June 06, 2006

Rollie the goalie has an owie: and will not be back in the series. Chris Pronger can do a lot of things, but can he play goal?

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Are the Oilers in damage-control/lip-service-to-our-very-average-goalies mode or what? Both McTavish and Pronger sound like they're bound for political careers in the linked article. Let's get real: yesterday's game was the Oilers worst nightmare. They were outplaying the Hurricanes despite the long layoff, leading 3-0. Then they find a way to lose the game and their star goaltender. It's a huge blow, no matter how you spin it.

posted by qbert72 at 08:53 AM on June 06

damage-control/lip-service-to-our-very-average-goalies You're giving Ty and Jussi way too much credit. These guys are terrible, and they are who were killing the Oilers earlier in the season. I was picking Carolina in seven before the series, but I think it's down to five now.

posted by wfrazerjr at 09:15 AM on June 06

I'm just trying to convince myself it's not over yet.

posted by qbert72 at 09:21 AM on June 06

Bummer. This had the makings of a good series.

posted by fxrival at 09:26 AM on June 06

Rolofoson did let in the first four Carolina goals, right? So even before the injury they were in trouble. The thing I don't get is how Ward is said to have played so well when he allowed four goals himself. Four goals is not a great performance.

posted by billsaysthis at 10:04 AM on June 06

Ward's was a great performance when it counted - and he won. Despite Roloson letting in four goals, he was the runaway best player in these playoffs so far. They would never have pulled him. He's made big save after big save in evey series. He was beaten clean once last night before being injured. This is the absolutely worst case scenario. Canes may have been gift-wrapped the Cup. I do not see the Oil recovering - this is worse than Ottawa going with Emery (and playing differently in front of him). The Oil have no confidence in either of Markkanen or Conklin. Just a sad, harsh day for Edmonton.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:12 AM on June 06

Edmonton had some great chances near the end that looked like sure thing goals and some how Ward got a pad or his glove in the way. Sure, 4 goals against does not look great in the stats, but if not for Cam, the Oilers could have won 8-5. I just want to know what is going to happen to Bergeron. Will the Oilers wait till he falls asleep and beat him with bars of soap inside a sock?

posted by MrFrisby at 10:19 AM on June 06

The thing I don't get is how Ward is said to have played so well when he allowed four goals himself. Four goals is not a great performance. Bill, at least three of the shots he saved were the kind that make you wonder how the forward missed an open net - until you see the replay and Ward has somehow flung a glove hand out of nowhere to grab the puck. Dude was pretty amazing last night. Sometimes stats don't tell the whole story.

posted by Samsonov14 at 10:25 AM on June 06

Och, Conklin is terrible. This is so sad. I don't see the Oilers winning another game (maybe one if the Canes aren't paying attention one night) unless Craig MacTavish pulls a Lester Patrick or something. Now all that said, watch them win out.

posted by chicobangs at 10:30 AM on June 06

billsaysthis, Roloson was having an off night, I agree, but he was not going to have 6 of them in a row, unlike Conklin or Markanen. And I'm going to assume you didn't watch the third period to excuse your comments about Cam Ward.

posted by qbert72 at 10:45 AM on June 06

Rolie was beat cleanly by Whitney's slapper and Williams' shortie. Brind'Amour's tap-in and Whitney's rebound were 50/50. But whatever, I agree, Dwayner wasn't the reason the Oilers let the Canes back into the game. The Oilers stopped pushing the play, taking the body, and started 'protecting the lead' with cautious play. Ward robbed Horcoff of atleast two goals, so that can't be ignored, and the Oil mounted some serious flurries to tie and regain the lead but that was after they gave the Canes a chance to find their game. Oh, and I severely underestimated Ward's abilities. Last night made me a believer.

posted by garfield at 10:52 AM on June 06

The Oilers are a very good team with Rollie, GREAT if he's hot. If he's out of the line up, not so much. Unless Conklin steps up and surprizes everyone, this could be a sweep.

posted by ctal1999 at 11:03 AM on June 06

Rollie has played pants shittingly well this playoffs and there is no way they can recover from his loss. I haven't seen much of Conklin but I remeber Jussi from the Rangers and he was nothing special. As far as Ward I thought the 'Canes were winning despite him not because of him. The late game stops he made last night totally make up for what was an otherwise off night.

