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November 30, 2005

Turin medals have hole in the middle: The new medal design -- shaped like a doughnut...

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Joe Thornton is going west.: The Bruins Captain was traded to the Sharks for Sturm, Stuart, and Primeau.

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Sins & Myths of the NFL: I hate linking to espin but this was a decent read, though Myth 5 is a bit of a reach.

posted by catfish to football at 01:51 PM - 9 comments reports Paul Konerko not signing with the Boston Red Sox: I mean, Konerko signing with the Chicago White Sox for $60 million over 5 years. And so the market grows thinner.

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American No Promoter of Relegation: "Promotion and relegation won't ever happen here in the States," writes Fox Soccer commentator Jamie Trecker. "Granted, promotion and relegation is fun to watch and nostalgic to think about as well. But it kills clubs worldwide."

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Lampard shortlisted for FIFA "World Player of the Year" award ...: Hot on the heals of his record-breaking 160th consecutive appearance in the Premiership, Chelsea's Frank Lampard joins Barcelona's Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto'o on the short list for the FIFA award. Lampard was last year's footballer of the year in England last season, and was second to Ronaldinho for the European award.

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Martina Hingis planning a comeback:: After three years away from the game because of nagging ankle injuries, the youngest world #1 ever feels she still has some game left, and is considering a Capriati-like comeback at 25, possibly in time for the Australian Open.

In a related story, the newly-Australianized Jelena Dokic may return from her extended hiatus for the same tournament.

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Bly Disses Joey Harrington: It sounds like the TO comments about McNabb. I wonder if Cap'n Bly will walk the same plank as TO. If so, it may bring killer Phil (oops, I mean Arlen) Specter back into the foray.

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Stanley's Summer Tour: Photographer Dirk Shadd follows the Stanley Cup on its tour with the Tampa Bay Lightning players the summer before last. It's old, but we missed it the first time around, and some of the European pictures are pretty moving, especially after you read some of Shadd's thoughts on the trip.

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Specter Backs Down: wins one for the State of PA.

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November 29, 2005

The top 100 college point guards: of the last fifteen years. The top 20 is the only one i have truly examined and agree with the makeup of the list if not the individual rankings.

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52 Problems, But Jaws Ain't One: A (clearly abbreviated) list of what the ESPN/ABC/Disney sports-utainment cabal is doing wrong. Unless maybe you like 5 hours of TO highlights. The good news is there are other people putting together better highlight reels (link audio NSFW).

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CFL Pick 'Em, Final Playoff Results.: One man runs away with the pool, and not even a desperation drop-kick will save the rest of us.

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Now that's a tailgate party!: "Tampa police arrested 10 people on Sunday outside Raymond James Stadium accusing them of operating a mobile strip club in the parking lot before the Bucs-Bears game...Regrettably for some Vikings, Tampa Bay played at Minnesota this year."

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Ten and oh and then...: The Indianapolis Colts' unbeaten ride is picking up so much steam that even their opponents see the possibility of perfection. Just don't remind the players.

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Arlen Specter takes T.O.'s side: Huh? Anti Trust suit?

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No coach rises, falls on his own: He thought he could do it all by himself, and he can't. No one can. Is that ego, delusion, incurable optimism -- or some combination of the three?

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November 28, 2005

Man Runs Onto NFL Field to Spread Mother's Ashes: "I know that the last handful of ashes I had are laying on the field, and will never be taken away. She'll always be part of Lincoln Financial Field and of the Eagles."

"It's bizarre, but we have a zero tolerance for people who run on the field," Police Inspector William Colarulo said. "We especially have a zero tolerance for people who run onto the field and dump an unknown substance in a stadium full of people."

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All the way, the "Bobby way": Valentine takes the Chiba Lotte Marines to the Japan Series title (and the hearts and boardrooms of Japan).

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The end of an era.: Australia's rugby leage team have not been beaten in an international series in more than twenty years; New Zealand has not prevailed over their neighbour in over fifty. That ended this past weekend with a crushing victory in the Tri-Nations final in England. Aussie players are embarrased, Kiwis delirious with joy.

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Head-to-Head and Roto Fantasy Basketball: Updated standings tables and trash talk well-behaved banter inside.

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Hot Stove According to Ryno: Ryne Sandberg on this season's Hot Stove action so far

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Lions fire Steve Mariucci.: I got nuthin...

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Rozelle regretted games after Kennedy's death: It was Friday, Nov. 22, 1963, and President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated while he rode through the streets of Dallas in a motorcade, beginning a four-day period during which people around the world attempted to deal with the terrible news. But Rozelle's problem was more immediate. Should the seven games scheduled two days later be played or postponed?

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November 27, 2005

Michael Irvin Arrested: REAL shocker.

