November 14, 2005

That'll shut 'em up (maybe). : It wasn't a major, but so what? Amelie Mauresmo, criticized as a perennial choker, followed up a splendid semifinal smackdown of Siberian seductress Sharapova (okay, I'll stop now) with a 5-7 7-6 6-4 victory over Mary Pierce to win the WTA Championship on Sunday. Really amazing play from both Mauresmo and Pierce; if you missed this one, you missed a beauty.

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This isn't going to shut up the haters, but this along with a major win will make a strong case that she's finally broken through into the top echelon. I have to admit, it's only the last couple of years that Mauresmo's game has grown on me, so maybe that's just the natural progression of things. You can see her ability to focus her emotions and mix up her game a little more has grown with experience. Good on her. Sharapova looked a little off, though, like she needs an actual break more than most. It might be just that she's still growing, but who knows.

posted by chicobangs at 10:13 PM on November 14, 2005

I saw a little, wish I'd seen more.

posted by justgary at 11:43 PM on November 14, 2005

Is it me or does mauresmo looks kind of manly looking?

posted by tojord at 02:22 AM on November 15, 2005

Glad to see her win over the sharapova who america favors over american players.

posted by tojord at 02:23 AM on November 15, 2005

LBB, I always wondered where Stuart Scott got most of his flavorful catch-phrases from. I caught the highlights on (you guessed it) ESPN and I like her game. Tojord, she's got a strong build, but yeah, she ain't no Siberian Seductress. Check her here.

posted by The SmoothMASTER at 06:35 AM on November 15, 2005

The pub we were watching the Steelers/Clowns game at had the Mauresmo/Pierce match on the two TVs flanking the football game. That was excellent. As much as I love American football, it has too many commercials. When we watch Sunday afternoon games all the other TVs are tuned to other football games (and damn if it does seem like they all go to commercial simultaneously). I'm glad the Steelers were kicking Clown butt too because it gave me an opportunity to watch more of the tennis match.

posted by scully at 06:53 AM on November 15, 2005

I actually made the fpp as a form of atonement: I've been a Mauresmo-detractor in the past. In both of those matches, though, she showed not only a helluva lot of tenacity and composure, but great shot selection and execution. There was one point in the final when Pierce hit a passing shot...well, what shoulda been a passing shot; it was a "you're not gonna get to this and even if you somehow do it's not gonna do where you want and it's not gonna have a thing on it". It shoulda been a winner, and Pierce knew it. And somehow Mauresmo not only got to it, not only controlled it, but managed to create this enormous crosscourt angle that resulted in a shot that Pierce couldn't have returned if she was on a motorcycle. Pierce just stood there with a big smile and led a round of applause for that shot. Mary Pierce is one class act, and it's nice to see her coming back strong too. Anyway, the final WTA standings have some interesting implications for 2006. Will Clijsters be there? Will Davenport make another year of it? Will the Williamses get healthy, will Sharapova get used to that extra inch of height? Could be an exciting Australian Open!

posted by lil_brown_bat at 08:21 AM on November 15, 2005

tojord - I agree - I think as she ages she looks more and more like Rob Lowe....

posted by iamdwizard at 02:05 PM on November 15, 2005

yeah, because of course her looks | sexual preferences | choice of deodorant are relevant to her tennis playing, and are an important thing to comment. *sigh*

posted by scully at 06:17 PM on November 15, 2005

terrapin, just be glad you're not one of the all-too-large percentage of male sports fans who can only evaluate a female athlete based on her conformity with traditional standards of female beauty. As if such a thing is necessary, desirable, or even possible when one is engaged in elite-level athletic competition... In any case, somehow I don't think Amelie Mauresmo's social life is suffering for lack of those who think like tojord and iamdwizard.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 07:08 PM on November 15, 2005

I saw Mauresmo a few years ago when she broke through at the Australian Open. I thought then that this was going to be a new type of game on the Women's circuit - more extreme angles and back court power - she was that impressive and at a fairly young age. Seems she might now be starting to fulfil some of that potential.

posted by owlhouse at 02:32 AM on November 16, 2005

I remember watching that Aussie Open match where Mauresmo kneecapped Lindsay Davenport, and thinking that if Mauresmo ever complimented her power with some finesse, she'd be a major player in the WTA rankings. I look forward to watching her for years; who cares what she looks like or who she sleeps with?

posted by The_Black_Hand at 06:15 AM on November 16, 2005

Just what kind of deodorant DOES she wear?

posted by Desert Dog at 06:25 PM on November 16, 2005

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