posted by HATER 187 at 11:08 AM on June 06

Stranger things have happened when teams lose key players. But the dropoff level in goaltending from #1 to #2 in Edmonton is to steep. Maybe Conklin will surprise us, but I just don't see it. Carolina in four.

posted by rosey8810 at 11:18 AM on June 06

WOW. Talk about a worst case situation. The only reason Edmonton has gotten this far is because of rollie. It really is sad that he could take his team this far and then be injured. I was really on the fence on who I wanted to win the cup this year. I love love love mactavish from his days as a ranger (94) and was totally pulling for a canadian team to win the cup. It would be great for the nhl and for canada. However I also have a soft spot for guys like weight, brind'amour, and wellsley who play so hard everynight and have waited sooo long for the cup. Its too bad weight had to leave edmonton to win a cup. (not that the series is over, but now it is carolina's to lose). If there is a bright side....edmonton has a relatively young team and should look at this as a set back in an otherwise remarkable playoff run. As a goalie who's career was ended by a hit similar to Rollie's I cringed when he slammed into the post. It's definatly his MCL...(same thing happend to me). He'll be back, but it just sucks! Conklin needs to remember that he has a great defense in front of him. He needs to let them do their job and stay in the F-ing NET!!!

posted by NYRBeeker16 at 11:58 AM on June 06

Hey this is the playoffs and stranger things have happened. I dont know if their are Pens fans who remember Frank peterangelo but he sucked and carried the pens through two rounds when they won their cups and Barasso was hurt. In the NHL anyone can get hot. the Oilers outhit, out played and outworked carolina for two periods. With that Defense they still have a shot.

posted by Debo270 at 12:10 PM on June 06

This is a bad Stanley Cup Finals. I thought since the end of the first round, that who ever won the East would win the whole thing. I mean sure the Oilers are good, but they aren't fast and young like the 'Canes and Sabres. This Oilers team reminds me of the 1999 Sabres team that made a run to the finals. They had an amazing goalie but around him was an average team. In the end the clock struck 12 and the ride for that team was over. Now this Oilers team may have just struck 12 with the injury of what has been their best player in these playoffs.

posted by buffalo will never win at 01:16 PM on June 06

This could not happen to a more deserving player. I hate seeing players get hurt, but after Roli dive this entire playoff, I'm glad karma bit him in the ass. I originally thought he was faking it until Conklin came out. Carolina in 5.

posted by v3rity at 01:21 PM on June 06

Buf, this is an incredible finals. No one was picking Carolina (except probably No Mich) or Edmonton to even make the playoffs. Everyround has been completely unpredictable and game 1 was a real good back and forth affair with the game winner scored 31 seconds before the final buzzer. How is that awful?

posted by HATER 187 at 01:24 PM on June 06

He did push the limits of 'veteran savvy' with the helmet shaking removals, excessive water breaks, complaining about and exaggerating every bump and spray. But blowing an MCL for a 36 yr old tender in the SCF for the first time is harsh, whatever the angle.

posted by garfield at 01:26 PM on June 06

It is quite a blow to the Oilers but really, the other 20 guys in the room have gotta just look at the list of finalists in the last decade who've never reached that level again. You really don't get many chances to play for the Cup so they've just gotta suck it up and go out and play. So, if they potted a few more of those great chances they came up with then they would likely have won the game. Who knows. That being said, as a Flames fan at heart, if they don't win I really won't be too sad. Rather unfortunate to see them lose a huge part of their team and that ends up depriving the fans of the best possible matchup.

posted by gspm at 01:32 PM on June 06

fast and young like the 'Canes Can we lay to rest the myth that the Canes have a young team? They've got five regulars, count them, five, under 25, and thirteen over 30, including five over 35. There's a reason why they're always talking about the likes of Wesley, Brind'amour and Weight having one last chance at the Cup.

posted by qbert72 at 01:47 PM on June 06

Just watch Ty Conklin Stanley Cup Finals MVP .....and yes Carolina is the much older team

posted by Debo270 at 01:51 PM on June 06

The most frustrating part for me was that I missed seeing the penalty shot because I was taking the dog for a quick walk. That's right, it's all about me. And no, that's not a euphemism, you dirty-minded internet scum. I was taking the literal dog for a literal walk.

posted by Amateur at 02:28 PM on June 06

You missed an impressive hand signaling performance by Mick McGeough.