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Feagles Breaks Record: He breaks the record that was held by defensive lineman Jim Marshall. I personally think it was harder for a lineman to set the record than a punter to break the record. There is much more physical contact when your a lineman and more chances for injuries.

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Today's the day:: In BC Place Stadium today, one of the oldest traditions in North American sport is renewed when Anthony Calvillo and the Montreal Alouettes try to make their case against the uncharacteristically question-marked Edmonton Eskimos in the 93rd Grey Cup Game.

Some call it the final game in the Canadian Football League Playoffs, but (as an email I received yesterday so eloquently put it) it's also the World Championship of Three-Down Football.

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NFL tries to sell to women: Surveys indicate NFL football is the most popular sport among women and that 45 million women watch NFL games each Sunday. In addition, as many as one fourth of all fantasy football players are women, according to Ipsos research.

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November 26, 2005

Taking a Pounding over drugs: The NHL sidesteps being called on over-the-counter drug use. By sportsfilter's own wfrazerjr.

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No more Expos: After 12 years as the Expos, Vermont's minor league baseball team has a new name. The New York-Penn League (short-season, Single A) affiliate of the Washington Nationals held a contest this past summer to rename the team. Of the 30,000 entries received, the name Lake Monsters was chosen. General Manager, C.J. Knudsen, hopes everyone will get behind the new name, but also says the Lake Monsters plan to "always remember the Expos and hope to continue to pay tribute to the Expos on an annual basis." For those unfamiliar, the name comes from legendary, Nessie-like monster thought to inhabit Lake Champlain, known as "Champ." I, for one, welcome our new Lake Monster overlords.

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Taking a Pounding over drugs: The NHL sidesteps being called on over-the-counter drug use

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Splash: Remember the Blue Jays? The team that spent the past five years cutting costs and shedding contracts? The team that didn't care to pay for players like Carlos Delgado and Chris Carpenter? Well, they're on the verge of signing B.J. Ryan, and it's rumoured to be the largest contract ever given to a relief pitcher.

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'The Easiest, Fastest Way to Become a High School Graduate': The New York Times has found college football players at 11 Division I schools who graduated high school at University High School in Florida, a correspondence school run by a convicted diploma-mill fraudster that has open-book tests, no known accredited teachers and promises a degree in 4-6 weeks. The schools: Auburn, Central Florida, Colorado State, Florida, Florida State, Florida International, Rutgers, South Carolina State, South Florida, Tennessee and Temple.

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Tiger vs. Annika: Who has been the best golfer of the last 10 years?

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November 25, 2005

Atlanta 87, Indiana 85: "On one possession, Jackson was handed the basketball on an inbound play as he tied one shoe, and Atlanta knocked it from his hands and out of bounds. When Jackson got the ball back, he was tying his other shoe and nearly threw it away. That drew boos from a crowd, which was weary of Indiana's lazy shots and lack of emotion."

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1/3 of the NHL uses steroids.: Dick Pound (tee hee) states that a full third of NHL players use steroids. Completely unfounded comments like this make my blood boil especially when it comes to the NHL which I like more then more girlfriend and family and puppy put together. It could be true but Mr. lbs has no proof of any kind of wide spread "performance enhancing drugs".

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George Best dies, aged 59: Widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers ever, he passed away earlier today in London after a long illness related to his alcoholism.

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New LA teams: In a bold move the NFL has decided to move a team or two to LA by the 2010 AD.

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November 23, 2005

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football, Matchday 5.: How can you lament when your captain racks up 13 pts on the week? Maybe when two other guys on your squad top that. Yeah but no but yeah.

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Why do the Lions always play on Thanksgiving day?: Why the Cowboys? For Detroit it may have something to do with the power of radio. In Dallas' case it probably had a lot to do with Tex Schramm and his role in the merger of the AFL and NFL in 1966—the first year that Dallas made an appearance on Thanksgiving day. Both teams at one point could (or did) call themselves "America's team." [more inside]

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TO TO'd: Owens out and his agent outed.

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Super Mario may sit out the Turin Olympics: Proving yet again he is one of the classiest athlete in sports today, Lemiuex announces he will sit out the Olympics if he feels he is not playing well enough. Who does he want to give his roster spot to? None other than Sid "the Kid" Crosby.

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Fan who took ball from Favre gets probation: Is this the fullest extent of the law they talk about at games?

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Wolves owner says that he won't be trading KG!: Despite all of the rumors floating around, Glenn Taylor says he has no plans on trading KG. not now or ever!

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Delgado to Mets.: Fire sale continues. So much for being closer to home.

