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June 30, 2006

Angels designate pitcher Jeff Weaver for assignment; Club recalls pitcher Jered Weaver from Triple-A Salt Lake: The Angels Friday designated right-handed pitcher Jeff Weaver for assignment. To replace Weaver on the club's 25-man roster, the Angels recalled right-handed pitcher Jered Weaver from Triple-A Salt Lake.

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The good, the bad, and the in between.: Michael Silver evaluates and ranks NFL owners from the best to the worst, from Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones at the top to Tom Benson at the bottom.

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Dave Stewart Show: Dave Stewart, the former MLB World Series MVP apparently has his own show. I listened to a few of them. Nice to hear his uncensored insight

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Lamar Odom's infant son dies: Words cannot express how sorry I am. My thoughts and prayers are out there for Lamar and his family.

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The World Cup as it once was : "[The World Cup] proved to be not only the "greatest sporting event ever staged in Britain," as the shrewder papers had always claimed it would be, and a conspicuous financial success for the Football Association (and, one must assume, for hostelries and merchants of every description ) but also, in the end, a kind of national fairy tale that will take some forgetting, for, as things turned out, it had about it that incredible sporting perfection that always might, but seldom does, happen—a perfection incarnate in events like Bobby Thomson’s famous home run in 1951, yet a perfection much more gradual and intricately devised, a perfection that a goodly part of those who saw it felt they would nod over happily in their old age, smiling a secret, faraway smile."

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Northwestern University football coach Randy Walker is dead.: He died last night of an apparent heart attack. Walker was 52 years old and was the second winningest coach in school history.

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Canseco "juiced" to be back in baseball: Not going to happen but would love to see the Giants pick him up. Who's next, McGwire?

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He's, wait, he's out. : Two days after being cleared by Tour de France officials to compete in this year's Tour, Ullrich was suspended by T-Mobile team officials. Ullrich and teammate Oscar Sevilla, who was also suspended, were named (among others) in articles by El Pais as being implicated in a Spanish doping investigation.

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June 29, 2006

For the next three weeks: (and two days) I give a crap about what happens in France. ESPN with a breakdown of the favorites to win now that Lance is gone. Persoanlly, I'm rooting for Basso.

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The Baseball Field Guide: Baseball is a very well-designed sport. Now its rulebook can be, too.

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Ken Dryden for Prime Minister: Dryden -- the former All-Star goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, Hall of Famer, and former president of the Toronto Maple Leafs -- is running to be leader of the Canadian Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Canada. His site isn't bad and he does have a blog. Other than George Bush (who may not count because he was an owner), what other professional athletes have reached a high level of political office?

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A Spofi favorite ... Chris is back with his take on the draft: Wish he didn't go eight months between posts.

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Why Diving Makes Soccer Great: Slate's Sports Nut writes in defense of soccer's biggest villians.

"American sports are loaded with comic set pieces—a hockey player tossing his gloves for a ceremonial tussle or a baseball manager kicking dirt at the umpire. Like tumbling soccer players, these performers act to provoke sympathy or indignation. The difference is in the style of emotional drama. In most American sports, the theatrics are aggressive. They are not operatic displays of vulnerability. To appreciate diving, we must sympathize or scorn the injured player—we must get into the melodrama."

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Texas Rangers owner going Cuban?: The Rangers have had a bunch of bad calls go against them in last week, but I'm surprised to see their owner call up the commissioner to complain. Wonder if he's going to send video.

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Midnight Games: Baseball in Alaska.

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Crying Foul: You know who made the stupidest moves in the NBA Draft this year? Not Seattle. Not Boston. Hell, even Isiah made a better decision going with Balkman. The winner for the WORST move in the draft goes to the Houston Rockets, sending Rudy Gay (picked 8) AND Stromille Swift to the Memphis Grizzlies for Shane Battier. Has to go down as one of the worst draft day trades ever. Makes very little sense

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12 Year-old Kid Drops Two Aces: quick!! Someone call Nike!!

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Better than sex?: Bet on it. So says a study of World Cup fans designed, "to test the effect that placing a bet on a game of soccer has on fans' heart rates". It might explain the letdown being experienced by the German sex industry.

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June 28, 2006

Playoffs for the PGA?: What a player does during the year will have a minimal impact in the so called post season. Tim Finchem says its like the Yankees winning 115 games during the season and starting over in the playoffs. However, the Yankees start each game with a zero-zero score. This system will definitely reward the streak player who is hot at the end of the season.

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Herb Brooks makes hockey hall of fame.: Nice to see. Only wish he was around to enjoy it. Patrick Roy also makes hall.

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Promises kept. : Matt LaChappa hasn't thrown a pitch professionally in 10 years. He is confined to a wheelchair, and constrained by the physical fallout from back-to-back heart attacks. Yet the San Diego Padres continue to pay him as if he were an active player. It might be the noblest thing they do. (courtesy of the mlb LJ community)

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Coroner: Howe had meth in his system at time of death: Steve Howe, former National League Rookie of the Year, former NL All-Star, former Dodger, Yankee, Ranger and Twin, and former participant in Major League Baseball's substance abuse program, had methamphetamine in his system when he was killed in a single-vehicle crash April 28. This, according to an autopsy performed by the Riverside County (CA) Cornoner's Office.

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NBA introduces a new basketball : the first change in more than 35 years! (but it's still orange, don't worry.)

