November 14, 2005

Many Fine Returns: The Vikings beat the Giants 24-21, despite having only 137 yards of total offense, by becoming the first team in NFL history to score touchdowns on interception (92 yards), kickoff (86 yards), and punt returns (71 yards) in the same game. The Giants' special teams players may join Jimmy Hoffa under the end zone in Giants Stadium.

posted by kirkaracha to football at 12:38 PM - 16 comments

That was a shame...unless, of course, you are a Vikes fan. Giants D played great in a losing cause. Me wonders, is Ely hype or hope?

posted by willthrill72 at 12:45 PM on November 14, 2005

eli was way over due for a 4 or 5 interception game. hopefully this was just the beginning to the giants coming apart this year.

posted by flaunted at 12:54 PM on November 14, 2005

Me wonders, is Ely hype or hope? First comment. Right off the top. Very nice. He's only got three game-tying drives this season. I'd abandon all hope.

posted by YukonGold at 01:06 PM on November 14, 2005

Proof positive that even the sun shines on a dog's a** once in awhile

posted by timdawg at 01:15 PM on November 14, 2005

Shouldn't that have been "Minny Fine Returns"? Even punnier than the original.

posted by holden at 01:49 PM on November 14, 2005

While I'm not a Giants fan, I felt for them yesterday. Who I don't feel for is Tom Coughlin. I've always thought him to be a real Bobby Knight-style bully, and I've always enjoyed watching him lose it on the sidelines and in press conferences. Still, yesterday's loss proves that his head will never ever explode. If it was ever going to, yesterday was the day.

posted by ajaffe at 03:07 PM on November 14, 2005

Could Sharper be a pro bowler with just one game?

posted by Turbo at 03:18 PM on November 14, 2005

Eli should have thrown 6 interceptions. The Vikes dropped two that were right to them. I think they were laughing so hard they couldn't catch the balls. My Giants are the only team I know of that would draft a QB because his brother is good.

posted by drevl at 03:36 PM on November 14, 2005

drevl I don't mean to laugh at your pain or expense, but that was damn funny.

posted by willthrill72 at 03:45 PM on November 14, 2005

I'm a Vikings fan, and I was pleasantly surprised at the results. The Giants crushed the Vikings 41-0 in the 2001 NFC championship game, so this makes up for it a little bit.

posted by kirkaracha at 06:08 PM on November 14, 2005

so this makes up for it a little bit hardly! That game still makes me laugh, as in, laugh so I don't cry...

posted by emoeby at 07:16 PM on November 14, 2005

drevl - you honestly think the Giants drafted him because he's a Manning? He played awful Sunday, that's it. I know ESPN will be jumping off the Eli bandwagon, but anyone outside of Bristol who honestly thought the Giants were a Super Bowl team was drinking the kool aid.

posted by YukonGold at 07:16 AM on November 15, 2005

Hey UConn (I love saying that) I haven't thought the Giants were a superbowl team since LT retired. I think they basically suck, though thay always have been, and always will be, my team. The only team in all of sports that I like more are my UConn Women Huskies. As for getting Manning. The Giants had many needs when they went after Manning. Unfortunately, QB was not one of their pressing needs. Kerry Collins was, and is, a pretty good QB. I'd like to see Manning turn into the next Unitas, it's just that I have serious doubts. He's had a few really good games, but has been the NFL's worst QB in all his other games. At one point last year he had a QB rating in the 20's. It was caused by 3 or 4 games like Sunday's game. Do the name consistant ring a bell? He ain't got none. To keep things in proper perspective, I would make the worlds worst GM. Back when my Giants WAISTED their first draft pick on a linebacker (LT), I thought they were totally nuts. The Giants needed just about everything except linebackers. They had Brad Van Pelt, Harry Carson and Pat Hughes. What the hell were thay drafting this Taylor guy for?. Shows what I know. Oh yea, I thought the Yankees were nuts trading Danny Cater for Sparky Lyle. Good thing I'm just a dumb fan, and not in the GM business.

posted by drevl at 08:47 AM on November 15, 2005

Giants fans, on the whole, are super negative...I predicted 5-11 this year so they're over achieving to me. I'm extremely optomistic about Eli though, those three game-tying drives this year really start to point at the building blocks of a nice future. I think Manning was the guy the needed to make the move for a season and a half later. Collins wasn't a long term option and you certainly couldn't build a team around him. For my money, it doesn't get worse than Ron Dayne as first rounder. Shaun Alexander was on the board.

posted by YukonGold at 09:19 AM on November 15, 2005

Dav, I don't think fans of either team have to say anything after watching the last four minutes of the Monday night game... I listened to the end of the Cowboy/Eagles game on radio here in Texas. The Cowboy's announcers had completely given up any hope of a comeback. They were talking about calling Don Merideth at his New Mexico home so he could sing "Turn out the Lights. The party's over". It was great. Kind of makes me think of the Chicago paper with the headlines "Dewey Defeats Truman". Sometimes, life just makes me giggle. And to Yukon - Hope you're right about Eli. You're right on about Dayne, though by the size of him, I liked the draft at the time. But then, I've shown what a lousy drafter I'd make.

posted by drevl at 09:29 AM on November 15, 2005

I'm a Giants fan, so that was a tough game to watch. The defense only gave up 3 points and they lost.

posted by flicknut at 04:14 PM on November 15, 2005

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