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Is Reggie Bush #1 draft choice calaber?: Reggie Bush is most defenitly one of the biggest names in college football today, although many overlook him to his teamate Matt Lineart who many say will go #1 in the draft, "Reggie Bush is the most dangerous player in college football today", says Stanford coach Buddy Teevens. Best player in the country, chimes in Washington coach Keith Gilbertson." seeing him on sports center in highlights, makes it seem like #1 is how he'll go for the Houston Texans.

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November 22, 2005

CFL Pick 'Em: 2005 Grey Cup.: This is it. This is why we play the game. This is why we sweat out our picks all summer long. This is our ultimate purpose. Too bad it's frigging Montreal-Edmonton for the third time in four years. Lots to pick inside, though!

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EPL Fantasy Premier League: Results through week 13. "My lead weakens by the week."

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Marlin owner may relocate team if they unable to get a stadium deal..: This could be the flip side of the potential "fire sale" of top players.

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No Name of the Rose: When the 2006 ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame is released Nov. 29, Pete Rose's name won't be on it, which means he'll strike out on his last chance for ordinary election to the hall. Baseball writers induct players in their fifth to 20th year of retirement, and Rose's record-breaking playing career ended in 1986.

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Takeru “The Tsunami” Kobayashi sets a new world hamburger-eating record :

"69 Krystals in eight minutes is astounding. Kobayashi is, without a doubt, the greatest eater ever to live upon planet earth," said David Baer of the International Federation of Competitive Eating.

Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, the 102-pound phenom from Alexandria, VA, took second place and $5,000 by eating 46 Krystal hamburgers and rounding out third for $2,500 was Richard "The Locust" LeFevre of Henderson, NV, with 41 Krystal hamburgers.

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Red Wings' Jiri Fisher collapses during a game: which, rightly, was cancelled. It was a scary moment but he should be OK in the end. ESPN looks at other NHL on-ice scares, which comes not long after our recent discussion about on-field (and on ice-injuries). (Though ESPN did forgot Kevin Stevens' injury.)

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November 21, 2005

Yet another leak?: According to Peter Gammons and Jayson Stark, Boston has traded #1 prospect Hanley Ramirez and prospect Anibel Sanchez to the Marlins for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell.

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Grannie Basketball: Grannies in eastern Iowa have formed a basketball league of their own, reviving the game as it was played in the 1920s. They wear vintage uniforms and play by vintage rules: six-on-six ball with no running or jumping (no WNBA jokes, please).

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Seeking a refund from Mr. Rogers: The Detroit Lions are going after $10M of the signing bonus of wide receiver Charles Rogers after he served a four-game suspension for violating the league's drug policy. Rogers seems to be admitting he'll (heh heh) take a hit: "It's going to be kind of hard to get 10," Rogers said.

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Elisha Cuthbert, NHL blogger.: Yes, the same Elisha Cuthbert, Jack Bauer's accident-prone daughter in 24, and porn actress neighbor in The Girl Next Door. This sure beats Marc Cuban, basketblogger. Any other celebrity bloggers (non-press, non-athletes) similarly officially associated with pro sports? (via

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Muhammed Ali feels the love of Louisville: As the Muhammed Ali Center opens, locals recall when Ali was just Cassius Clay, a brash and cocky young man on his way to shaking up the world.

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Good team or good enough team?: The Chicago Bears beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in large part to their stifling defense. Are they a good team though, or are they just good enough with their offense being the enough part?

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November 20, 2005

Sports Dignity: A collection of undignified moments in sports, most involving nudity.

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513: USC running back Reggie Bush hung that many yards on Fresno State running, receiving and returning last night in a 50-42 win, the second-highest all-purpose yards in NCAA history. One of the 90,007 fans who witnessed the performance: "You can hear the entire crowd suck in its collective breath every time he has the ball." In related news, the Houston Texans have the NFL's worst record at 1-8, ahead of seven teams at 2-7.

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November 19, 2005

Beckett to Rangers in 4 player trade: this deal, while not finalized, looks like it will go through sending josh beckett, mike lowell to the rangers for hank blalock and a prospect. with a lackluster free agent market this could be the start of teams looking towards trading to get better and it most definatly is the start of yet another marlin firesale with peirre and lo duca on trading block

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SpoFi NHL Pool Quarter Pole Update:: Despite everyone's fears of the Jolly Grum Giant, he sits in 5th place (before Saturday's games), and WeedyMcSamoan (you read that right) has opened a small lead on the field. You lucky SOBs at the top of the ladder weren't riddled with injuries, but there's still 60 or so more games for everyone's chickens to come home to roost.

(Two more pertinent points inside...)

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"I didn't find God in prison...all I found was hatred and the devil and dudes scheming up better ways to break the law." : The Dallas Observer catches up with former All-Pro Offensive Lineman Nate Newton after his 32 month prison stay for getting busted twice in five weeks transporting over 100 pounds of marijuana.