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Toronto picks first in a wide-open NBA Draft: I've looked at numbers of drafts and scenarios and have yet to find anything consistent. Andrea Borgnani goes first to Toronto in one draft, fourth in another and seventh in another. I saw one draft where Adam Morrison dropped to my Houston Rockets at eighth. Tyrus Thomas, Brandon Roy and Rudy Gay seem to be the hot names going into tonight (7 PM EST, ESPN).

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Will the Cream(er) Rise to the top? : Paula sets her sites on this weeks US Womens Open while fighting through injuries and and a hectic schedule. I like her chances, and the last Womens Major was very exciting. (Don't count out the Big Weisy).

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June 27, 2006

Commentator Submits To Struggle Session and Issues Statement of Self Criticism: Huang Jianxiang, covering the Italy - Australia World Cup game for Chinese TV, lets his feelings show. And is made to retract them and apologise.

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Gammons in ICU after surgery for brain aneurysm: Longtime ESPN Baseball analyst Peter Gammons is out of surgery and resting in intensive care after undergoing an operation to treat a brain aneurysm Tuesday. Get well soon, Peter.

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Backyard Zamboni ice resurfacing machine: After successfully developing the Porta-Rinx backyard ice rink, a Connecticut man turned his attention to the surface of the ice. Years of work have resulted in the Bambini Revolution available for order by the home enthusiast or municipality. Ice resurfacing machines were first invented by Frank J. Zamboni to smooth the ice at his Iceland rink in what is now Paramount, California.

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Prefer a language you don't understand over Dave O'Brien?: Well, you're not alone. New York Times' world cup blog discusses ABC/ESPN decision to please the short-attention-span non-soccer-watching American market at the expense of football die-hards.

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Cuban on ice with a side of Marino: Mark Cuban and Dan Marino join up to bid on their hometown Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Greatest of all time?: Ronaldo scored his 15th World Cup goal on Tuesday to become the tournament's all-time scoring leader. Does this declare him the best ever?

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Rugby player declared brain dead after being beaten and kicked in the head during game. : Police are still undecided if a South African rugby player is going to be charged with murder after killing an opponent on the playing field. Boland (South Africa) rugby player Riaan Loots was "pummelled" and "kicked in the head" by an unnamed member of the "Delicious Rugby Team" during a game last Friday. Loots was in a coma and declared brain-dead on Sunday. A club manager of "Delicious" said racism was the cause and blames the ref for being unfair.

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2006 World Worm Charming Championships.: The winner has been declared. Silver Jubilee winner Harry Potts, who goes to Willaston Primary School, made sure the trophy stayed in the school grounds as he and mum Annette charmed 167 worms. WWCC official site.

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Local sports beat the World Cup: Those soccer-bashers out there might like to note that even in footballing countries, sometimes the World Cup isn't that important. Of course, we all know that figures and statistics don't always show the whole truth. [bugmenot login details: U: P: gorram]

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Oregon State wins their first College World Series title: 3-2 over North Carolina.

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June 26, 2006

88 year old trains for triathlon: I know that stories like these warm some people's heart, but for me it just means that if I manage to live to be 88 (a long, long shot at best) then people like me will be expected to be in this good of shape too! Sure hope my doctor doesn't get wind if this lady or she'll have me out jogging by the end of the week. Why doesn't she really set a good example for the elderly and sit on her porch sipping scotch like I intend to?

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Colin's Heartbreak: This past weekend's MotoGP race in the Netherlands saw a dogfight between Americans Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards for the checkered flag. Edwards had been leading for the entire race and then, with two laps to go, Hayden takes the lead. However, during the last lap, Edwards regains the lead, but with just mere metres left to go, the unthinkable happens.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 3: Last week was lousy for everybody. The ghost of Carrie smiles upon owlhouse. Three games on the table this week. Make your picks inside.

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Manager? You? Really?: LivePlanet and MSN are putting you in the driver's seat. Their plan will test the wisdom of this book, whose author discussed the issue tangentially during this discussion about this old book, which you should also read, if you're going to be managing and all. Also, don't forget that you can't tell the players without a scorecard. Whew... you've got some reading to do.

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June 25, 2006

Die-hard baseball fans will soon have a way to be close to their favorite teams in the afterlife. : An interesting article- anyone want their casket painted?

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Beckham spills guts for England;: For Holland, clash begins before game with Portugal; brawl ensues. Just another day at the World Cup. Results inside.

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March Madness Times Two?: Suggestions of expanding the NCAA Tournament could make the month of March a little more interesting in the future.

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Greg LeMond: Lance Armstrong Threatened Me: The first American winner of the Tour de France claims he was threatened by the last. "He threatened my wife, my business, my life," Greg LeMond told the French sports newspaper L'Equipe. "His biggest threat consisted of saying that he would find 10 people to testify that I took EPO."

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Randy Moss Juices in Public: After loving Inta Juice when he was with the Vikings, Randy decided to contact the company and buy in. That is a solid endorsement. see also

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June 24, 2006

Andre Agassi finally calls it a career:: The only active player to have won all four Grand Slam tournaments (and one of only 5 all time) is going to hang it up after this year's US Open. After twenty years on the tour, he grew up in public in a way that few do, and his legacy to the game is considerable.

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Oilers GM Lowe says Pronger has requested trade : Oilers GM Lowe admitted Saturday that defenseman Chris Pronger has officially requested a trade and that the team has heard from his agent.

