to win gold in everything. They also had that issue with changing skis right before the race, and then straddling the gate (which happens a lot). This is what we do, set unacheivable goals for somebody, and then bitch when they don't get them. This guy is good, he will win a gold.

posted by jmbraun773 at 09:20 AM on February 15, 2006

Tainted Steel

The game was rigged, everyone knows it, and the NFL will never admit to it of course. This idea is hilarious and I would love to see it happen, but doubt it ever will.

posted by jmbraun773 at 01:44 PM on February 14, 2006

NBA Reserves Named:

The NBA All Star game is a joke. It is a popularity contest where even if someone has been hurt most of the season they still get voted in. This is supposed to showcase the best people from the current year, not just the big names. The only good part of the All Star weekend is the 3-point contest.

posted by jmbraun773 at 07:33 AM on February 10, 2006

Test Your (Winter) Olympic Knowledge

That was really tough---only scored 45% :-(

posted by jmbraun773 at 01:30 PM on February 07, 2006