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I'm stupid: I tried to post a topic but I am such a boneheaded computer novice that I can't figure out how to link to a column and post it. If anyone cares to give me any pointers I would greatly appreciate it. Or, if you just want to tell me what a complete stoneage 8-track playing idiot I am, then I guess I deserve that. Sorry, I'm from those days and this stuff is frustrating to me. Anyway if anyone feels sorry enough for my decrepit old ass, you can e-mail me at jcreibs13@yahoo.com. Thanks for any help. Jeff

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Bill Walton flies coach

I like how Blabbering Bill complains about getting a smoking room at a hotel. I figured he'd just put on some Greatful Dead and spark up a doobie to kill the cigarrette smell. I wonder how much the next guy in the room likes getting a contact buzz from Blazin Bills bong tokes.

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I'm stupid

Thanks for all the help and humor. I appreciate all of it. I also didn't get your e-mail justgary, but I'll try out everyones advice and if I still can't figure it out I'll just hang myself (and try to post pics, Just kidding, LOL). But seriously thanks for the help, I am grateful to have joined a site with you guys (and girls, don't want to offend anyone). If I find another good post I'll use all your suggestions. Too late to post the one I was trying. Jeff PS. nice comic samsonov.

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I'm stupid

Thanks chico appreciate it.

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Wallace and the taste of his own words.

Rip doesn't need to wear the mask anymore he just chooses to. He is superstituous(I'm sure I misspelled that) I suppose. He has said that he might wear it the rest of his career even though he doesn't have to. If he had no cartilige left his nose would be a hanging flap of skin, since all that holds it up is cartilige(probably spelled that wrong too, sorry).

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Sorry Coach my ADD was acting up?

Ahhh, shit, I forgot.

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Tigers: Best in baseball

Daammmn, give the Tigs a break. They sucked ass for so long, at least give them their due for not shooting themselves in the foot. At least they are winning games they should be winning. And even when they were the joke of baseball they still always played the Yanks and Bosox tough. I think they will give all the blank check payroll teams a run for their money. They have no excuse not to. Their lineup is pretty solid top to bottom. If the players perform to the level expected of them, I think a lot of people will be in for quite a shock. Hell, if they keep up the way they are going now, it shouldn't be too hard for them to contend for the postseason. But hey, what do I know, except that Kool-Aid they serve is pretty gooddddddddddddd

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Johnson Waxes Off:

Sure do chico, I was pointing out that this thread seems more like a political forum than a sports one. I'll talk golf anytime, but like I said everyone want's to turn this into an equal rights debate. Sure there is some connection albeit small. Sorry if I wandered off a little. But I would say I am pretty well in line with all of the other comments. And all of my comments were related to golf in one way or another. In relation to Augusta and it policies.

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Johnson Waxes Off:

I am completely dumbfounded at how passionate people are over something as ridiculous as membership to a patch of grass with some holes and flags scattered around. I thoroughly enjoy the game of golf, but to waste my time worrying about a bunch of billionaires deciding if I or anyone else is worthy of membership to their private "CLUB" is completely childish. I believe I outgrew that type of narrow-minded behavior when I was in grade school. Sure there are many rich and influential people that are members. But none of them are putting food on my table, nor are they telling me how to run my life. The only thing about Augusta and their members that chaps my ass is the outrageous amount of money paid for membership. It may be chump change to them, but there are so many more important and beneficial ways to use that money. Personally, I would get much more gratification and enjoyment in buying a home, food and clothing for a family that has nothing, which could be done a few times every year with their club dues. To hell with being a "member", what a waste. I can probably golf better than half of the club anyway. I'll take my lowlife public courses for $15-$20 bucks a round anyday. They can have their club, and maybe I can dig up one of my old "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" signs that I used in second grade and mail it to them. Who wants to be a member of an old farts club anyway. Damn, I just wasted five minutes of my time on this bullshit. Never again. Got real things to concern myself with.

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