May 30, 2006

Bill Walton flies coach: "The seat that I absolutely must have in order to be comfortable: The right-side, aisle seat. No bulkhead."

posted by werty to basketball at 09:05 AM - 13 comments

How the hell does he do that on Southwest? He either shows up way early or he gets on with the grannies in wheelchairs.

posted by yerfatma at 10:03 AM on May 30, 2006

Even NBA officials get 1st class tickets. Why doesn't the Big Red head splurge a little for some leg room?

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 10:11 AM on May 30, 2006

I wonder how many times he has walked off a plane and muttered "Horrendous flight. American Airlines must get back to the basics!"?

posted by 1651 Naismith at 10:13 AM on May 30, 2006

at 6'4" with non-fused ankles, my head is near the ceiling of most planes I've been on, regardless of model, and my knees are pressing against the seat in front of me. I can't imagine how bad it would be to be 6'11".

posted by srw12 at 11:15 AM on May 30, 2006

5'9" and LOVIN' IT! (okay, maybe 5'8 and a 1/2") ;)

posted by Spitztengle at 11:32 AM on May 30, 2006

I have been on the same SWA flight with Bill a couple of times...he does get on during the pre-board process.

posted by stofer71 at 12:01 PM on May 30, 2006

"Oh no... No... Put the peanuts dowwwnnnn.... Dowwwnn with two hands, big man."

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 01:10 PM on May 30, 2006

It's dedication and perserverance that ultimately reward any big man. To battle it out in the trenches, you have to be ready to go war! You can't expect to be given anything, you have to earn it. Frankly, the people in 1st Class just havn't shown up tonight, and it's disgraceful, a laughing stock, this is the playoffs not a wine tasting. I'm embarrased and ashamed. No one can pull of a Bill Walton rant like Bill Walton. He's the William Shakepeare of barely coherent passionate hoops rambling. I used to hate it, but like a bad tasting medicine that's addictive, I've become hooked despite the flavor.

posted by Pabo at 02:22 PM on May 30, 2006

Madden gets mad when he doesn't get his seat on the bus too....unless it's because Brett Farve is sitting in it. Then he would probably just tea bag Brett.

posted by steelcityguy at 02:47 PM on May 30, 2006

Note to Bill Walton: Please take Doug Collins with you and leave him far, far away from a microphone. I turn down the sound when Collins calls a game.

posted by mustang71 at 05:03 PM on May 30, 2006

Bill Walton flies coach, but his dentures fly first class. CHOPPERS, BABY.

posted by mr_crash_davis at 06:48 PM on May 30, 2006

I like how Blabbering Bill complains about getting a smoking room at a hotel. I figured he'd just put on some Greatful Dead and spark up a doobie to kill the cigarrette smell. I wonder how much the next guy in the room likes getting a contact buzz from Blazin Bills bong tokes.

posted by jcreibs13 at 04:18 AM on May 31, 2006

"Oh no... No... Put the peanuts dowwwnnnn.... Dowwwnn with two hands, big man." Can't believe I had to wait four hours for that. I've come to expect so much more from you, McSmokey.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 05:14 AM on May 31, 2006

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