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Do you believe in Miracles?: David Gilland must believe after the luck he has had. First he wins at Kentucky, then on Friday qualifies 32nd in the race at Sonoma on Sunday. This is one touching story.

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New Jersey a new Hockey Hotbed?: Last year, a record eight American players were taken in the first round, this year it looks like an even dozen. Most of these players like Jack Johnson, Phil Kessel and my personal hope for Chicago, Eric Johnson, come from Hockey hot spots like Michigan, Minnesota and New England. In today's NHL draft beginning at 6 p.m., it looks like southern New Jersey native Bobby Sanguietti will join last year's first rounder Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks. Must be the water! Who's on your wish list?

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June 23, 2006

Juventus and three other clubs face relegation in Italy scandal: The two-time champions of Serie A seem to be in the worst boat, with Lazio and Fiorentina apparently likely joining them in a trip to Serie B, with AC Milan possibly scraping by with a fine and a club vice president having to resign as president of the football league. Ex-Prime Minister Burlesconi is already claiming his will be awarded the last two Scudettos when results of the tribunals are announced a day or so before the World Cup finals.

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Luongo traded for Bertuzzi: The NHL season might be over, but that doesn't mean that the action has stopped. In advance of the NHL Draft, "the Panthers have confirmed that they acquired Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen and Alexander Auld from the Canucks in exchange for Roberto Luongo and Lukas Krajicek and a 2006 sixth round pick." Hindsight will determine who the trade "winner" was, but for this season, Vancouver has vastly improved. (But what happens to Cloutier now?)

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World Cup Confidence Pool: has completed the group stages. Half the teams are gone. Mr Frisby has lead - a position he has made his own, by a slim margin, most of the way so far. Check the standings.

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The French will never give up with their attack on Lance: Now Le Monde is reporting statements of two Armstrong enemies that Lance admitted to his doctors that he doped up. Other witnesses and the doctors deny it, but don't expect the French to tell the whole story.

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Exit Poll: English referee Graham Poll seems likely to be sent home after a terrible performance in the game between Australia and Croatia, in which the experienced EPL official made a series of bad calls, including giving three yellow cards to Croatian Josip Simunic.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said the failure of the four officials to communicate was like a black out.

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The results are in: and Thorton wins the Hart Trophy as the NHL MVP. The award was given at the NHL Awards show last night. Previously, SpoFites attempted to predict the winners in a Locker Room Thread.

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USA-Soccer's Tin Man? Bruce Arena-Sore Loser?: How could the Americans, even ignoring the inflated status FIFA imposed upon them, show such heart and yet disappoint so utterly?...Some players complained that Arena did not even shake his counterpart's hand after the game.

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June 22, 2006

F1's silly season...The rumors are flying: This season might be the biggest year on who goes where in 2007.

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Ducks drop the "Mighty" from their name and change their uniforms: So...ok...does it help? The Lions started wearing black, but continued to suck. So why in the world does Anaheim think this might put them over the top? Or is this just what happens when you let your wife be co-owner of the team you just bought? Wonder if she'll redecorate the locker room too?

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Flappage: explained.

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Miami's in Heat: Dave Barry celebrates the NBA champion Miami Heat and the their bandwagon full of overnight lifetime fans. "Everybody's talking about how great the Heat are, and they certainly are, especially Dwyane Wade, who in my opinion should be placed in charge of the War on Terror."

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First In War, First In Peace…: Washington is no longer last in the American League. Not that you would notice.

A column by sportsfilter's own BullpenPro.

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Bob Uecker and his Stalker: Pretty serious but also worth a laugh...warning to those who want to just see the Hall of Fame broadcaster...don't stalk him.

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No World Cup love for Team USA: Our beloved "football" team just lost 2-1 to Ghana, sending Ghana to the second round and the US back home. Disappointment runs rampant, especially since Italy beat the Czech Republic 2-1. Only one goal the entire round? Pathetic.

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YES! It happened!: Like we all knew it would. The most predictable occurence in sports history. Larry Brown out - Isiah in. After all, it only makes sense that a team of five guards should be coached by one. Gentlemen, start your sarcasm.

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Three finalists for 2014 Winter Olympics: The IOC Executive downselected Salzburg, Pyeongchang, and Sochi from the seven applicants. The final selection will be made by a vote of the full IOC membership. The selection was preceded by this report (PDF) (or download the conclusions only) from the IOC Candidature Acceptance Working Group.

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The Rocket is back: Roger Clemens will face the Twins in his quest for another Cy Young award

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June 21, 2006

2006 NFL Fantasy League in Yahoo: I know its early, but don't wait....

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2006 NBA Confidence Pool: Final Results. Unfortunatley the timing of the pool lead to only seven participants, but the competition was still tough. Congrats to smithers who is the winner of the pool, beating the second place holden by one point. Special thanks to qbert for his help in getting the pool up and running.

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Our Top 10 moments from the NHL playoffs:'s Scott Burnside lists his top ten(plus two) moments of the 2006 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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But Does He Pitch or Catch?: Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen "has gay friends, goes to WNBA games, went to the Madonna concert and plans to attend the Gay Games in Chicago," he told Chicago Sun-Times columnist Greg Couch.

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Jean Strahan hints that Michael is gay.: His alleged partner? Dr. Ian Smith, the medical correspondent for ABC's The View. Jean Strahan told reporters that, when the marriage fell apart, "Michael moved into Ian's one-bedroom apartment. And you can say an alternative lifestyle sprouted."