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Is Alexander Ovechkin the best player in the NHL?: The Campbellnomics system says so, and says Ovechkin is the front-runner for the Hart Trophy this season. I don't think they're taking into consideration he plays for the Capitals.

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November 18, 2005

The Hit That Changed a Career: It's the 20th anniversary of the most gruesome on-field injury in NFL history.

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November 19th, 2004...a date that will live in infamy. : Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the brawl between the Pacers and the Pistons and their fans. Bomani Jones looks at the major players a year later, to see if things have changed for the better...or worse...

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Keane leaves Man U: "Roy Keane has dramatically and unexpectedly left Manchester United by 'mutual consent' after more than 12 years at the club." While this move comes on the heels of controversial statements made by Keane about the club and teammates to MUTV (the club's TV channel), it nevertheless is massive shock to football fans pretty much everywhere. And it brings up lots of questions, the most interesting of which probably where he'll end up. Celtic, maybe?

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November 17, 2005

Kiwis win RWC 2011: er, well the right to host it anyway. New Zealand sees off pre-vote favourite Japan and South Africa. Good move by the IRB or an inward looking decision to keep the game in the heartlands?

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McNabb might be going ... groin ... gone: Philly QB Donovan McNabb has been told to have surgery to correct the sports hernia he's been fighting most of the season. The operation would most likely knock him out for the remainder of the year and put former Detroit Lion signal caller Mike McMahon in the starter's role.

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Baseball owners approve new steroid policy: No brainer, here. Not really news. However, my comment. I think in the future, when we look back on who had the greatest impact on professional baseball (perhaps sports in general) in the early 21st century, one name might top the list: Jose Canseco.

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CFL Pick 'Em: Division Finals: Montreal visits Toronto for a high-octane East final, and Edmonton goes to B.C. to start the quarterback who hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in six games. Nine pick 'em points available for the taking this week. Picks, spreads, over/unders, and kickers inside.

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Russian Billionaire Abramovich Starts Probe into Chelsea’s Defeats: Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich shas ent a delegation to the club’s Surrey training ground to find out what has gone wrong, despite losing just three times all season, daily newspapers reported Thursday.

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November 16, 2005

Spike more bark than bite: There is no group of fans more polarizing in all of sports than that of the Raiders. Over the years, the stories are endless. Urinating on fans of the opposing team. Spitting on opposing players and coaches. Throwing batteries. Screaming every mom, sister, wife and daughter insult in the book.

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From National Hero to draft dodger.: I just thought this tidbit was interesting. I didn't realize Vlade was still a Serb citizen.

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OffwingEric, meet Ted: Wow indeed.

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The Aussies are coming to the party...: For the first time since 1974, Australia will be at the World Cup Finals in 2006. I wonder what odds you could get on them being the cause of England's exit from the tournament.

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November 15, 2005

Finally a "2ND" Scorer to Go With Allen Iverson?: How Long does anyone think this will last? I think if Webber stays healthy and AI's confidence stays up. The division is in trouble. Keep in mind their starting center (Sam Dalembert) is still out.

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Iron Mike: Celebrity Advisor: Apparently Mr. Tyson has decided that his next post-boxing career will be to advise younger athletes, England's newest bad boy Wayne Rooney in this instance, on how to handle the opportunities that fame affords one. Summed up: Enjoy life and ignore the people telling you to grow up. After all, that's worked so well for Mike!

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"Hacking at my tackle": When devotion becomes insanity,

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Pujols takes home the NL MVP hardware: This guy may end up being one of those players that you bore your grandchildren talking about. Also, I can't believe that Andruw Jones has been in the league ten years...when did I get so damn old?

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Surprise, Surprise: everybody likes a surprise

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Finally a steroide policy with teeth.: On the surface this sounds pretty good. Cant wait to see the entire policy.

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Fighting Down in NHL:

It's only a small fraction of a season, but the trend so far is encouraging: "Through 264 NHL games this year, the league says there have been 227 major penalties. In 2003-04, there had been 393."

Don Cherry weighs in, predictably: "Everyone knows everybody loves fights. They better start listening to the people who are at the game and pay the money than the twits upstairs who get in for free."

(Hey, Don -- do you pay to get in, or are you a twit?)

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team idol on IR: 49ers put star Strong Saftey on IR Tony Parrish, broke his left leg ending his 121 consecutive starts, many nfl analists say this is just another problem in a recoveriong franchise.

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Fantasy Football league update: Three weeks to go until the playoffs. Standings inside.

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Bettman, listen up: "The National Hockey League, which feels obliged to award three points in some of its games, should go all the way and award three points in each and every match." Finally, this concept gets some play in the traditional hockey media.

