November 11, 2005

Vitali Klitschko Ends Boxing Career Ahead of Rahman Fight: Ukrainian boxer, reigning heavyweight WBC world champion, Vitaly Klitschko, has announced he is quitting the boxing arena.

posted by jennifer to boxing at 04:10 AM - 20 comments

I got ten bucks says he's back in the ring in 18 months.

posted by chicobangs at 04:45 AM on November 11, 2005

He will fight again...he is just ducking Rahman for whatever reason....He has been avoiding him like the plague

posted by sinisterfoot at 06:07 AM on November 11, 2005

sinisterfoot, I think Klitschko has been ducking Rahman recently, but not this time. I got a torn miniscus, and believe me, it hurts so much you want to be shot. It usually takes six months to recover from that (with an operation along the way). The WBC only gave him three months in which to reschedule the fight. It doesn't add up. Remember that he also tore up a shoulder against Chris Byrd. If his ligaments start acting up like that, in the wrong way (as I fear might be happening in James Toney's case), he might be very well advised to retire. Which brings us to another subject: his legacy. I've never been fond of him nor have I ever detested the guy. He's a good boxer, I like to see him fight, but I don't long for his fights. That being said, I just realized that he has a fantastic record: 35-2 with 34 knock outs. His only two losses came from fights with Byrd, in which he tore his shoulder, and from Lennox Lewis, the best heavyweight of his generation. There really is no shame in either loss. And he knocked everybody else except for one guy! Yet, he doesn't stand out, in my mind at least, as one of the greats of his era. Why is that? Because he fought mostly abroad? He didn't fight often against stiff competition? Something else? All of the above? What will he be rememberd as, if he is remembered at all?

posted by Judas at 07:33 AM on November 11, 2005

Not remembered at all. A could-have-been; slightly better than a never-was. He fought in a weak era and never had a big fight outside of the Lewis fight. Look at the roster of tomato cans he fought.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 07:57 AM on November 11, 2005

torn miniscus is NOT a big deal I have gone through that on several occasions. that's what Big Ben (Steeler QB) just had done and he will be back playin in less than 2 weeks. Most football players get their knee scoped (which is what is required with a torn miniscus) and are back on the field in 2 weeks or less. He is ducking Rahman there is no other answer for his actions.

posted by TC at 08:44 AM on November 11, 2005

I will have you know TC that not all torn miniscus' can be repaired with a scope and poof you're back into action. There are times that the doctor can just go in and take a little snip out and you'll be fine in a couple of weeks. In my case, 3/4 of the miniscus was torn and they could not just take it out, or I would have no miniscus. They had to do a repair. in the case of a repair, you have to be off your feet for 30 days and then you can start rehab. Trust me I have had this surgery twice and each time it was excruciatingly painful. I am not saying whether or not he is ducking Rahman, I am just trying to get the facts out there. I don't find it fair for you to judge someone just because of what you have "heard". Experience it, then start running your yap. Other than that, shut the fuck up and keep your thoughts to yourself.

posted by grabofsky74 at 08:54 AM on November 11, 2005

TC, glad you pointed that out for me. Here I was thinking that I'd gone through a big deal, that all the pain I'd been through, not being able to walk for the first two weeks even on my good leg, the six months of rehab in physiotherapy and in the gym, the surgery, the stay at the hospital with another two weeks of not being able to walk and the other six months of physiotherapy and gym work post-surgery were a big deal. I must have been mistaken. Mind you, it's been two years since the operation and I still have to hit the gym in order to keep my knee working perfectly, which it does. No big deal then, you're right. What was I thinking? Of course, I trust that you are aware that his operation was a success and that his doctor has prescribed a six month rest period - without any training - before considering a return. Klitschko's doctor must also be in on it: it's a ducking conspiracy!

posted by Judas at 09:46 AM on November 11, 2005

Klitschko will not be remembered at all, as a boxer or as a heavyweight. When the entire division is down like it is now, you have to really do something exemplary to be remembered, and he hasn't done it. If he was fighting in the 70's he'd have a record more like 2-35 than 35-2.

posted by vito90 at 10:31 AM on November 11, 2005

TC, if your right than I must be the biggest pansy ever was, cause I just had my third knee operation for a miniscus tear all scoped and the six to seven months of pain that came after during rehab was no fun. So hats off to the professional football players that would rather shoot themselves up with pain killers in order to play on Sunday just to not be able to hardly walk until Friday.

posted by sniper at 10:58 AM on November 11, 2005

My point about him ducking Rahman was because (if I remember correctly) this is his THIRD time to back out of a fight with him, second at the very least...and can ANYONE name ANYONE other than Lewis and Byrd that Klitchko has fought? I can't...not a one... OH WAIT ... did that amazing talent Corrie Sanders, did Vitali fight him, or was that his brother???

posted by sinisterfoot at 11:01 AM on November 11, 2005

sinisterfoot, I agree that it does seem like Klitschko is ducking Rahman, but I don't know why?! Klitschko hasn't had but two big talent fights, but I also believe that Rahman is a has been. He was good enough to win the belt once but promtly lost it and where has he been since. Lets just agree that there are now big talent heavy wieghts at this point in time.

posted by sniper at 11:12 AM on November 11, 2005


posted by sinisterfoot at 01:36 PM on November 11, 2005

Actually, both Klitschko brothers fought Corrie Sanders. Vladimir lost, Vitaly won. I think that's who Vitaly won his title from.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 02:30 PM on November 11, 2005

I love boxing (both watching it and doing it), but holy cow does the the sport ever need an enema, especially in the heavier divisions.

posted by chicobangs at 03:08 PM on November 11, 2005

You guys are funny, sounds like the most important thing here was the injury & not the fact that he & his brother are bums in boxing. They had someone taught them how to hold and hit! They got in the public's eye because they were big white boys. Holdin-n-hittin, laying on them to wear opponets out, playing it nice and safe. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!!!

posted by meximoan at 05:23 PM on November 11, 2005

Best thing that ever happened to Vitaly was getting his face turned into ground beef by Lennox Lewis a couple of years ago. Gave him a reputation as a tough guy with heart who took the champ's best and refused to go down. What a crock. Lewis was fat and slow and didn't take Vitaly seriously; if Lewis had been on his game, I believe Vitaly would have kissed canvas that night in Los Angeles.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 06:52 PM on November 11, 2005

So, we have lots of people thinking he's ducking Rahman, who seems to be regarded as a has-been, despite the fact he has an injury and no reason to duck Rahman and it's boxing who needs the enema? That's sensible.

posted by dfleming at 08:00 AM on November 12, 2005

A sport is only as good as its fans. You can look at the language people use to dictate what they really want from boxing: in the 60's and 70's, people praised tactile fighters; now, it's all talk about who can beat the shit out of the other fighter. The whole bravado, popous, play-up show is a part of the sport because the fans have wanted it. This was once a ballet of a sport; boxing in the modern era is dead. It's professional wrestling with a small amount of intriguee now.

posted by dfleming at 08:07 AM on November 12, 2005

I swear I'm not being picky, but you mean "tactical" fighters, right? If not, let me say, "Things change." I'm not getting close enough to Tyson to find out if he is tactile.

posted by yerfatma at 08:53 AM on November 12, 2005

It was tactical, yerfatma; pre-coffee jitters, or something to that effect.

posted by dfleming at 11:07 AM on November 12, 2005

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