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I grew up in Calgary, Alberta during the 80s so I still live and die with both the Flames winning and the Oilers losing. Living now in Saskatchewan, I cheer for the CFL's Roughriders which is like being the Chicago Cubs fans, we get used to a lot of losing.

As a Canadian I default to the Toronto Raptors and the Bluejays but like a lot of people who read Moneyball, I also root for the Oakland Athletics.

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Phoenix Coyotes to Winnipeg? : Will the Coyotes finally return to an undersized MTS Centre or is Winnipeg the NHL's equivalent of San Antonio and the Alamodome? A great bargaining chip that no one really, ever wants to use?

posted by jc to hockey at 07:53 PM on April 14, 2011 - 18 comments

Fifa officials 'offer to sell 2018 World Cup bid votes': Two Fifa officials have offered to sell their votes in the contest to host the 2018 World Cup, according to a Sunday Times report. One wanted 500,000 pounds while the other wanted money for a soccer academy. I know nothing has been proven yet but it did have me ponder which of the global sports is the most corrupt?

posted by jc to soccer at 09:28 PM on October 16, 2010 - 5 comments

The World Cup Lives On: Not sure if I should post this in the football or soccer category but this touchdown celebration by the Hamilton Ti-Cats receiver Dave Stala was one of the better ones in a while. I love the shot at the French World Cup team by the TSN announcer at the end.

posted by jc to football at 09:59 PM on August 07, 2010 - 2 comments

The Rising Costs of Playing Minor Hockey: Brian Burke and Stevie Y are worried about the rising costs of playing hockey... both in equipment and in the cost of ice time and it's negative impact on the game.

Personally I am part of a three generation hockey playing family. While I was disapointed that my son wanted to take karate rather than play hockey, my wallet was relieved. When I was in grade five, every guy in my class played amateur hockey. In my son's school, only two kids out of eight grades play hockey.

posted by jc to hockey at 04:37 PM on June 20, 2010 - 4 comments

Russia beats Canada in World Hockey Championships: The game was pretty good but the O.T. was 4 on 4. You play 60 minutes 5 on 5 and then settle the game in sudden death OT in a different format. A good or bad idea for international hockey?

posted by jc to hockey at 12:41 AM on May 19, 2008 - 7 comments

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Suit: Clippers Owner Showed Women Nude Players

Obviously the NBA does not have the same power at MLB does in suspending owners because you compare Sterling's body of work to Steinbrenners and you have to ask yourself why Sterling has not been asked to take a year off away from the team and ask himself some hard questions about his behavior in running this franchise

Even if you don't want to accept Baylor's claims as being accurate, there is a lot of other issues in Sterlings body of work (including the claims of prejudicial rental practices made by the DOJ) that would not be tolerated in other leagues.

posted by jc at 03:31 PM on January 09, 2011

Ah, sorry Tony...Here's some money...We really do like you...That Harbaugh thing was nothing

The sad thing about it is that it wasn't just a football move, it was in a large part a response to the Miami Heat getting all of the attention in Miami and ticket sales.

I figure if Sparano doesn't turn things around, Maverick Carter will somehow be Miami's GM in the next couple of years.

posted by jc at 03:23 PM on January 09, 2011

Ah, sorry Tony...Here's some money...We really do like you...That Harbaugh thing was nothing

I like Sparano but if I was him I would resign. I don't know if it was Ross's or Ireland to go after Harbaugh but if it was Ross's and he was forced to undermine myself and my head coach, Ireland should resign as well.

How does Sparano get the players respect in Miami when he gets no respect from his GM or head coach? He needs to go and become a coordinator somewhere and wait get another chance down the road.

posted by jc at 07:57 PM on January 08, 2011

Tebow's Future in Flux After McDaniels Firing

Didn't Seattle get a 1st from Chicago when they traded Rick Mirer... all you need is one coach and GM who drinks the Tebow koolaid... of course I think Denver may have just fired that one coach.

posted by jc at 01:20 PM on December 08, 2010

Tebow's Future in Flux After McDaniels Firing

Broncos won't trade Tebow. Jersey sales alone are probably paying for McDaniel's, Shanahan's and any money still owing to Wade Phillips and Dan Reeves.