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November 14, 2005

That'll shut 'em up (maybe). : It wasn't a major, but so what? Amelie Mauresmo, criticized as a perennial choker, followed up a splendid semifinal smackdown of Siberian seductress Sharapova (okay, I'll stop now) with a 5-7 7-6 6-4 victory over Mary Pierce to win the WTA Championship on Sunday. Really amazing play from both Mauresmo and Pierce; if you missed this one, you missed a beauty.

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Bears center breaks fellow offensive lineman's jaw.: How does this bode for team cohesiveness? And how friggin' hard did Olin pop him? I knew when they reported Sunday that Fred broke his jaw from a spill at home that something just didn't ring right.

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Who is William Wesley?: Is he flying under the radar while running the NBA? And, if so, where does he stand on the most important issue facing the league, specifically Mark Cuban's bright blue blazer.

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It's on: Arod edges Ortiz for AL MVP honors

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Don't crap on the small "non-hockey" markets.: Clubs that hockey fans love to make fun of are drawing better than some northeast teams and an original 6 team.

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Many Fine Returns: The Vikings beat the Giants 24-21, despite having only 137 yards of total offense, by becoming the first team in NFL history to score touchdowns on interception (92 yards), kickoff (86 yards), and punt returns (71 yards) in the same game. The Giants' special teams players may join Jimmy Hoffa under the end zone in Giants Stadium.

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Jesse Jackson meets with T.O.: Involving Jesse Jackson could bring this T.O. thing to a whole other level.

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mailman dunks katrina cleanup punks: LOS ANGELES - KMPC-AM radio host Fred Roggin this week publicized the heroic efforts of NBA great Karl Malone to help clean up southern Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Malone volunteered millions of dollars in manpower (including his own) and equipment from his company based in Haynesville, LA., to the effort of clearing debris from the city of Pascagoula, MS.

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November 13, 2005

Longest touchdown in NFL history: Nathan Vasher returned a missed field goal 108 yards for a touchdown, the longest ever.

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Video of the speedstacking world record holder: Click on the video on the left of this page titled: "Watch as World Champion Stacker Emily sets the world record!" I'd never heard of this sport, but watching this video I was impressed. At first I questioned whether I cosidered speed stacking an actual sport, but if you consider bowling a sport, then it's hard to deny speed stacking fits in the category.

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Who's your Sportsman of the Year?: At the bottom of each story on a writer's pick is a form where you can nominate your own sportman of 2005.

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November 12, 2005

Sale of Blues to Checketts is off: Reportedly Checketts thought the asking price was too much. It now appears the door will be re-opened for other local investors to resume negotiations.

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Bill Belichick speaks out-10 years later: Belichick finally has something to say about the Browns move to Baltimore

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November 11, 2005

Former Steelers' lineman Steve Courson: was killed while apparently trying to save his dog from being hit by a tree he had just cut down.

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Happy Veterans' Day: To all vets, whether you're as famous as Tillman or an everyday grunt, Good Luck and Godspeed. Proud Navy vet here (1986 - 1992), and prouder still of my brothers and sisters in uniform, past , present and future. Warning: if you're looking for a happy-go-lucky article, this one might not be for you.

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NCAA deems Chief Illiniwek Hostile: Ridiculous. Shouldn't they use something like academic performance of the athletes to reward schools with post season events?

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First leg of World Cup playoffs begins tomorrow, second leg four days later: 27 countries have qualified for Germany '06 and 10 more will battle it out for the last 5 positions. Is it finally time for the Men from Oz to break their 32 year drought? Any predictions?

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A Black Cultural Fiction?: Toronto Raptor Eric Williams is pitching a new line of merchandise from his company, Eric Williams Apparel. The first product line is a series of urbanwear dedicated to "Black League Basketball" that existed from 1920-1940. The problem? Most historians agree the league never existed.

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NFL to return to LA...sometime...somewhere...somehow...: And in other news....I agreed to buy my wife a new Lexus, some 4 karat diamond earings, and a new beach house...sometime...somewhere...someday... Seems this story is kinda missing DETAILS!!!!!

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Vitali Klitschko Ends Boxing Career Ahead of Rahman Fight: Ukrainian boxer, reigning heavyweight WBC world champion, Vitaly Klitschko, has announced he is quitting the boxing arena.

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Maria Sharapova Defeats Lindsay Davenport at WTA: ...Sharapova, the defending champion, needed three match points before closing out the match after 2 hours, 8 minutes with a 107-mph ace. The 18-year-old Russian dropped her racket, raised her arms and soaked in the crowd’s applause. Davenport walked off the court, shook the umpire’s hand and had her back turned by the time Sharapova caught up to her on the sideline for a halfhearted handshake...