"Michael Strahan is one of my best friends and needed a place to stay after he was kicked out of his own home," Smith said. "I let him sleep on my couch as any best friend would do." Bizarre....

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Dale Jr. buys the rights to his name.: What a victory for Dale Earnhardt Jr. He got the rights to his own name.

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Germans Play Defense in Cologne: A crowd of German hooligans stormed a gathering of English fans at the final whistle of the Sweden match Monday and were blocked by a human barricade of riot police. "The white-helmeted police officers made several baton charges to clear Germans to the east side of the square and drove England supporters towards the west."

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June 20, 2006

Miami Wins the NBA Championship.: Beating Dallas 95-92

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Chocolate Town is Title Town once again! : Congratulations to the Hersey Bears for their AHL Championship Season. 2006 Calder Cup Champions. They stormed through the Playoffs and won the Finals in 6 Games over the Milwaukee Admirals and added to their storied history!

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Jan Ullrich, Destroyer of Worlds: "The Jan must be careful when pedaling, for when the Jan's massive thighs begin to spin so close together, they are creating a low pressure system centered on the Jan's 'special place' that is often causing massive weather anomalies and atmospheric disturbances. It can be embarassing. There have been many cases where the Jan is being totally breaking it down on the dance floor, and then busts out with the Jan's favorite move, the Roger Rabbit, and then whole villages are blown away into ash and smoke, and for nights afterward there are being many sightings of strange lights in the sky."

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NBA Owner Feels the Heat: Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, who became $250,000 poorer today: "The games are not rigged. Thats a complete insult to the players on the court and the incredible amount of effort they put into preparing for and playing the games. All 82 regular season and post season games. The NBA couldnt rig the games if it wanted to. David Stern couldn't find his rear-end with a GPS receiver. You think he could fix a game? Free Jerry Stackhouse! Dwyane Wade committed a back court violation! Get HDTV! Go Mavs!"

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First In War, First In Peace… : Washington is no longer last in the American League. Not that you would notice.

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2006 NHL Confidence Pool: Here are the final standings. We already knew that DrJohnEvans had 1rst place locked up. However, NoMich not only gets 2nd place, his team wins the Stanley Cup. grum@work, despite his extraordinary math skills, finishes in a respectable 3rd.

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June 19, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup in Game 7: The Canes came out hard and had a 2-0 lead before the Oilers decided to show up in the third period. Great game, I think I've developed ulcers because of it.

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China's National Stadium Design Competition for 2008: Ok, so why do I find the top one (B01) so strangely arousing? If they go for that one people, well men anyway, might start demanding all airlines make a fly over it before landing and after takeoffs.

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MLB puts a parental lock on your season and fav teams,: what is MLB thinking, and no answer from the head office. A good story from jeff passan.

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Spain's 3-1 win over Tunisia leads to World Cup games of death.: Well, I didn't really care as much about the game, altho it was interesting while Spain were trailing Tunisia. The more important thing is for the next four days, all eight groups are down to their final matches. Some groups have been decided while others remain keenly poised. Who're your picks to go through to the second round (where knockout play begins)? Which are the hardest matches to call? For extra credit, who will top their table, and will some try _not_ to top the table? Time for some SpoFi punditry...

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“It was a sad day for the entire sport of basketball. We lost one of the best players of that era.” : Remembering Len Bias, on the twentieth anniversary of his death.

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Former MLB player David Segui admits to using hGH!:
However, that's not the whole story.

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Death by soccer-related stress: Seems fairly obvious to me that being passionate about any sport raises your stress levels. My mother gets so stressed during certain matches that she has to leave the room.

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Brian McBride's 42nd Goal Lifts U.S. over Ghana, 110-109: "I will never be a soccer fan until somebody thinks of a way to increase scoring," writes Robert Scherer of Montgomery, Ohio. "Taking away the goalie would be a start."

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June 18, 2006

Heat sweep at home.: Miami beats Dallas 101-100 in overtime to take a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 2: We're back into the swing of things as B.C. opens strongly, Toronto stays predictable, and The_Black_Hand shows the world how it's done. Same ol' same ol'. See the results and make your picks inside. It's not too late to join in if you missed the first week: remember, our champion last year was a second-week starter!

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Geoff Ogilvy Wins 106th U.S. Open!: Unreal ending. I'm not going to say Phil choked because he was struggling with his driver all day. Wouldn't it have been smarter to play a 3 iron and play it safe?

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Kahne gets the pole, Lester gets to race another day.: Now I didn't pick up on this till race day but the last time Bill Lester made a race Kahne also won the pole and then won the race. This is in my opinion a fairly good article.

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June 17, 2006

Who Says a Tie is a Bad Thing?: The US soccer team looked almost unrecognizable today from their efforts against the Czech Republic in their first World Cup match. Even while playing a large portion of the match with only nine men due to some questionable calls, the entire team stepped it up, especially Kasey Keller in the goal. Add in the help from Ghana today, and the US are still in this thing.

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Toyota making big strides to the green.: Toyota has finished the 2007 Camry which they will use in racing in the 2007 season. Now the question is, how long will it be before they are competitive?

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USA World Cup ratings: rose 65 percent over the 2002 tournament. Of course a lot of that has to do with live coverage rather than crappy tape delays in 2002.