posted by qbert72 at 02:37 PM on June 06

[Oilers] aren't fast and young like the 'Canes and Sabres. WHAT? Have you been watching the NHL for the last few years? Even before the rule changes, Edmonton's MO was skate hard and skate fast. They're just as fast as Carolina and they proved it in game 1. No one was picking Carolina Didn't Melrose pick Carolina to come out of the East? A few people picked Carolina. They were the Number 2 seed afterall. This could not happen to a more deserving player. I hate seeing players get hurt, but after Roli dive this entire playoff, I'm glad karma bit him in the ass. If Karma worked the way you seem to think it does, Justin Williams would be skating with a stick permanently protruding from his face.

posted by mkn at 02:52 PM on June 06

Can we lay to rest the myth that the Canes have a young team? Yeah, they've got a group of great youngsters, but overall, they are rather old. Though, I can see Brindy playing another four or five years, thanks to his conditioning.

posted by NoMich at 02:52 PM on June 06

I was hoping to see the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim win the Stanley Cup then see the Bad News Bears win the World Series.

posted by joromu at 03:13 PM on June 06

mkn, I think the prediction thing is pre-season. But I don't know why many people refer back to October and claim the Canes are a surprise given they've played 82 games since then....and were the #2 seed. And people say the regular season is meaningless. I beg to differ; it is the preseason predictions that are.

posted by garfield at 03:23 PM on June 06

If Karma worked the way you seem to think it does, Justin Williams would be skating with a stick permanently protruding from his face. One can only dream...

posted by qbert72 at 03:35 PM on June 06

Here's a question ... who do you start tomorrow night? Conklin or Markkanen? Frankly, that flub up that cost 'em the game on Monday looked like it COMPLETELY deflated the team. Being that it was Conklin's first ever playoff appearance, it might be understandable that he'd have some jitters in that situation ... but can he overcome them in the next game? Should MacT even give him the chance? Carolina has been the team making the starting goaltender a game-time decision, no? Should the Oil use that same tactic now that their #1 is out of the picture and it's between #2 and #3? My choice would be Markkanen. He registered a shutout in his first-ever NHL appearance, maybe he could do the same in his first Stanley Cup Final appearance???

posted by Spitztengle at 04:46 PM on June 06

Well. A Typical start to a series Carolina plays. They started slow and low in every series, but in the third period they wake right up. They are never out - ever. I notice a few things about them in the Buffalo series and now in the finals - first, they seem to be forgetting defense. When the defense is clicking, the shut down teams as Montreal and NJ found out. Second, every game has a new shining start - Whitney and Brind 'Amour last night. Third - where is Staal?? Not much production from the youngster ina few games. I expect an explosion from him over the rest of the series. Regardin Rollie - that sucks. I am a Carolina fan (WITH cup tix!!) and seeing him go out was really terrible. However, Conklin is a good goalie - he is a frickin pro for crying out loud. At this level, the game is mental. He has an uphill battle, but he is made of the right stuff. What hurts the Oilers more is merely dropping the game after building a 3 goal lead!!! THAT would make me SICK were I an Oiler fan. Let me tell ya what is sweet - few picked Carolina - even when they got in the playoffs - except us 'Cane fans. Did you know June 1 was the start of Hurricane season? (We dispatched Buffahump that night) Did you know the first Hurricane of the season will be named "Alberto"?? The masculine version of Alberta - the province where Edmonton resides? It is easy - everything is aligned and the 'Canes are the best team in Hockey. We will be Renaming the Stanley Cup to "The Dixie Cup" on June 14. Game 5, it will be over. GO CANES!

posted by storagepro at 04:58 PM on June 06

Should the Oil use that same tactic now that their #1 is out of the picture and it's between #2 and #3? They definitely should. That way they can see which one is more composed during warmup and handling the pressure. The more important thing is that Edmonton not change thier game. If they keep playing the way they played in the first two periods monday they still have a chance. If the Canes have to keep blocking shots, chances are they could end up with some injured players *cough* Wesley *cough*. When it comes to solving Ward, they need to go for some ugly goals. Take the shots from behind the net and off to the side, and maybe the puck can pinball in off some players. Carolina has been doing it every series these playoffs .

posted by MrFrisby at 06:39 PM on June 06

We will be Renaming the Stanley Cup to God I hope not. You can nickname anything but the Cup. It has a name. At least until it becomes the MBNA Stanley Cup or something dire.

posted by gspm at 07:20 PM on June 06

storagepro, please crank down the homerism and crank up the content. And you can check: many people outside of Raleigh actually picked the Canes.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:34 PM on June 06

