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I'm a Mets fan, a Rangers fan and a Redskins fan. I like other sports as well, but I live and die with those teams more than any other.

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Ask SpoFi: Can a player line up behind the catcher during a baseball game? (More inside)

posted by 86 to navel gazing at 12:28 PM on October 26, 2007 - 14 comments

Happy Holidays!: That's it. Happy Holidays, you crazy fools. Be safe out there, hug your loved ones, be merry and watch sports.

posted by 86 to navel gazing at 09:58 AM on December 22, 2006 - 23 comments

The Ovechkin Collection: (Google Video) If you have four minutes, take the time to watch highlights of the most exciting player in the NHL.

posted by 86 to hockey at 01:01 PM on January 27, 2006 - 24 comments

Jose Theodore makes two saves.: Improving his 32nd ranked goals against average, the Montreal goalie turned aside two attempts by an intruder during a Habs practice.

posted by 86 to hockey at 09:03 AM on January 10, 2006 - 29 comments

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

That's certainly aesthetically worse, grum, but I remember Tommy John for more than the surgery.

posted by 86 at 08:44 AM on March 04, 2014

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Super Bowl-a-Geddon Edition

1. Broncos by 6

2. W. Welker

3. M. Lynch

4. Julius Thomas

5. Peyton Manning

6. D. Rogers-Cromartie

7. B. Wagner

8. A. Busch (Bud) +1

9. 48

posted by 86 at 02:58 PM on February 01, 2014

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Championship Games-a-Ganza Edition

Patriots by 4

Seahawks by 4 +1

P. Manning (Broncos) +1

D. Thomas (Broncos) +1

L.Blount (Patriots)

B. Wagner (Seahawks)

posted by 86 at 11:43 AM on January 19, 2014

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Division Round-a-Go-Go Edition

1. Seahawks by 6 +1

2. Patriots by 2 +1

3. Panthers by 4

4. Broncos by 19 +1

5. Demaryius Thomas (rec YDs)

5. Julius Thomas (rec TDs)

7. Earl Thomas

posted by 86 at 06:28 AM on January 11, 2014

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Wild-Card-a-Palooza Edition

1 - Colts by 2, +1

2 - Eagles by 3

3 - Bengals by 13

4 - Packers by 1

5 - Dalton

6 - McCoy

7 - Aldon Smith, +1

posted by 86 at 12:25 PM on January 04, 2014

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Oops, sorry, thought you were asking about post-season, for some reason. The regular season is different...

Article 4 The following shall apply to overtime games in the preseason and regular season.

(a) There shall be a maximum of one 15-minute period, even if the second team has not had an opportunity to possess the ball or if its initial possession has not ended. If the score is tied at the end of the period, the game shall result in a tie.

posted by 86 at 01:35 PM on June 17, 2013

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

An answer to rcade's question:

Article 5 (PDF) The following shall apply to overtime games in the postseason.

(a) If the score is tied at the end of a 15-minute overtime period, or if the second team's initial possession has not ended, another overtime period will begin, and play will continue, regardless of how many 15-minute periods are necessary.

posted by 86 at 12:40 PM on June 17, 2013

England's Rose take U.S. Open

How are the changes at Muirfield, JJ? I'm particularly curious about number nine, and any seemingly subtle ones I would gloss over from an ocean away.

posted by 86 at 12:00 PM on June 17, 2013

England's Rose take U.S. Open

I spent a good bit of time out at Merion this week and was thrilled with how things played out. The players, fans, and everyone else involved were awesome. I'm particularly thankful that Mother Nature took her turn early in the week giving the superintendent and all-star crew a chance. They came through with flying colors, I have to say.

I was pulling for Rose and happy to see him win. In game and character, he's a worthy champion.

Something else worth mentioning because pro athletes deserve credit when they earn it --- Most of the players were incredibly nice, but Els, Bubba, and Boo Weekley earn special notice for signing autographs for every kid in the crosswalk I was near on Tuesday. And extra-special notice for Darren Clarke who not only signed for every kid, but interacted with all of them in a very personable way, as well.

The only thing that sucks is now I have to wait a month for the Open Championship. Muirfield's list of winners ranks with any and it'll be interesting to see who adds their name to that bunch. Varden, Hagen, Player, Nicklaus, Trevino, Watson, Faldo (x2), Els and ___?

posted by 86 at 11:59 AM on June 17, 2013

England's Rose take U.S. Open

For what it's worth, JJ, Hogan had nearly the same shot in the playoff round and hit a 4-iron. Per the story, he hit a 1-iron the day before due to exhaustion. And that club was stolen, along with his shoes, before the playoff round began.

posted by 86 at 10:19 AM on June 17, 2013

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Not me, bill. My contribution wasn't enough to get us over the $500 mark, though I'm glad we made it.

posted by 86 at 10:21 AM on December 13, 2012

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Thanks for the reminder, bill. I finally had a spare moment and was able to help the cause.

posted by 86 at 01:52 PM on December 12, 2012

Working for the clampdown

Alfredsson and Hossa are key players to their teams who have been injured by goons

Carl Hagelin is a goon? He's a first-line player, 175 lbs soaking wet, won the fastest skater award, and had less than 25 PIMs this year.

His was a bad hit, deserving of suspension, but he's not a goon and the Rangers will certainly miss him in the line-up.

posted by 86 at 11:51 AM on April 18, 2012

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I keep going back and forth. It's ridiculous until you look at what the Redskins and Cowboys paid out in that uncapped year ($176 million for the Skins, as opposed to $99 million the year before). And it's not like they just decided to sign a few players that year because the cap wouldn't matter. No, they planned it out, well in advance and took advantage of it when signing high profile players, Haynesworth in particular. Other teams, without the finances of the Redskins couldn't match that. So the Redskins gamed the system in a pretty sleazy way.

The sketchy thing on the part of the NFL is that they approved the contracts in question at some point. Unlike, say, the NHL that (finally) ruled a contract invalid because it attempted to get around the cap, the NFL approved these and waited (and then waited two more years) to enforce the rules. That makes no sense.

posted by 86 at 06:40 PM on March 12, 2012

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Sketchy stuff on the NFL's part, at least at first glance. I know the Redskins did not behave well here, and presumably the Cowboys didn't either, but I still wonder how the League can make this stick.

The Redskins gave Haynesworth $32 million during the first two years of his contract. Some of that was up front and for the first year (2009) and then $21 million due as a roster bonus during the 2010 offseason. It's apparently that $21 million that the league has issues with.

DeAngelo Hall's contract is also, per the NFL, problematic. He signed in 2009 and made $9.2 million that year and again in 2010 (the uncapped year). In 2011, his number dropped in half ($4.5). It rises from that point steadily back up to the $9 million mark over the next three years.

He will now, almost certainly, be cut.

posted by 86 at 04:28 PM on March 12, 2012