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Oil Country vs. Canes Country: A Tale of Two Cities: As a lifetime die-hard Oilers fan, I've had more than a little trouble accepting just the idea that the Stanley Cup could end up in "Canes Country", North Carolina. It's good to see that the media in NC is doing their part to help people understand exactly what the Stanley Cup means to us up here in Canada. That, and after reading this, I have a new respect for their fans (yes, all three of them as th eold adage goes...).

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June 16, 2006

Hang 'em up, hosers!: No need for any more Stanley Cup Finals, it's been decided already.

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Historic Tiger Stadium: IT'S OUTTA HERE!: If city officials get their way, stores and condos will replace the one-time home of baseball legends Ty Cobb and Al Kaline.

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Stackhouse Suspended for Game 5: Not surprised. The NBA has been cracking down on everything this postseason...from Reggie Evan's "shot" at Chris Kamen to this. Dallas is hit with another blow as it tries to take Game 5 and a 3-2 series lead back to Dallas.

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Tiger's Weekend May Be Cut Short: Tiger Woods was 12 over after the second round Friday, 13 shots out of the U.S. Open lead and likely to miss his first major cut. Is the course really that tough or is this not the Tiger of old?

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June 15, 2006

Heat 98, Mavericks 74: Miami holds Dallas to an NBA Finals record low seven points in the fourth quarter to tie the series.

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RoboStick pulls hair to score goal: Result inside.

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UND to sue NCAA over it's name: Here we go again. The semi-annual fight over the use of Indian names by sports teams. I lived in Grand Forks for nearly 4 years and I didn't see anything wrong with the Fighting Sioux, but then again I'm not a Native American.

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Momma don't let your babies grow up to play...: Surprising. Figured a few others would have been ranked higher - rugby for example.

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When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked: In the White Sox vs. Rangers game yesterday, rookie reliever Sean Tracey got yanked after what looked like a failed plunk attempt on Hank Blalock (who grounded out.) Tracey, who got called up to replace the injured Cliff Politte, got an earful from manager Ozzie Guillen, then demoted back to Triple A. Does Tracey deserve sympathy or did he get what he deserved?

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June 14, 2006

June means football: Okay, I admit it: with the Olympics, NHL, and World Cup picks, the CFL season totally caught me by surprise. We were itching for a pick 'em last year without those aforementioned events to play with, so we did the CFL pick 'em, and it was definitely a spot of fun, keeping us entertained through those otherwise desolate summer months. The 2006 season starts up Friday night. What say you all? Shall we do it again?

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Boxer Michael Quarry dies at 55 : Mike Quarry, the younger brother of hard-punching heavyweight Jerry Quarry who lost to Bob Foster in his own bid for the light heavyweight title, has died. He was 55. Quarry died Sunday night at The Seasons in La Habra, an assisted living community. He started not being able to talk or walk three months ago. The cause of death was pugilistic dementia, the same disease that had turned Jerry Quarry into a confused, childlike man before he died at 53 in 1999.

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Robocop + World Cup = RoboCup!: I, for one, welcome our robot overlords to the pitch. The goal of RoboCup is to "develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world soccer champion team."

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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's Dwyane Wade!: With the NBA finals back in Miami, and the Heat needing a win in a big way, D-Wade shows us just how clutch he can be.

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Rugby players boycott media: Irish rugby players, upset at coverage of their loss to New Zealand are refusing to talk to David Kelly, I think it is this article that is the problem. When the players refused to talk to him at a press conference, all the other journalists left the room in solidarity.

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Marketing the Grief [flash]: . Tiger Woods returns tomorrow to play in the US Open at Winged Foot. It will be his first tournament start since the death of his father, Earl Woods, and the final round will be played on Father's Day. Nike have produced an advert.

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Dreaming of Coney Island conquest: "With his waistline fattened by a record 47 grilled cheese sandwiches and his wallet fattened by $2,500 in prize money, champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut was back in San Jose on Monday, preparing for his next gastronomic feat."

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June 13, 2006

Excel sheet simulating the football World Cup.: With this simulation sheet even the USA could end up as winners. Anyway, you can easily simulate all possible turnouts of the World Cup in football (European style).

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"At Play in a Land of Death": I wish ESPN used its Worldwide Tentacles to do more stories like this one on the Right to Play organization.

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June 12, 2006

US Stumbles Out of the Gates: The United States soccer team has a dissapointing World Cup opener, losing 0-3 against the Czech Republic.

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"the Pearl Jam of sports": I shit you not, that is a direct quote from Greg Wyshynski's article "The NHL's Quiet Rebellion", which has an interesting take on all the NHL-bashing usually focused on horrid broadcast ratings. [via]

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Philly signs Andrews through 2015 season: The Philadelphia Eagles have locked up third-year offensive lineman Shawn Andrews within an eight-year contract extension. Do you agree with signing someone to this type of long-term deal, and how much does it actually mean, seeing as it's an NFL contract?

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Steelers: Big Ben Injured In Motorcycle Accident: Everyone in Pittsburgh has just had a anxiety attack.

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No real surprise as Roy Keane announces his retirement.: Despite the article saying it is a "shock announcement" anyone who is interested in Keane's career, or football in the UK and Ireland must have been aware that this was on the cards.

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Somali militia stop World Cup: A militia in Mogadishu has taken control and closed public cinemas which had been planning to show the football. Story also on CNN

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June 11, 2006

Wie gets playoff victory over Webb : Great Headline. Except that the winner was Se Ri Pak. Worse part is, that Wie and Pak don't even look alike. Except for that Asian thing.