I'm sitting here digesting my grilled steak (damn that was good) and watching a 1997 playoff game between the Penguins and Flyers on OLN. I can't even count how many times under the 'new NHL' there would have been a penalty. From a defenseman dumping a puck over the glass to hooking to a flat out bear hug interference. I guess what I'm trying to say, besides bragging about my grilling ability, is I love the new rules and the flow of the game this year. Even if some people think the refs have not called it as tightly as at the beginning of the season, it is still 5 times better than it was then. "Ever hear of Todd Glass? Of course you haven't, but his name is right there on the Stanley Cup, next to Wayne Gretzky's." - Dennis Leary

posted by MrFrisby at 10:15 PM on June 06

By the way, I'm just going to toot my own horn here and say that I knew Cam Ward was going to be good in pressure situations WAY back in November.

posted by grum@work at 11:00 PM on June 06

storagepro...you've been a member here since February, and in your previous seven comments, you didn't speak a word of your devotion to Carolina until they go up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals? Cue the bandwagon.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 05:34 AM on June 07

In response to storagepro and his "Dixie Cup" reference... I was criticized when i posted this ... Now does it make sense?

posted by SummersEve at 06:31 AM on June 07

You sully the name of the great Emilio Estevez, and now you have the nerve to question your punishment? Pshaw!

posted by The_Black_Hand at 08:39 AM on June 07

Ah - let him be. Harmless homerism. His team is in the Cup, makes a certain amount of sense to me that he'd have a bit of a puffed up chest. Noting, of course, that he wouldn't have dared been so boastful had Roloson not gone down. Edmonton is not dead yet. You have to stab this team through the fucking heart and then chop it up into pieces, and then burn those pieces and scatter the ashes whilst chanting the correct incantations in order to successfully kill them. I hope.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 08:48 AM on June 07

toot noted, grum. seriously, let storagepro alone. So, is anyone impressed with Staios calling 'the collision' intentional, or with Horcoff whining about Brind'Amour "cheating" in the face-off circle?

posted by garfield at 09:45 AM on June 07

Oh yeah, are there any guesses which Oiler unintentionally bowls over Ward? My money is on Torres.

posted by garfield at 10:06 AM on June 07

Peca. Hands down.

posted by qbert72 at 10:30 AM on June 07

I gotta go with Torres on that one, too. But he'll be instructed by Peca.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:33 AM on June 07

Oooh, Peca is a good call too. Through Moreau into the mix for the trifecta.

posted by garfield at 11:13 AM on June 07

So, is anyone impressed with Staios calling 'the collision' intentional I'm sure it's all part of the team's method of psyching themselves up for Game 2, but nobody can honestly think that the collision was intentional. If the defenceman doesn't direct him directly into Rollie, then he cuts cleanly in front of the net. I mean, we aren't talking about Nick Kypreos and Grant Fuhr here.

posted by grum@work at 11:47 AM on June 07

Kypreos on Grant Fuhr, Domi on Niedermeyer - is it any wonder that the rest of the hockey universe hates the Leafs? I mean, we keep giving them all this glorious ammunition. New theory - Staios shoves Peca into Ward.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 12:44 PM on June 07

Kypreos on Grant Fuhr, Domi on Niedermeyer - is it any wonder that the rest of the hockey universe hates the Leafs? I mean, we keep giving them all this glorious ammunition. It is evened out by Domi on Ulf Samuelsson.

posted by grum@work at 04:25 PM on June 07

Call me a goon, but when i hear "Nick Kypreos" all i can think of is this.

posted by SummersEve at 04:35 PM on June 07

Vandenbusche is such a good enforcer name. And did he ever nail him.

posted by qbert72 at 04:45 PM on June 07

If you're looking for an impressive hockey fight, you want this one. I'm still in shock.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 03:33 PM on June 08

Great stuff, Dr!

posted by qbert72 at 03:43 PM on June 08

Dang, Doc, that one's pretty even, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Downey got more scowls in. How sad is it when the refs finally just say, "Alright, hell with this, you two idiots just go the box and we'll fight instead." In fact, why send those two mutts to the box at all?

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:49 PM on June 08

Delay of game?

posted by qbert72 at 04:11 PM on June 08

If you're looking for an impressive hockey fight, you want this one. I'm still in shock. Wow.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 04:23 PM on June 08

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