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Buckeyes, Red Sox, Patriots, NE Revolution, Manchester United. I've lived in NE, Swindon, England, and Riyadh. Saudi sucks, fyi. I have a ball that I caught from Fenway. Have a signed rookie Roger Maris card. Currently living in Columbus, OH. Went to Miami U. (Szczerbiak was a fag that cheated through school), Harvard b-school, and finished my master's at OSU. Went to Capital law school for two years then quit. I currently have a job that has nothing to do with any of my schooling... lol!

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Leo Messi does a Maradona.

WOW!! JJ that side-by-side rocks!!! In retrospect, I don't think my a.d.d. comment was quite accurate, my point was that most of a match is played in the midfield with seemingly inconsequential exchanges of possession that can be uninteresting if one hasn't played. I can remember games I've played and/or watched where possession time is 80/20, or more skewed and the team with little possession wins due to poor defensive recovery, positioning, or even a miffed pass; i.e. single mistake or call. A team can dominate in all stats (except goals) and lose. I believe that what makes soccer unique (or subtle). Thoughts? Netbros: I totally agree, that jump-in defending was crap. My old coach's thoughts, "contain, contain, contain, contain" under breath, "then hack if necessary"

posted by koyaan at 04:46 PM on April 21, 2007

Newcastle wants England FA to pay more for Owen injuries.

I agree with Weedy and owlhouse. Namely, tough luck, that's the chance you take AND it seems reasonable to think that these things are considered beforehand via contracts and insurance policies. On its face it seems reasonable to pay the original owner of Owen's services for injuries suffered while providing services supplemental to his original contract with the owner. However, if money is paid to a club for their vested interest in the injured player by the national team, where and a what point does it stop? World cup? Olympics? Friendlies? England sues MSL for loss of national player playing for US league? In short, it's a slippery slope. I think the answer is COLI/BOLI policies (corporate owned/business owned life insurance policies) taken out on executives. Surely the business side of these clubs already have these, don't they? Liability shouldn't become an issue. If an entity has interest in an individual, it should shoulder the responsibility of negating any mishap, risk or unforeseen loss.

posted by koyaan at 01:15 AM on April 21, 2007

Leo Messi does a Maradona.

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting. And Ufez, not sure I understand the correlation... if one understands the NBA, but not soccer, one needs to assume an NBA match with 2-3 total baskets per game if comparing to a simple midcourt steal-and-dunk to begin to understand the novelty of that goal. In short, the NBA and that are incomparable. Besides, (stereotype to follow) Americans are too A.D.D. to appreciate soccer and its subtleties which often result in 0-0, 1-0, 2-1 results. That's not a dig on Americans so much as it is a dig on the nature of a soccer match. It truly needs to be played competively to be understood and appreciated. It lacks that dunk-and-pump, touchdown-and-dance high-scoring-tv-bling-bling drama that makes the NBA and NFL far more user friendly to our HDTV sedentary masses. Sorry worldcup2002, didn't mean to digress. Beauty it is.

posted by koyaan at 12:42 AM on April 21, 2007

Tiger Makes the Turn at 30

All I'll say, w/o details is this: time is on Tiger's side. Let's watch and enjoy.

posted by koyaan at 03:09 AM on December 31, 2005

Is Alexander Ovechkin the best player in the NHL?

Is it, or is it not, way to early in the season to surmise such a title?

posted by koyaan at 04:45 PM on November 19, 2005

From National Hero to draft dodger.

i guess this is too sensitive a topic for ppl to talk about the factual situation, (does not involve ANY American, any of our presidents, any 'conscientious objectors', Rhodes Scholars (fyi, you apply for that, you aren't 'chosen'), the '60s, 70s, Viet Nam, Korea or any other war involving America; Americans, Ali, politics, women, the Marine Corp, draft dodger's, Area 51, Apollo 13, etc., etc.) So, where were we..... exactly, guess that makes a futile argument for good conversation. Unless you want to talk about Iraq?............ (knock yourself out):

posted by koyaan at 07:10 PM on November 16, 2005

From National Hero to draft dodger.

graymatters, i hope you laughed (as i did), helped to segue, (me thought) no offense was intended, i thought it accentuated your pt., maybe it was too subtle

posted by koyaan at 06:59 PM on November 16, 2005

From National Hero to draft dodger.

not to generate any 'amimosity', (thanks graymatters) but Ali is not close, (Ali G and Kazak, well maybe), Ali didn't leave the US, box on behalf of the US, have residence in the foreign country where he boxed on the US's behalf, then have the US try to draft him when he retired. This is a very unique situation.

posted by koyaan at 05:31 PM on November 16, 2005

From National Hero to draft dodger.

The fact is this: draft-dodging, skipping or exemption IN THE US is completely off-topic for this post. (Bill and George have no parallels relevant to this situation; it is solely what we can immediately grab on to as 'examples' or a tangible equivalent.) Nobody in the US went to play professional sports in a foreign country and were then called to serve in his country of origin upon retirement. Much less play on the Olympic team of a country that now ceases to officially exist (was it the Yugo army he was 'obligated' to join.) Serbia-Montenegro is attempting to serve Vlade with a draft notice: "It asked Serbia-Montenegro's foreign ministry "to determine Divac's citizenship and his home address" to be able to carry out the legal proceedings and hand him the draft notice." This is about an NBA star who is being called out by his homeland (citizen or not) to serve in their military. It could be an attempt to make him an example (since he is high profile) or it could be an attempt to ruin his status as a future indigenous politician. Or anything else... you make the call....

posted by koyaan at 02:08 PM on November 16, 2005

From National Hero to draft dodger.

Ok, enough gotcha. Everything following mcstan's first sentence is disqaulified, "I am not even going to read this article." Need we say any more regarding his comments? Now let's comment on the actual topic..... I'm still looking for a comment that follows besides 'gotcha', and that is original in thought.... everything said has been a repeat of a previous post (namely mine, which is boring)

posted by koyaan at 01:09 PM on November 16, 2005

From National Hero to draft dodger.

mcstan, i understand your point, but it's replete with non-sequitors. 'Taking my opinion out of it,' Bill's situation is far, far, far different than Vlade's. They cannot be juxtaposed.

posted by koyaan at 11:09 AM on November 16, 2005

From National Hero to draft dodger.

Wow, very interesting. Since Serbia-Montenegro does not have our Constitution, I'll guess here, but I won't research what legal rights an individual has there. Assuming he is still a resident so obligated to serve in the military of Serbia-Montenegro, it begs one to ask what the statute of limitations is there. Or, technically, what factors determine that he is a citizen/resident? Or what their extradition rights are. Or what exceptions apply (can you say Olympics). Or, and i digress, what other pressing social issues are present. Anyway, lawyers have fun, this is a lawyer's dream case.... (big money client facing vague charges).

posted by koyaan at 10:54 AM on November 16, 2005