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November 10, 2005

Everybody Get Together!: With the change in seasons, a young* Spofite's thoughts turn to gathering in public places and doing something, or at least watching other people doing something while we drink and mock them openly. That's fun too. We here in the Northeastern US, having successfully executed a meetup once already, are considering a night of NHL action, and maybe also something more active. Let's pick a date and a time for either or both, yes?

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Just Another Halloween in Detroit?: No, actually a dis from the Sacramento Kings to the Detroit Pistons, their fans, and city. Ron Artest had no comment.

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Am I the only one still fascinated by Tyson?: I hereby suggest that he gets his own reality TV show. Soon. Everything this guys does gets in the news -

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Carpenter Derails the D-Train: The Cards' Chris Carpenter takes home the NL Cy Young Award, beating the Marlins' Dontrelle Willis by 20 votes just three years after shoulder surgery.

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Joltin' Joe has left and gone away ... nay, nay, nay: Yankees fan SpoFites may like to break into their penny jars. Joltin' Joe DiMaggio's first Yankee's uniform is going up for auction.

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Beatpaths: "exists to create a ranking system -- BeatPower -- based on nothing more than wins and losses, with an emphasis on who's beaten whom." Detailed explanation. [via Salon's King Kaufman]

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November 09, 2005

World Title Number Seven : for US surfer Kelly Slater. This makes him the oldest ever world champion, as well as having once been the youngest. A fitting end (?) to a remarkable career.

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Does this guy have any credability left?: Palmero states a vitamin B-12 shot may have contributed to his positive steroid test. Is this guy for real?

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MLB Managers of the Year: Fourth for Bobby Cox, first for Ozzie Guillen. "Scrap Iron" finishes third, but gets no first place votes.

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Hope you drafted Larry Johnson, too...: because Priest Holmes is done for the season.

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The Chief is back again: Seems like the "New Look" Celtics are going retro, as Robert Parish joins the team for "marketing and community relations, including public appearances and autograph sessions" ...lets hope he doesn't break out the ganja again....and end up on the police report. I don't think Red can take another incident like that...

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CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em: Missed out on the regular season pick 'em? Got the NFL mid-season doldrums? Now's your chance to flex your CFL muscles and get in on some high-flying, three-down, passes-bouncing-off-the-goalposts action. Revamped scoring system and bonus questions inside!

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Patriots Kraft family to invest in Liverpool?: I'm sure the Brits are loving the thought of another huge club selling out to yank dollars.

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November 08, 2005

And now tell us how you feel about Kirk Herbstreit: Todd from Georgia Southern University garners nationwide fame by holding up a simple sign in the background of ESPN's "College Game Day" last weekend -- "Lee Corso Is A Penis".

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First soccer pro to become head of state?: Former AC Milan midfielder George Weah is in a run-off election to become president of Liberia. Liberia was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves and resentment with the ruling Americo-Liberian elite eventually boiled over into coups and conflict. Aside from [Weah's indigenous roots], Weah's high school drop-out and political novice status also strikes a chord with many of the one-time child soldiers, deprived of an education when they were whipped out of school and sent to the front line.

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EPL Fantasy Premier League: Update through week 12. Awaking a sleeping giant!

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Ascending Colon: The Los Angeles Orange County Anaheim Southern California Angels' Bartolo Colon takes home the AL Cy Young Award.

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NHL's Fists of Fury: 13 photos of hockey fights from the present season. The captions are pretty dumb, but the photos are great. This one is my favorite. Gotta love the intensity of Darcy Hortichuk and the flying helmet.

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Finally, : I'm posting my US Open pictures from the SpoFi field trip back in August. Hey, I've been busy...and I had a hard drive crash...and...

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Urbina throwing heaters in the off season?: Seems like the guy can still throw the flaming heat...but, I am not so sure that is what the Phillies had in mind....

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November 07, 2005

Eagles Give T.O. a Season-Ending Timeout: PHILADELPHIA - Terrell Owens can take his touchdowns and dance somewhere else. The tempestuous star receiver won't return to the Philadelphia Eagles this season — or probably ever — "a result of a large number of situations that accumulated over a long period of time," coach Andy Reid said Monday.

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Clinton Portis as Dr. I Don't Know.: Cry for help or performance art at its finest?

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MacInnis, Francis, Messier, Larionov and Stevens. Pick 4.: Who will be the odd man out in the 2007 Hockey Hall of Fame inductions? The idea of increasing the class of 2007 beyond the bylaw-mandated limit of four has been nixed.

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Pete Rose, Jr. pleads guilty to drug trafficking.: Rose pled guilty to distributing "steroid alternative" GBL to minor league teammates in the Reds' AA affiliate. Possible penalties include two years in prison and/or $1 million fine.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Final Standings: Turns out everyone picked wrong this week, but that's what the first nineteen weeks were for, I guess. We have a winner inside.

