June 30, 2006

Holyfield begining yet another comeback:

posted by beermn to boxing at 09:54 PM - 15 comments

"dimenished skills and poor performance" is the reason he lost his boxing license in NY. I think he's done and should hang up the gloves for good. He don't need the money and this will only ruin his name and tarnish his great career, if he hasn't done so already.

posted by beermn at 10:04 PM on June 30, 2006

I've always thought he was a pretty good guy. It would be nice if the shoulders were the problem, but more likely it's Father Time and I'm afraid he's gonna end up with drain bamage.

posted by ctal1999 at 12:34 AM on July 01, 2006

Oh gosh say it aint so! What is with people coming out of retirement? He's old, he's rich he was once the best. Go fishing please! What good can come of this?

posted by PGHTOS at 01:01 AM on July 01, 2006

I saw him making an appearance on Friday Night Fights a few months back. He sounded sorta slow like Bowe (but not as bad a Bowe). I'd hate so see him get really hurt he really seems like a nice guy. Hard to tell a boxer to stop it as we all know. However I'll be watching if I can.

posted by T$PORT4lawschool at 01:28 AM on July 01, 2006

If Holyfield is in shape and can sharpen his skills again, he may be able to work his way back up the rankings. Maybe even win a title. But be as popular as Foreman? When Foreman made his comeback, boxing hadn't totally segregated itself into cable and pay per view television. You could still see boxing just about every weekend on the networks and he was able to make himself a celebrity outside of boxing. I like Holyfield. Back in the early 90s he used to be a household name, but I never saw him as charismatic. And with boxing being so segregated, it'll be a hard sell. I wish him the best though.

posted by forrestv at 01:55 AM on July 01, 2006

Poor dude is gonna end up getting killed or be able to mentally converse with Ali.

posted by GoBirds at 07:13 AM on July 01, 2006

the only reason i can think he's fighting again for, he was a typical stero type couldn't keep his dick in his pants and paying all those holes all that money. LOL dumb ass

posted by laabdog at 07:50 AM on July 01, 2006

Evander can probably still beat some of the slugs on the alphabet-soup Top Ten ranked lists, but for a guy that made hundreds of millions of dollars it beggars belief what he thinks he has left to prove. He's obviously taken too many blows to the head. "The Real Deal" has expired it's use-by date. Evander needs to compare ex-champs like Gene Tunney and Lennox Lewis, who got out of the sport with fat bank accounts and their brains intact, to a guy like Trevor Berbick. Then he needs to ask himself a simple rhetorical question, whether he'd prefer to spend the rest of his life with his cognitive skills operational or scrambled like Berbick. Then again, when you do missionary work as "God's Warrior" and father child-after-child-after-child out of wedlock to multiple mothers -- in 1998 it was as believed to be as many as nine, and could be higher -- decades of multiple support payments have to come from somewhere.

posted by the red terror at 08:27 AM on July 01, 2006

Evander Holyfield is 43. He hasn't fought in nearly two years, hasn't won in more than four, and hasn't been the heavyweight champ in six years. So? Ah, heavyweight boxing: Better than ever!

posted by dyams at 08:52 AM on July 01, 2006

Please Champ let it go. (Dramatic Pause) ...Let it go.

posted by BornIcon at 09:13 AM on July 01, 2006

Boxing has become quite boring. My PPV money goes to the UFC.

posted by Desert Dog at 01:29 PM on July 01, 2006

I gave up on the heavyweights along time ago. I find the lower weight divisions much more entertaining to watch. I do notice that most fighters who have the misfortune of having Don King in their corner, don't end up with much of their winnings. I feel that if a fighter looses their license in any state that all states should honor that ruling.

posted by CB900 at 03:39 PM on July 01, 2006

I'd pay, hmmm, $20 I guess, to see Tyson fight Holyfield again. It would be the bout of the ear, I mean year. Is boxing still a sport?

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 09:37 PM on July 01, 2006

This is one of the problems with professional boxing anwmore, especially the heavtweight division. No 43 year old man should be able to make a come back after all that time and win a thing. It doesn't say much for the talent thats out there now. We'll see what happens though, I guess.

posted by jojomfd1 at 10:19 PM on July 01, 2006

Yea- I could see Holyfield fight Tyson again, as long as he wore earmuffs....

posted by redsoxrgay at 05:47 PM on July 02, 2006

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