November 19, 2005

Is Alexander Ovechkin the best player in the NHL?: The Campbellnomics system says so, and says Ovechkin is the front-runner for the Hart Trophy this season. I don't think they're taking into consideration he plays for the Capitals.

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I might be missing something, but -- is the list itself there anywhere? I mean, if we're going to mock his methodology, we should at least see his results. And he may be playing for a shite team, but Ovechkin really is awfully good.

posted by chicobangs at 11:41 AM on November 19

Campbellnomics basically indicates who the best goal scorer is based on when they score their goals. Even that is a little specious. No way is it in anyway remotely able to tell you who the best player is. Hell, Ovetchkin is a hell of a hockey player - I'm becoming a big fan of his game, but he is not the best player in the NHL. Not yet, anyway. Besides, when you score half a team's goals, chances are good that they're going to be important ones. The Capitals suck.

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Yeah, he's good, but he's definitely the team's MVP, but he's no league MVP. The Capitals are better with him than without, but that's not saying much. Hell, in the same division you have Eric Staal.

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Is it, or is it not, way to early in the season to surmise such a title?

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Too early? Well, yes and no. We're at the quarter pole for the season. It's a logical place to have a look at who's doing well. No one's putting a lot of weight behind it, but Ovechkin (and Staal, and Jagr and Forsberg and Heatley and McCabe) have really leapt out of the gate.

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This Ovechkin kid is head and shoulders above most of the rookie class. I wasnt into the hype about Crosby until the game he played against the flyers a few days ago. Just turning 18 he plays like hes' been in the league for 5 years. Yes he's foolish sometimes but he is good. I would say if crosby is a 10 then ovechkin is a 9 1/2. But the best player in the league is by far peter forsberg. He has made Simon Gagne the leading goal scorer in the NHL, he has made joni pitkanin 3rd in the league in scoring among defensemen. And he alone is leading the league in assts(30) and points(36)in 19 games, on pace for approx 130 assts and 150 pts.When he won MVP 02/03 he had 29 goals and 77assts in 75 games. Great players dont just dominate a game, they make the players around them better. And respect to the senators and what they're doing as far as points and scoring,but right now mr forsberg is the NHL MVP.How else is a team with the worst penalty kill in the league in first place in their division with 4 games in hand?

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There's a report in the Washington Post that Ovechkin's Russian club is suing to get him back.

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I fink i just shite me self I, agree with every word in the RZA's post.

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you definitely must be coming down with sickle cell or some form of illness to be on the same page as me.However i will thank you for admitting that. I know it must have been hard for ya. but you're a better man for it. I read a post of your a fews days ago and found myself agreeing with you as well. however when i began to type my agreement,its like i turned into the fonz when he trys to say sorry to richie cunningham. "im szzzz" "im szzzzzzz". It just wouldnt come out.

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By the way,Crosby and Ovechkin went head up tonight. crosby notched a goal and asst.Ovechkin only produced an asst.

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The Cros is much better than Alex (not that Alex is bad) I just think center is harder position to play than winger. Centermen cover more ice, have a greater defensive responsability, set up and score goals. Wingers just score goals and cover much less ice (unless your Mark Recchi) I think it is a little over hyped but fun none the less.

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