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Panthers Cheerleaders Arrested after Sex at Bar.: I guess life does resemble art.

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November 06, 2005

Chelsea mastered by Man U.: Manchester United scored early and then absorbed the onslaught from defending champ and runaway leaders Chelsea, resulting in the Blues' first EPL loss this season. As much damage as this does to my fantasy score, and as much as I am not a Man U fan, I have to say, "Well done!"

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Trash May Be Linked To Vikings Boat Party: It's a good thing these pro football players are paid so well, because it obviously costs a lot to throw a party of this magnitude. Listen to newscast link, and it sounds as if a few prostitutes couldn't make the trip to this party because of a similar football party going on in Atlanta.

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Fields of glory : 'His life, his skill, his service all merited the highest honour ... I pay humble tribute to his memory.' Don Bradman's reaction to the death in action of his great cricketing adversary Hedley Verity reminds us of an era when sportsmen excelled bravely in battle as well as on the pitch. As Remembrance Sunday approaches, we recall feats of true heroism and fortitude: from the pioneering black English footballer who died on the Western Front to the RAF fighter pilot who opened the batting for England to the rugby Lion who became commander of the SAS.

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November 05, 2005

The Women of Curling.: In a bid to get more visibility (and raise team funds) for the sport of sweeping ice while a giant puck travels ever so slowly to another puck, several female sports athletes have posed in the buff for a 2006 calendar, created and photographed by the captain of the Spanish women's team. From the pic in the article, I think you should buy one ($25.95 US, $29.95 CAD, $29 EUR, includes S+H). Also, discuss how else you would make curling more interesting?

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"We had fish, but she killed them." : No doubt searching for a human interest story, someone at asks various WNBA stars about their family pets and gets more than he/she probably bargained for. Intentionally sick humor or just plain bad idea? You be the judge.

(I thought it was funny as hell, myself.)

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Something Awful weighs in on Kromwell and ESPN.: As cool as the other side of the other side of Stewart Scott.

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Owens suspended indefinitely by Eagles: I know this is close to beating a dead horse in SpoFi, but it's Terrell, so lets all feed the need.

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Why it's great to watch these guys lose!: Top 10 guys the writer (Kevin Hatch) loves to watch lose and why. I don't neccessarily agree with his rankings and I have some other choices to add to this list. Randy Moss and Terrel Owens (For obvious reasons) being omitted from this list baffles me. Who would you add and why?

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Thomas Done?: The Chicago White Sox recently bought out Frank Thomas' contract for 3.5 mil- this looks like the last run for Thomas, and his HOF career.

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The ABA: has started a new season with 48 teams (full list). The rules are a bit odd. This is the first year for many teams, as a huge expansion has brought "professional" basketball to some smaller markets like Rochester and Chattanooga. One city has a brother/sister combo.

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San Antonio Spurs no longer World Champions:: In an acknowledgement of the continuing global success of the game, the Spurs decide to change the designation on their championship banners & rings.

I thought it was a nice touch.

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November 04, 2005

Warning! Warning! Warning!: It's another story about Terrell Owens being a jackass. Consider yourself forewarned.

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Benson Feels Threatened: Saints owner Tom "Fighting Mad" Benson does not feel the security is adaquate enough for him to attend games in Baton Rouge.

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JoePa adds his Two Cents to the discussion: Like him or not, what Joe Pa is saying, makes alot of sense! ESPN is trying to play the race card on this like they did the Comments of the Air Force coach.

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100 years of attitude. : All Black villainy has a dimension of its own, its ruthlessness more disconcerting, its practitioners more celebrated, in a chamber of horrors kind of way. And this, of course, is the truth that dare not speak its name. The All Blacks exert their grip on the sporting imagination not because they are better than everyone else, although that has clearly been the case for at least 50 of the last 100 years, but because they are never anything less than dangerous, in every sense of the word.

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"This court finds that fighting is an integral part of hockey,": Emmert said. "Thirty million Canadians could have told you that."

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November 03, 2005

Brilliant niche marketing ploy: or not? EPO manufacturer announces plans to sponsor next year's Tour of California.

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What is Roberto Alomar thinking?: Roberto Alomar and Danny Bautista were reinstated from the voluntary retired list Thursday by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and the pair filed for free agency.

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Money, it's a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. New car, caviar, four star daydream, think I'll buy me a football team.: John Nic is fed up with all the whining about Chelsea's millions. Could he talking about the Yankees or maybe Manchester United in the pre-Roman era? Does money really buy trophies or is it just the target of resentment for those who support teams with shallow pockets?

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UEFA Champions League football pool: Standings through Matchday 4.

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Former Red Sox GM offered job by minor league team.: Theo gets an interesting offer. Neat article

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Longboard Hockey: Let's make it a hat trick of hockey posts today, shall we?

