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Private eyes are watching you?: Possible #1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell says that at one point recently an NFL team -- he says he does not know which one -- spied on him for a period of several days and possibly longer by assigning someone to follow him. Fair game or not?

posted by forrestv to football at 02:19 AM on April 27, 2007 - 40 comments

Tom Brady Blitzes Yahoo!: In a federal complaint, Brady charges Yahoo! used his photo without authorization in a September 2006 Sports Illustrated ad and in banner ads on Yahoo! Sports pages. Brady alleges that Yahoo!'s use of his image (he's one of six players in the ad) connotes a false endorsement and, as such, is seeking unspecified punitive and compensatory damages against the company.

posted by forrestv to football at 09:31 PM on December 07, 2006 - 45 comments

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked: In the White Sox vs. Rangers game yesterday, rookie reliever Sean Tracey got yanked after what looked like a failed plunk attempt on Hank Blalock (who grounded out.) Tracey, who got called up to replace the injured Cliff Politte, got an earful from manager Ozzie Guillen, then demoted back to Triple A. Does Tracey deserve sympathy or did he get what he deserved?

posted by forrestv to baseball at 07:32 AM on June 15, 2006 - 109 comments

Mad About Ricky: Theismann slams Argos for signing Williams.

posted by forrestv to football at 07:14 PM on May 30, 2006 - 39 comments

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NFL Pickem Week 4: Let Russ Cook Edition

My picks:

Broncos by 2
Colts by 4
Bengals by 2
Cowboys by 3
Saints by 3
Steelers by 1
Seahawks by 9
Buccaneers by 2
Ravens by 10 (lock)
Cardinals by 1
Texans by 3
Rams by 4
Chiefs by 2
Bills by 2
49ers by 2
Packers by 4

posted by forrestv at 04:05 PM on October 01, 2020

NFL Pickem Week 3: Pay Dak Prescott Edition

My picks:

Jaguars by 1
Falcons by 1
Bills by 3
Browns by 8
Titans by 2
Patriots by 7
Giants by 3
Eagles by 2
Steelers by 4
Colts by 10 (lock)
Chargers by 10
Buccaneers by 9
Cardinals by 7
Seahawks by 6 (lock)
Saints by 3
Ravens by 2

posted by forrestv at 03:26 PM on September 24, 2020

NFL Pickem Week 2: Chiefs Are Still Good Edition

My picks:

Browns by 2
Giants by 1
Cowboys by 2
Packers by 10
Titans by 3
Colts by 2
Bills by 4
49ers by 14
Eagles by 2
Steelers by 3
Buccaneers by 6
Cardinals by 7
Chiefs by 11
Ravens by 6
Seahawks by 8
Saints by 4

posted by forrestv at 03:33 PM on September 17, 2020

Enter SportsFilter's NFL Pickem

My picks:

Chiefs by 9
Falcons by 3
Bills by 10
Lions by 3
Vikings by 6
Patriots by 9
Eagles by 1
Raiders by 6
Colts by 12 (lock)
Ravens by 13 (lock)
Chargers by 3
Buccaneers by 3
49ers by 4
Rams by 3
Steelers by 3
Titans by 2

posted by forrestv at 12:16 AM on September 10, 2020

Witten Ends Retirement; Returning to Cowboys

I always liked Witten ... as a player. Maybe now I can watch MNF again (which is exactly what I said when Gruden left.)

posted by forrestv at 03:34 PM on February 28, 2019

NFL team owners approve Raiders' move to Vegas

I became a Raiders fan when they were in Los Angeles, and I would have loved it if they had come back. But since I've never been to a game in Oaklandmeh. My relationship with them is through television and radio. Where they play home games doesn't actually matter to me. I'll catch them here in L.A. when they play the Chargers or the Rams. And I'll probably try to catch a game in Oakland before they leave. But Oakland, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, it's all the same.

posted by forrestv at 03:08 PM on March 28, 2017

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 5: Batted Ball Edition

Houston by 4

Atlanta by 6

Cincinnati by 2

Green Bay by 9

Buffalo by 1

Kansas City by 10

Philadelphia by 2

Jacksonville by 3

Cleveland by 1

Arizona by 8

New England by 11

Denver by 8

NY Giants by 7

San Diego by 2

posted by forrestv at 03:23 PM on October 08, 2015

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 4: First-Place Jacksonville Edition

I no longer look forward to seeing how many I get right. I wait to see how many I get wrong.

Baltimore by 2

New York Jets by 1

Atlanta by 4

Buffalo by 1

Oakland by 2

Cincinnati by 8

Jacksonville by 1

Carolina by 3

Philadelphia by 3

San Diego by 2

Denver by 8

Arizona by 3

Green Bay by 9

Dallas by 5

Seattle by 4

posted by forrestv at 03:42 PM on October 01, 2015

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 3: Indy's Bad Luck Edition

Giants by 2

Rams by 1

Vikings by 4

Texans by 4

Jets by 3

Panthers by 8

Pats by 14

Ravens by 1

Browns by 2

Colts by 5

Falcons by 11

Cardinals by 4

Seahawks by 12

Bills by 3

Broncos by 3

Packers by 5

posted by forrestv at 11:40 PM on September 23, 2015

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 2: Teddy Bridgewater Fail Mary Edition

Chiefs by 2

Panthers by 2

Chargers by 4

Vikings by 2

Falcons by 1

Rams by 6

Ravens by 11

Packers by 2

Bills by 2

Bears by 1

Titans by 2

Saints by 13

Steelers by 5

Dolphins by 8

Eagles by 3

Colts by 4

posted by forrestv at 03:35 PM on September 17, 2015

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 1: Win One for the Duke

Patriots by 8

Packers by 8

Panthers by 3

Seahawks by 3

Cardinals by 1

Broncos by 2

Buccaneers by 4

Falcons by 3

Colts by 6

Texans by 4

Jets by 2

Dolphins by 3

Chargers by 3

Bengals by 8

Cowboys by 7

49ers by 1

posted by forrestv at 03:40 PM on September 09, 2015

Federal Judge Tosses Brady's 4-Game NFL Suspension

I don't care for Goodell, but I don't understand the cries for him to resign or be fired. The owners hired him to be what he istheir version of Vince McMahon. Except for the few owners who can't seem to get out of their own way, he takes all the heat away. Fans, media, and even non-football fans see him as a villainand people love to hate a heel. Is he Draconian? Absolutely. Inept? Eh. I bet a lot of people who used to hate Brady/The Patriots have sympathy now. I have an easier time believing he's a diabolical genius than Barney Fife.

posted by forrestv at 03:38 PM on September 03, 2015

Epic Mavs Comeback Shocks Thunder

Whenever I would read or hear someone compare Kobes playoff performances to Michael Jordans, I would roll my eyes. Cant remember which announcer said it last night, but they compared Dirks performance in these playoffs to the performances Jordan used to have. Didnt roll my eyes. Never felt one way or the other about Dirk, but I think Im a fan. Guy is amazing right now.

posted by forrestv at 03:15 PM on May 24, 2011

Is Matt Leinart a Starting QB?

He's got talent, but he plays like he's afraid of getting hit.

posted by forrestv at 12:18 AM on June 10, 2010

Alabama Beats Florida to Reach National Championship Game

I hate Saban for how he bailed on the Dolphins, but I was pulling for him and the Tide. Just got tired of hearing about Florida/Tebow all the time. I guess now I'll pull for Tebow/Florida and hope Saban loses the championship game.

posted by forrestv at 11:37 PM on December 05, 2009