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Hank Williams Jr. to Continue MNF Anthem: Jr. has put together one kick-ass group. A real motley crue.

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June 10, 2006

They won't have Hoffa to pick on anymore.:
The Toronto Raptors trade Rafael Araujo to the Utah Jazz for Kris Humphries and Robert Whaley.

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Report: NFLPA against blood testing for HGH: "When you start talking about coming in to take a person's blood, that's different than taking someone's urine," Upshaw told the NFLPA. "I know personally I would have a problem with someone coming in and trying to take the players' blood. I'm not ready to make that leap."

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English fans turn win into 'home' match: You will never see this much excitement in any other sport. To think this is just their first game of the Cup... What a party!

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Royals take credentials from two reporters.: The reporter says they have been kept from doing their job. Interesting story. This brings up a point I often wondered about. Can one keep the media from covering something? This type of story makes one think about the issue.

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June 09, 2006

From the absurd to the engaging, USA soccer blog offers a behind the scenes look: Entry #28b: June 7, 12:49 p.m. (6:49 a.m ET) ... and speaking of Keller and Hahnemann, we can confirm that they've returned intact from Tuesday night's Tool concert. They even got some love on the band's blog on their web site: "No problems to report other than ... these strange dudes in the Tool dressing room. Wait a second, they're members of the U.S. World Cup soccer team (that's what's keeping the band from taking the stage on time)." Focus boys. FOCUS!

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Deal or No Deal?: Just days after the Titans trouble with Steve McNair seems to winding down (McNair passed his physical for the Ravens and is now their probably starting quarterback), the Titans may be looking to strike a new deal, this time for starting running back Chris Brown. Considering the potential depth they now have at running back with Travis Henry and the addition of LenDale White, this move could prove benificial to both the Titans and Chris Brown's career.

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Wright is Wrong for CFL.: Preseason ain't even over yet and Wright has been told he won't be renewed at the end of the season. Personally, I don't like the move. Professionally, I wonder who in their right mind would ever accept an offer to be Wright's replacement in the revolving door of CFL head office?

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OMG!: It's actually here! Stop talking about rape allegations and come and join the World Cup dribble fest. Go Serbia & Montenegro!

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Lawyer said Grimsley was asked to wear wire in Bonds' probe: According to his attorney, Jason Grimsley refused to wear a wire in a direct attempt by the Feds to target Barry Bonds. It's just the latest in this ever-expanding story.

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June 08, 2006

For the U.S., tight security is just a day at the beach.: Try getting ready for kickoff with uniformed militia guarding the field holding ready-to-fire machine guns. Try scoring a goal with rocks, batteries and bottles flying toward you.

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Will Soccer Ever Make a Lasting Impression?: Comcast SportsNet Editor, Vito Florenza laments Soccer's prospects in America. Will the World Cup 2006 really make a difference? Can the U.S. get a Team in the World Cup without hearing about how Soccer is not appreciate in the U.S.A.?

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Schlauchboot: Herewith are some facts regarding the industrial and construction side of the 2006 World Cup’s home base, Allianz Arena.

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Space Left for 2 Teams in SpoFi Funky Stats Fantasy Baseball:
We've got 10 teams right now but we can go to 12. Stats are in the process of being selected. And, oh yeah, its free.

Join up info inside.

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Dumars hopes to keep Pistons' nucleus together: If Detroit is able to re-sign Ben Wallace, an unrestricted free agent, the Pistons president of basketball operations said he expects to keep the team's nucleus intact to make another run after falling short of the NBA finals for the first time since 2003

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Mavs win! Mavs win!: Or at least, that's DaveSez's ironclad prediction, based on... the number of ACC alums on each team. Fun little analysis, if perhaps a little skewed by a certain UNC guy.

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Anti-Climactic: After a thrilling Game One, the Carolina Hurricanes took it to an undisciplined Oilers squad 5-0, taking advantage of home ice to open up a 2-0 lead in the best-of-seven Stanley Cup Finals.

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Umpire gets physical: Major League Baseball umpire Tony Randazzo apparently initiated physical contact with Colorado manager Clint Hurdle during an argument on Wednesday. Hurdle was objecting to Randazzo's ejection of Colorado pitcher Ray King, who also said Randazzo made contact with him. With no TV crews on hand, however, proving the contact might be difficult. That is, except for the thousands of fans who witnessed the argument.

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So it really was the putter that deralied Tiger at the Masters: All is right in the world now that Tiger Woods has had his putter fixed. All those missed putts on Sunday at Augusta are now a distant memory, or so he hopes.

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June 07, 2006

the NHL's Necronomicon: (PDF) hath been presentedeth. May the Lord keepeth you righteous during the holy reading of the holy read.

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Islanders expected to hire Ted Nolan: He previously said that he wanted back into the NHL and it looks like his time has come. qbert72 called it.

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NASCAR to embrace Past Lives, Aliens, Xenu and TomKat.: i.e. Scientology. How will this fly in the Bible belt? Like a UFO, that's how. [via]

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Titans, Ravens agree to McNair trade: While he thought he was going to have to take a Thursday physical in Nashville for a team that no longer wanted him, McNair can take a Thursday physical with a Raven team that has waited the entire offseason to get him.

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Human growth hormone supplier investigated: Jason Grimsley was granted his unconditional release from the Arizona Diamondbacks today. And the reason why could lead to great discomfort for some players around the league.

