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Something rare happened on July 15th, 2006

Here is one for dplay. In college I went one for one and had five RBI's. Can you figure this one?

posted by mustang71 at 02:47 PM on July 16, 2006

Auto Erotic

Key questions are why Griffin wasn't tested for alcohol and why the officers drove him out of the city to his home in St. Paul. Griffin also received tickets for not having a license and inattentive driving. Perks of the Rich and famous.

posted by mustang71 at 03:54 PM on July 01, 2006

Texas Rangers owner going Cuban?

The Mav's seemed to have gotten plenty of good calls during the Spurs series. Is this considered make up calls?

posted by mustang71 at 06:05 PM on June 29, 2006

Gammons in ICU after surgery for brain aneurysm

Thank God for todays technology. Get well amigo.

posted by mustang71 at 10:21 AM on June 28, 2006

Miami Wins the NBA Championship.

Congrats to the old timers. It's nice to see athletes reach a goal after years of trying. In particular Payton and Walker.

posted by mustang71 at 10:51 AM on June 21, 2006

NBA Owner Feels the Heat

Cuban means right but does wrong. His antics, constant complaining, and attitude are wearing on the fans. Dallas should win in seven so stop with the whining and leave it to Bill Parcells.

posted by mustang71 at 02:47 PM on June 20, 2006

Heat sweep at home.

As a Texan I normally pull for the Local Team . Cuban's arrogance and brash attude have caused me to pull for the Heat. Cuban and Jerry Jones are both owners that seem to want all the credit.

posted by mustang71 at 05:06 PM on June 19, 2006

Heat 98, Mavericks 74

Do I smell a seven game series? NBA marketing does it again.

posted by mustang71 at 11:02 AM on June 16, 2006

Rothlisberger hurt in motercycle accident

Bobby Hurley, Senior sack Gabe Rivera, and the Basketball player for the Bulls ( can't recall his name), all for the thrill of a few Speed. Good luck Ben and hope to see you defending your title.

posted by mustang71 at 04:17 PM on June 12, 2006

D-D-D-Dallas and the JET.

Will the team that defeated the pistons show up? If so, we may have a series on hand. I was waiting for Wade to turn it on in the 4th quarter.

posted by mustang71 at 01:45 PM on June 09, 2006

Cuban: For the first time in my life, I'm speechless

Seems to me the talk a month ago was the Pistons would run to a title uncontested. The Heat put that talk to rest and now the Mav's are the favorite to blow out the Heat. The way the season has gone, I wouldn't be surprised to see a seven game series with the biggest TV market comming out on top. Heat in seven

posted by mustang71 at 12:53 PM on June 04, 2006

Heat Eliminate Pistons in Game 6 Rout

TBH you my friend did your homework. Good points, good follow ups and on the money. Kudos

posted by mustang71 at 12:11 PM on June 03, 2006

Dallas 3

Ain't over till the fat lady sings. The NBA is loving the 7 game series.

posted by mustang71 at 03:48 PM on June 02, 2006

Bill Walton flies coach

Note to Bill Walton: Please take Doug Collins with you and leave him far, far away from a microphone. I turn down the sound when Collins calls a game.

posted by mustang71 at 05:03 PM on May 30, 2006

New sheriff in town.

Too much of Parcells rubbed off on Cuban. Avery Johnson on the other hand is a class act.

posted by mustang71 at 11:12 AM on May 23, 2006