November 30, 2005

Sins & Myths of the NFL: I hate linking to espin but this was a decent read, though Myth 5 is a bit of a reach.

posted by catfish to football at 01:51 PM - 9 comments

sins: #6 Being a member of the Cleveland Browns. 94%

posted by steelcityguy at 02:33 PM on November 30, 2005

How about lusting over lesbian Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders getting their grooves on in a bathroom stall. Is that a sin?

posted by Wrigley South at 02:43 PM on November 30, 2005

absolutly not wrigley

posted by steelcityguy at 03:04 PM on November 30, 2005

Myth #18- Bill Parcels is a good coach. He knows how to treat his coaching staff.

posted by mustang71 at 03:08 PM on November 30, 2005

pre-ejockulating is a sin.

posted by catfish at 03:17 PM on November 30, 2005

This proves what I've always believed. Football is all about running the ball. Pass now and then, but if you can't run for first downs, you lose. That's all. That and just don't drop the ball.

posted by azcards at 01:35 AM on December 01, 2005

Run because you can, throw when you have to. Don't put the tater on the carpet. Sounds easy to me.

posted by Wrigley South at 06:59 AM on December 01, 2005

Sin number one should be believing "the Chin" could replace Chuck Noll. As for the quasi-rule#6...... get a life and live it steelcityguy! You guys can't be lucky forever! Remember Monday night? I'll bet Romeo does!!!!!!!! Play on!

posted by Tazz1 at 10:15 AM on December 01, 2005

Myth- The annual high expectations that the Detroit Lions wil turn their entire history around and actually win something. Sin-that William Clay Ford became the Lions owner. Anyone wanting to start an angry mob can contact me at

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:40 PM on December 02, 2005

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