November 13, 2005

Who's your Sportsman of the Year?: At the bottom of each story on a writer's pick is a form where you can nominate your own sportman of 2005.

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Ozzie Guillen

posted by volfire at 09:32 AM on November 13

RZA's boytoy and hero.................MIKE TYSON!

posted by CountDracula58 at 09:57 AM on November 13

O.K., Paulie

posted by volfire at 10:02 AM on November 13

I nominate the Charlotte cheerleaders,for showing us that sex and violence on and off the field of play isn't just reserved for the players.It makes you all kind of warm inside,doesn't it?

posted by Tubby Fan at 10:08 AM on November 13

Charlie Weis. Help a team to another Super Bowl title to start the year, then walks in and turns around the most storied team in college football. That's pretty impressive and shows what a huge, huge difference good coaching makes.

posted by dyams at 10:43 AM on November 13

Rafael Palmeiro. For being all he can be, and so much more. (Or Terrell Owens, for, well, same reason really.) I'd offer up Lance Armstrong, except he's won it before and there's a slim chance he won't stay retired. I suspect SI will give their award to the White Sox as a team, for breaking the littlest 90-year curse in sports. It's been a pretty low-key year. With a non-Olympic year, no hockey, and steroids dominating the sports pages, actual meaningful positive on-field accomplishments have been in short supply. Am I missing some huge story somewhere?

posted by chicobangs at 11:04 AM on November 13

I was going to remain just a spectator,but since noone else has mentioned him I have to say it.Albert Pujols.In my opinion,the obvious choice.His production every year can only be compared to the best of all time.And,unlike many others,he's a class act on and off the field.Ok Bill,let's hear how I'm wrong on this one.P.S.Don't forget your " " when you quote an entire sentence.

posted by The Spectator at 11:34 AM on November 13

Manu Ginobili has worked as a positive role model on and off the floor. His time is well spent in Argentina as well as San Antonio. He was fouled repetely in the finals and never complained.

posted by Richard j Garcia at 12:33 PM on November 13

As a cowboy fan it has to be TO.

posted by Turbo at 12:56 PM on November 13

I with ya on that, Volfire!


posted by zippinglou at 01:52 PM on November 13

prince albert... end of story

posted by pujols4prez at 08:02 PM on November 13

It's been a pretty low-key year. With a non-Olympic year, no hockey, and steroids dominating the sports pages, actual meaningful positive on-field accomplishments have been in short supply. Am I missing some huge story somewhere? Well, you know me, but lookit Tim Layden's Bode Miller article anyway. He got my vote (and I wrote a thingie...hope they pick it!).

posted by lil_brown_bat at 08:14 PM on November 13

Ozzie too...Just ask him...he'll tell ya!

posted by nymetfan at 11:18 PM on November 13

ozzie. there is a newspaper article from springfeild illinois about how ozzie came to the capitol building and spoke to the state reps. after he had made a quite heartfelt speech about how he felt very insignificant among the various politicains, and how he was actually nervous to be there, pictures were taken with him, the politician, and the world series trophy. there is an 87 year old representative who rarely spoke at meetings and has trouble even standing. ozzie spotted that she was not in line and rushed over to her and embraced her in a "bear hug", then had her hold the trophy and had a picture taken with her. the author, who works in the capitol building and is a friend of my father's wrote that it was the most touching thing he had ever seen in all his years there. if we are choosing SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR, then i consider ozzie as much of a well- respected sports figure as can be found anywhere.

posted by 15yroldkid at 01:29 AM on November 14

Freddie Flintoff. And I don't even like cricket.

posted by salmacis at 01:33 AM on November 14

If only Lance Armstrong had done something amazing this year. Then the choice would have been simple.

posted by JJ at 04:14 AM on November 14

Tedy Bruschi....just for having the fortitude to get back out there and help his struggling THERE is a sportsman.....

posted by sinisterfoot at 09:10 AM on November 14

I think Michelle Wie should get votes...not win... but hope people appreciate where she is going and doing......pretty tough for a pretty girl makes it even tougher.......not easier............could you even think of you in her place????.....well for 10 Million I would........ drifted for a moment...........

posted by gfinsf at 09:27 AM on November 14

Another vote for Freddie Flintoff. And I don't like cricket either.

posted by squealy at 11:57 AM on November 14

I think it'll go to Ozzie Guillen. They'll point out how fresh it is to have a manager who doesn't mind ruffling a few feathers. They'll say how he motivated his team with his hard-nosed attitude. They'll mention that his "Ozzie ball" style of play is what helped them overcome the long curse. Then, sometime next year, there will be an article about how the White Sox are 12 games under .500, and that Ozzie Guillen is begining to annoy management, piss-off his players and that his "small ball" style of play is running his team out of too many games.

posted by grum@work at 12:25 PM on November 14

Freddie Flintoff, for heroic drinking! I love cricket, but his drinking prowess outshone even his formidable cricketing deeds

posted by Fat Buddha at 12:36 PM on November 14

Unfortunately, Sports Illustrated is not really a world sport magazine. If you're not big in the USA, then SI is not going to be the last word in sport. Which is why I think they should give it to Takeru Kobayashi. Wait. Did I say Kobayashi? I meant Bode Miller. I'm with you, LBB.

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posted by CountDracula58 at 11:34 PM on November 14

Daniel Carter, NZ fly half. Or Freddie Flintoff.

posted by afx237vi at 09:00 AM on November 15

Olin Kreutz, He's got one hell of a right hook.

posted by sadsadcubsfan at 10:52 AM on November 15

Let's wait till Saturday evening before nominating Carter, old boy!

posted by Fat Buddha at 01:18 PM on November 15

It's Saturday evening, can I nominate him now?

posted by afx237vi at 03:41 PM on November 19

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