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What are the odds: a seagull would choose this exact moment to land on the field in this exact spot?

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The Isle of Man: TT - road racing for the hardcore biker. This year's festival of lunacy has already seen the lap record broken (37.75 miles at an average speed of 127.93 mph), and a death (close to 180 people have been killed since racing started here in 1907). Joey Dunlop once described the experience of racing on the Isle of Man: "There are grey bits and there are green bits and you just try your best to stay on the grey bits."

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June 06, 2006

Primo: It is a blended mix of different seeds which have been combined to maintain a high quality and color of grass.

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Shock win causes immigration issues: as New York beat Derry in hurling (GAA) last month. But now they are unwilling to travel to Ireland in order to face their next opponents because of possible visa problems.

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Get ready to dislike America: American soccer players should enjoy being ridiculed: soon enough they'll be boring world-beaters says SpoFi stalwart Steven Wells.

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Football minnows get a chance to swim: before the big fish get at it later this week.

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Royals select hard throwing right-hander Hochevar No. 1 overall: After failing to reach a deal with the Dodgers Hochevar re-enters the draft and gets picked first overall (he was previously the 40th pick with the Dodgers)

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World Cup Confidence Pool: now open for business. 32 teams, 3 points for each win, 1 point for each tie, deadline in 5 pm Friday GMT, 12 Noon EDT.

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Root for the Home Team (for $3,000 a Night): The next time you're at a game and an out-of-his-mind fan begins screaming, dancing and stripping off one or more shirts, he could be Cameron Hughes, professional sports fan. "If you took caffeine and Mountain Dew and mixed them together, you'd probably get what Cameron's blood makeup is," one of his clients explains. "He's on all the time."

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Who Will Win the World Cup?: Decision Technology reckon they can help you decide who to put your money on. For all you number bods out there [.pdf].

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Rollie the goalie has an owie: and will not be back in the series. Chris Pronger can do a lot of things, but can he play goal?

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Hurricanes 1: - Oilers 0

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June 05, 2006

Dallas: - Miami

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The arm that changed the draft: "I've been through 28 drafts," Scott Boras says, "and Brien Taylor, still to this day, is the best high school pitcher I've seen in my life." Interesting article that makes you wonder what might have been.

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Move over, Annika: Kelly Kulick has become the first woman to reach fully exempt status on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour. Kulick finished sixth at the PBA's version of Q-School and rolled a perfect game during the event.

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Large Mouth, Big Money: After a world-record breaking 25-pound largemouth bass was caught and released in Dixon Lake, the small reservoir near Escondido, Calif., has hooked thousands of anglers. "When George Perry broke the record in 1932 ... he won the $75 top prize in a contest organised by Field & Stream. Today the catcher of the Dixon Beauty could expect at least $1 million in product endorsement deals."

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English Derby Tragedy: For the second time in as many weeks, tragedy overshadowed triumph in one of the world's greatest races. Once again, pre-race health is questioned.

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June 04, 2006

Healing Hans:: Meet the German World Cup squad's controversial doctor.

"I’m sitting in a pine-clad waiting area that feels like a changing room, in a tiny clinic in the centre of Munich, waiting to see the most enigmatic sports doctor in the world. He has reputedly cured every major injury-prone sporting name you can think of — Paula Radcliffe, José Maria Olazabal, Boris Becker, Michael Owen, Darren Gough. But he rarely gives interviews — or reveals his techniques."

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Did Schuey really cheat at Monaco?: The Seven time world champion has been in a lot of controversy over his career, and the prank he pulled at Monaco qualifying was no different to his harshest critics. By Mark Gero

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NBA Playoffs Confidence Pool Update:: While this pool may be small, the competition is still tough going into the NBA finals. Holden finds himself with a slim lead over smithers, and DrJohnEvans has shown that his remarkable hockey knowlage does not extend to basketball. The leaderboard is here.

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So much for Pujol's run at the HR and RBI records: St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols, the major league leader in HRs (25) and RBIs (65), injured his right oblique muscle in Saturday's game and might miss up to six weeks. He was on pace for 74 HRs and 192 RBIs, both of which would've been new MLB records.

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Cuban: For the first time in my life, I'm speechless: The Dallas Mavericks have made it the first finals since 1971 to have two first-time participants, leaving their owner with nothing to say, a first as well. So, will the Mavs wilt under the Heat? Or the other way around?

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June 03, 2006

Will Wie make history?: Michelle Wie competes for a spot in the men's U.S. Open on Monday in a 36-hole sectional qualifier at Canoe Brook Country Club in New Jersey. She needs to finish in the top 18 out of 153 entrants to earn a trip to Winged Foot. Needless to say, if she succeeds, it will be a first for a woman golfer to earn a spot in the men's U.S. Open, not to mention a 16-year-old girl still in high school.

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Irish baseball star promises he'll return to gridiron: The swiftest multitasker in college athletics cannot be rushed into choosing his future. He won't declare himself a football player, even though ESPN's Mel Kiper ranks him the No. 7 prospect overall (and No. 1 receiver) for the 2007 NFL draft. He won't declare himself a baseball player, even though Baseball America ranks him the No. 20 collegiate draft prospect and No. 36 overall prospect.

