November 15, 2005

Iron Mike: Celebrity Advisor: Apparently Mr. Tyson has decided that his next post-boxing career will be to advise younger athletes, England's newest bad boy Wayne Rooney in this instance, on how to handle the opportunities that fame affords one. Summed up: Enjoy life and ignore the people telling you to grow up. After all, that's worked so well for Mike!

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If were not careful. Iron Mike is going to catch TO for most bashed athlete on spofi. Of course thats assuming that no 1 from here on out will post anything positive about mike. Besides all the Good "eat the children" Jokes were used on that other post about him.

posted by RZA at 11:27 PM on November 15

A lawless life? Living on the edge? Everybody's dream? Oh Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. That is your dream. A world where you can hit anyone for any reason, rape any woman who crosses your path... The rest of us realize that laws protect us from monsters like you. When is anyone going to wake up to the fact that Mike isn't a child in a man's body, he is a sociopath. T.O. is a humorous sidenote, Mike is a mass murder waiting to happen...

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Mike Tyson's only chance at normality and fitting in with society died with Cus D'Amato. It's unfortunate because it was actually working. I also blame guys like Don King, Rory Holloway & John Horne for using him. He didn't pick the life he was born into, living in the one of the worst parts of Brooklyn, and not having parents to guide him during his impressionable years. Boxing and Cus were his only real chances at discipline. Without them now, what is he, really?

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Mike Tyson. For the rest of my life the name will trigger something powerful in my mind, I'm just not sure what. Take the athlete, once athlete or whatever, the athlete was/is an icon. Tyson is a symbol and an attitute both uncalled for and cheered for by me at least sometimes. I truly hope Tyson's post boxing asporations turn something up for Tyson. I am not excusing any of Tyson's rage or violence outside of the ring. And society shouldn't and haven't let Mike off the hook as society has let others off the hook. For example Kobe, OJ or the nomial sanctions against the B-ball players at the Piston's game or that Hockey player tuesday or something etc. I am not saying however that those not found guilty are guilty but in light of some circumstantial evidence i am making an deductive suggestion. overandout

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For the rest of my life the name will trigger something powerful in my mind Me too: "When he blinks, get ready to dodge."

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I'm with you, bugsyduke. A lawless life is everybody's dream? That statement alone tells you that Mike Tyson is still one fucked-up individual. He's never gonna change. And the mass murder waiting to happen is hilarious! Right on!

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yerfatmw- that's an awesome reference. I almost fell over laughing! Brings back memories. Thanks.

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yerfatmw sorry...

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When he blinks, get ready to dodge That's classic. I never did beat Tyson, but I killed Super Macho Man. I wish someone would teach me how to paste a pic on here!

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<img src=""/> gives you:

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