I had to laugh when I saw that Jacksonville is a trade possibility. Of course Jacksonville is a trade possibility, just as all of the stories came out about Jack Del Rio trading up to get Tebow in the draft. I am sure there are also fans at THE Ohio State that think that if Troy Smith was given a chance in Cleveland, they would go to a Super Bowl.

posted by jc at 11:11 AM on December 08, 2010

Josh McDaniels Fired

What an odd season. Three in season coaching changes, Peyton Manning becoming an interception machine and who would have thought that the Derek Anderson signing would have turned out the way it did (oh right, nevermind).

posted by jc at 07:53 PM on December 06, 2010

Alouettes savour Grey Cup glory again

This is starting to get old (spoken as a Rider fan).

posted by jc at 12:00 AM on November 30, 2010

Rutger defensive tackle suffers spinal cord injury.

I was watching "America's Game" the other night on NFL Network as the CFL game was blacked out in Canada. I realized that the game has changed a lot, even over 15 years and is far more physical and violent today. Several hits over the weekend were amazing and you realize that even over 15 years player are bigger, stronger, and faster. I know equipment is better and better today but I got this sick feeling in my stomach that you are going to see more and more serious injuries, despite the leagues' efforts to crack down on head shots.

posted by jc at 02:35 PM on October 18, 2010

Fifa officials 'offer to sell 2018 World Cup bid votes'

I was going to say cycling but that is more at the team level. I am going to change my vote to cricket.

posted by jc at 02:32 PM on October 18, 2010

Ben Johnson, about to launch his autobiography, is interviewed:

What's the difference between modern tracks and 1988 circa tracks?

posted by jc at 12:07 PM on October 06, 2010

Cutler Sacked Nine Times in One Half

Fabulon7 :: I was thinking Rob Johnson as I was watching the game as well but I don't think he pulled himself, not in a close game. I think he was hit so hard so many times that his whole body was spinning.

As Mike Silver pointed out, look at the beating that Warner took in the Martz system. It took Warner a couple of years to become a good QB again.

posted by jc at 06:06 PM on October 05, 2010

Average goals per game, by year

I have always been curious about the cultural differences in how we play hockey in the WHL and QMJHL. The old rule of thumb was that if you wanted defence, you drafted from the WHL and if you wanted goaltending, you went to the QMJHL. I read somewhere years ago that Patrick Roy would see 80 pucks a lot of nights, which may have explained why he was so good as a rookie, he was getting three times the more work per game than goalies in the WHL.

posted by jc at 11:16 AM on October 01, 2010

Jim Brown Goes to Town on Mike Holmgren

If I remember correctly, Jim Brown used to have the ownership's ear (like a lot of guys) and interfered in the operation of the franchise and when Holmgren came in, that stopped. Seems like the issue is that Jim Brown doesn't feel as loved and powerful as he once was.

Of course airing his grievances like he did, he sounds less like a tough guy from the east side and more like a spoiled aging legend who needs a hug.

posted by jc at 10:09 AM on September 02, 2010

Cardinals Shopping Leinart Around

tommytrump, just a loyal Saskatchewan Roughrider fan here.

Seriously, I have heard all of the comparisons to David Carr but Carr seemed to be comfortable being a backup and Leinhart seems to think his 8 mediocre starts makes him a starter in the NFL, which puts him only slightly ahead of Gary Kubiak as a starting QB.

posted by jc at 11:05 PM on September 01, 2010

Cardinals Shopping Leinart Around

He'll be playing for the Toronto Argonauts by the 2012 season.

posted by jc at 05:31 PM on September 01, 2010