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Former "Iron Man" Ricky Rudd will help injured Stewart keep current streak alive: "It was a real, real tough call,'' Rudd said, smiling. "Do I cut grass for six hours a day this weekend or do I go out to Dover and drive a race car? It wasn't a real hard decision about what I wanted to do.''

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June 02, 2006

Chelsea FC: Right, just to be clear we're buying every single good player who will take our dosh: Mourinho and Abromovich add teen midfield sensation Jon Obi Mikel to round out the week's purchases. £16 million for the Norwegian, £30M to AC Milan for Schevchenko, undisclosed millions to Feynoord for 20 year old 'stateless' striker Salomon Kalou, throw in a couple million (pounds) to get a 30 year old third string keeper and, hey, take Michael Ballack off of Bayern Munich's hands on a free transfer (which I'll never understand how they let happen).

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Heat Eliminate Pistons in Game 6 Rout: Heat make first NBA Finals.

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Say it aint so: Jeff Maier may become an Oriole. Nofigginway. If this happens there will be some more O's stuff on Ebay as I turn in my fanclub ID card.

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NHL playoffs confidence pool update: Apparently, DrJohnEvans really knows his hockey. As far as I can tell, the podium is set. Some additional tidbits inside.

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Time Is the Czechs' Lurking Enemy: The Czechs are ranked second to only Brazil, feature a roster seasoned at top clubs in Europe and play with a snowflake's ingenuity for free-form creativity and rigorous structure. Bbut, wistfulness has crept in, a feeling that the World Cup may have arrived beyond the prime of what is considered the country's greatest generation of players. Age and injury have begun to temper expectation. Does the United States REALLY have a chance to win pool play?

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Dallas 3: - Suns 2
Miami 3 - Detroit 2

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Hey fake fans: Make like Damon and leave: Red Sox Youth is now a privileged lot that sits behind home plate and talks on cell phones, and you cannot help but wonder if any of them ever played the game at all. And when you ask them if they did, they proudly show their blisters from the PlayStation hand control.

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The ghost of the WHA...: the Carolina Hurricanes polished off the Buffalo Sabres 4-2 in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Final last night, setting up a Stanley Cup battle with Edmonton that features two former World Hockey Association teams battling for Lord Stanley's Cup.

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Why bother with the President's Cup?: Is this off-Ryder-Cup-years competition worth having? With most players lukewarm to it at best, and interest so-so in the golfing public's eye, maybe it's time to stop playing it. Or maybe not. This indifference is exactly the President Cup's problem. Nobody seems to really care except Tim Finchem and the suits at the PGA Tour.

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Eddie back in the NFL?: Reportedly, Jerry Jones and another prominent owner would lobby their peers to allow Eddie D., the former owner of the SF 49ers during their 5-Super-Bowl-in-14-years run, back into the NFL if he wants to buy a team. Eddie and his old sidekick Carmen Policy have been talking about making a bid for a team, so this isn't just idle talk, apparently. Think the 49ers could use some help?

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Ranking the MLB's overpaid and underpaid by position: Who's not making an honest wage on the diamond? You'll be surprised at some of the choices. As you will by one of the biggest choices on the underpaid list.

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Hotel Bans F- Word: A British hotel is offering football-free breaks for "soccer widows" desperate to escape wall-to-wall coverage of the World Cup.

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Nowitzness.: Dirk drops Fünfzig on the Suns to put the Mavs up 3-2.

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June 01, 2006

NHL Playoffs Pick'em Final Round: Going into the final series, DrJohnEvans continues to lead despite having worse (marginally) picks than second place ajaffe (those stray game picks help the Dr.) Make your picks for the final round, CAR vs EDM, here. Also, for bonus kudos (but no points), pick the Conn Smythe winner.

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Two words: job security.: He can't be traded, bought out, waived, dealt and probably looked at the wrong way under the terms of the new agreement. Bryan McCabe's crazy contract.

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Should we talk about the weather?:'s baseball page lets you check how your team performs in different weather conditions. For example, the San Francisco Giants do best in night games with temperatures in the 60s. (They have weather data for other sports, too.) [via]

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How to Buy a Rocket:

• On days Roger pitches, all his teammates will change their names to ones that begin with the letter K.

• Roger is required only to pitch at home, which is defined as the backyard of his house.

• Roger also reserves the right to go into Minute Maid Park wearing a Yankees cap...

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Must be the 'stache: Cleveland Indians pitcher Scott Sauerbeck was arrested early Tuesday morning after he and a female companion (not his wife) walked away from a 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible into a backyard, hopped a fence and hid in some bushes.

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Gretzky signs on for five more years as the Coyotes head coach: Never one to back down from a challenge, Wayne is back for the long haul. The Dogs have some cap room so personel might improve but will the Great Ones coaching ability?

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Is Jack really done for good? No more Golden Bear?: The decision to skip The Memorial has many in the golf world thinking Jack Nicklaus is really serious about this retirement thing. Even though he hasn't said his playing days are 100 percent over, the Golden Bear has no plans to play in any tour event again and has said he's perfectly OK with not playing competitively at this stage in his life.

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The World Cup in Germany: A competitive coming together of nations or racist bloodbath?: Former German government spokesman Uwe-Karsten Heye got the ball rolling. Last week, the one-time close aide of Gerhard Schröder said in a newspaper interview that he would tell World Cup visitors that there were certain "no-go" areas in the eastern German state of Brandenburg and elsewhere where he "would not advise anyone with a different skin color to go. They might not possibly leave alive."

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