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If you are wondering what happened to me, first of all, that is awfully nice of you, and second of all, I've quit the internet. Feel free to email me though if you'd like, I still check that.

I'm really sort of a sports nomad. No absolute favorite teams. Lived in far too many places to get really attached. So generally I follow teams with players I like and the local teams (Minnesota at the moment). The one exception would be the Tornoto Blue Jays who were my first favorite team starting back in 1990.

Teams I like right now include: Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Timberwolves, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans, Iowa Football and Memphis Basketball.

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Gigantic elk!: NFLers really are stronger

posted by panoptican to other at 08:38 PM on January 17, 2006 - 31 comments

The top ten Dennis Rodman moments: and semi-related, the Art of War. The battle between blocks and dunks.

posted by panoptican to basketball at 01:32 PM on January 11, 2006 - 13 comments

Who is: William Wesley?

posted by panoptican to basketball at 03:19 AM on January 04, 2006 - 17 comments

Sometimes, you gotta kick a stallion.: [you'll have to try to ignore the atrocious site design]

posted by panoptican to basketball at 05:10 PM on December 29, 2005 - 8 comments

It's official.: The Toronto Blue Jays are the most improved team in baseball.

posted by panoptican to baseball at 06:01 PM on December 27, 2005 - 47 comments

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Top Naked People in Sports in 2005

There was a similar link posted a few months ago on SpoFi except it was better. Like top 100 or something. Anyone remember it?

posted by panoptican at 05:41 PM on January 13, 2006

Steve Francis Suspended

He's been playing some good ball this year. Assists numbers are way up and he's finally showing some deference to an overall offensive scheme. Sad to see him gone but hopefully it paves the way for a trade to Minnesota. Or something. I'm pretty curious to hear what's going on though. The Magic are mum but how much longer will Francis keep quiet?

posted by panoptican at 07:42 PM on January 12, 2006

Sutter in, everyone else out.

It is afterall arguably the most important position in baseball. I don't think there is anyway that you can say a relief pitcher plays the most important position in baseball. If it's arguably anything, it's the least important position in baseball. The equivalent of a punter or kicker.

posted by panoptican at 03:28 PM on January 10, 2006

Yet Another Belichick Protege Being Sought.

Sort of makes me wonder why Kirk Ferentz is getting more play.

posted by panoptican at 02:18 PM on January 10, 2006

Vince Young turning pro

Thank goodness. He can finish his degree anytime. The man is a professional athlete. He has everything necessary to make a lot of money in his profession. So go get 'em. Besides that, it would be unfair to all college football teams for him to return. He is way too good. I look forward to watching him on Sundays.

posted by panoptican at 02:38 PM on January 08, 2006

Gomez on trading block

You read the guidelines, right? I'm guessing no. Or maybe you have an actual link to the story and you biffed it?

posted by panoptican at 01:03 AM on January 06, 2006

Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

Besides that, the guy diving at his feet was a USC defensive linemen. Who the hell spys a guy like Vince Young with a defensive linemen? USC has some speed in the linebacking core and at safety. They should have had the fastest guy watching his every move. And since when is Bush not an everydown back? Sure, they use White in short yardage situations for the most part, but do we suddenly forget what the guy did this year? Take a look at all the second-half comebacks that USC made this year. Every one of them was keyed by Bush. He touched the ball four times in the second half. In the last eleven minutes of the game, after he ran for that amazing touchdown and seemed to show that he had his head back in it, he touched the ball once and that was on the second to last play of the game. I just don't understand the logic in this. White played a great game for sure, but White can't break a game open like Bush can. If you don't give the man the opportunities, you're really wasting a big chance.

posted by panoptican at 11:28 AM on January 05, 2006

Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

Though I won't say it was the greatest game ever, I will admit I was wrong. It was a good game and it certainly met expectations. I was surprised by that.

posted by panoptican at 07:25 AM on January 05, 2006

Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

After seeing a couple Vince Young games this year, the NCAA should declare it unfair for him to return. The guy is a beast. As for it being a great game? Meh. I don't know. It didn't have that feel to me. A good game for sure. Vince Young was marvelous but there was something about it that seemed off. Maybe the lack of defense. Maybe all the weird mistakes in the first quarter. Maybe the inevitability that Vince would score. Maybe it was Keith Jackson being clearly out of his mind. A few questions? Why wasn't USC playing for a scramble in the end? Was their anyone spying the QB? And what the hell happened to Reggie Bush?

posted by panoptican at 01:58 AM on January 05, 2006

Who is

Dang, should of searched first... A previous SpoFi thread that links to the first post regarding Wesley written at True Hoop. However, since then, Henry at True Hoop has seven posts regarding Wes and a Wikipedia entry has been created about the man. So there.

posted by panoptican at 04:48 AM on January 04, 2006

Who is

Also see the William Wesley category on the True Hoop blog. A fascinating mystery of a shadowy figure or just someone who likes his privacy?

posted by panoptican at 03:21 AM on January 04, 2006

The Man Who Revolutionised Cricket Dies

I too am only just beginning to discover the world that is cricket. A difficult feat in Northern Minnesota with no television. It's actually pretty amazing going around the Australian news sites today. The man was of monumental stature. Not to mention mega-rich. Rest in peace.

posted by panoptican at 11:30 PM on December 27, 2005

Pro Bowl Selections

Nah, few people watch it. Mostly it's a time for us to argue who's the best players. And then the game comes and then it goes and we read about it in the paper. The score exhibits a distaste for defense. I always think "Oh yeah, the Pro Bowl was yesterday."

posted by panoptican at 08:58 AM on December 22, 2005

Pro Bowl Selections

Also, how about Nate Clements ahead of Ty Law. Law was pretty terrible when I saw him. Clements made me sit my fantasy receivers if they were up against him and rightfully so. That guy was shutdown.

posted by panoptican at 11:57 PM on December 21, 2005

Pro Bowl Selections

Dude, skydivedad. I agree with almost all your snubs, but I have to take issue with that Rudi over LT point you make. Yards tells about 0.2% of the story. How many receptions does Rudi have? How many TD passes? How many touches does Rudi have? How many defenses change their entire scheme for Rudi? LT is pretty clearly the best in the AFC.

posted by panoptican at 11:55 PM on December 21, 2005