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Flaherty gets five-holed by the NHL's new CBA: Needing goaltending help, you'd think the Vancouver Canucks could call up veteran netminder Wade Flaherty from their AHL affiliate, the Manitoba Moose. Well, they can ... but not without a whole lot of trouble.

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Five men detained, questioned for praying at NY Giants game:

The men were questioned and then were not allowed to return to their seats, but were instead assigned to seats in another section. Three guards stood near them, and escorted them to their cars when they left the stadium.
Was it warranted? The men are Muslim.

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Jacques Demers is illiterate: - The former Montreal Canadiens coach, Tampa Bay GM and Stanley Cup Champion comes clean. Pretty amazing.

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November 02, 2005

NL Gold Gloves Awarded: Maddux gets his 15th! Vizquel gets his 10th and is the oldest infielder to get (another) one. Andruw Jones and Jim Edmonds get their 8th. By contrast, no AL Gold Glove winner this year has gotten more than 5.

Obviously a follow up to this post.

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EARNHARDT INTO THE INTERNATIONAL MOTORSPORTS HALL OF FAME: We are pleased to announce that we will induct Dale Earnhardt, Harry Gant, Janet Guthrie, Jack Roush and Humpy Wheeler next April 27th. Earnhardt, of course, is the seven-time Winston Cup champion and Gant is one of the all-time greats in both Cup and Busch racing. Guthrie is the first female to race in both the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500. Roush’s race teams have won titles in drag racing, sports cars, Craftsman trucks, Busch Series and Nextel Cup Series. Wheeler is the long-time innovative promoter at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte.

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NHL sets attendance record for October.: More than a few disgruntled NHL fans swore it'd be a cold day in Hell before they attended another pro hockey game. Anybody checked the weather down there lately?

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Fisher's actual flaw? Artlessness: I know some African-Americans get upset when it is suggested they have some natural advantage with speed, because it implies they didn't really earn their preeminence. I appreciate that, but it cannot justify us -- like DeBerry -- denying what is right before our eyes.

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Yankees Make Some Changes: The Yankees, in need of some management, just signed Lee Mazolli- the former manager of the Baltimore Orioles, as their new bench coach, and Larry Bowa- their new third base coach.

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I should play around with blogging. Maybe about the New York Mets: Two lifelong Mets fans' experience with starting a blog that no one pays attention to. At first. [via]

Why did we get a fair amount of traffic from people who'd searched for a combination of potentially sexual words and "pitchers?"

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twenty: This is it, folks. Four games left, but two of the most important you'll see played this year.

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Russian Rocket Retires: Never mind the alleteration hockey has lost one of it's greatest goal scorers. This guy lost a step after knee surgery and he was still one of the top scorers (when healthy) He is also the new GM of the Russian National Team.

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November 01, 2005

Yoi and Double Yoi!: After 35 years as the radio voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers—and the originator of The Terrible TowelMyron Cope was officially honored at last night's game between the Steelers and one of their most fierce rivals, the Baltimore Ravens. He was an honorary captain. This summer Myron received the Pete Rozelle Award for long time exceptional contributions to pro football in television and radio. Saturday he will be the first pro football announcer to be enshrined in the National Radio Hall of Fame. That's a lotta garganzola!

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Gold Glove Winners: Suprise, suprise, look at the gold glove winners....

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Phil Jackson: Zen-aphopbic: Sacred Ignorance

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EPL Fantasy Premier League: update, through Week 11. At least this week one person made up some big ground on worldcup2002. Thing is, that person is way down in 8th.

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Bill Callahan in deep shit: Callahan, Nebraska's head coach is in deep shit for making a throat slashing gesture after the play didn't go his way.

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International month in rugby union.: There's an awesome month of international rugby union to be played this month. All the top rugby-playing nations will be in action, as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Samoa, Tonga and Argentina visit Europe. Can the All-Blacks, currently the best team in the world, remain unbeaten on this tour? Will England finally look like a team that can retain the world cup? Will Argentina make an unarguable case for inclusion in more top-class international rugby competition?

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"She's immortal.": And so Makybe Diva, Australia's greatest horse, who raced away to win the Melbourne Cup for an unprecedented third time, yesterday entered Australian folklore.

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Two Koreas to field one Olympic team: Next up: the United States and England

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Tell us what you really think, Keano.: Roy Keane, captain of Manchester Utd, goes on TV and calls out all his teammates who really don't make the cut. His rant gets banned from the team clubhouse. (Man Utd are going through a bit of a rough spot right now.) The Guardian follows up with Top 10 Keane Rants. Altho the stories are colorful, I can't say I blame the guy (well, except for the rant where he breaks a player's ligaments.)

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