June 27, 2006

Commentator Submits To Struggle Session and Issues Statement of Self Criticism: Huang Jianxiang, covering the Italy - Australia World Cup game for Chinese TV, lets his feelings show. And is made to retract them and apologise.

posted by owlhouse to soccer at 11:38 PM - 27 comments

Perhaps he wouldn't be such a fan of Italian football if he knew about this.

posted by owlhouse at 11:43 PM on June 27, 2006

I like to see commentators getting into the game, but it does sound like Huang was a little too one-sided. Still, a letter of apology is a bit OTT.

posted by Fence at 04:22 AM on June 28, 2006

"I'm more familiar with Italian players ... and I don't like Australians indeed . . . "I was hoping they'd do badly here." That's a post-incident (and, I think, post-apology) statement. His apology skills could use a tweak.

posted by yerfatma at 06:05 AM on June 28, 2006

"Do you remember how China were blocked from going to the Spain World Cup in a qualifier in 1981?" Huang said. I love this guy. He's screwing the pooch as an journalist by being so passionate about one side, but anyone who can carry a 25-year beef ought to be an analyst or columnist.

posted by rcade at 07:51 AM on June 28, 2006

Wicked. He's definitely passionate. But, really - who doesn't like Australia? Why they're Britain's younger drunker cousin! (c'mon owlhouse... Bring it... Bring it) Oy!

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 07:59 AM on June 28, 2006

But, really - who doesn't like Australia? *looking around office [in England]* Ummm... And what yerfatma said - always nice to insult the object of your apology with your apology.

posted by JJ at 08:44 AM on June 28, 2006

who doesn't like Australia? I'll admit that I cheer against them in most sporting competition. But I suppose in this analogy Canada would be the sensible, more sober cousin, looking on disapprovingly but trying hard not to offend anybody. It's tough to root for Italy, though. Not sure I disapprove of Australia that much.

posted by Amateur at 10:26 AM on June 28, 2006

From the link owlhouse posted: team manager Gianluca Pessotto was described as being in a critical condition after jumping from his second floor office in an apparent suicide attempt... I mean, really, how serious could this "apparent suicide attempt" be if he's jumping from the second story? What is that, 13 - 14 feet? Wuss. Just another melodramatic dive from an Italian soccer player.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 10:38 AM on June 28, 2006


posted by Amateur at 10:51 AM on June 28, 2006

Just another melodramatic dive from an Italian soccer player. That's so bad it's good.

posted by dusted at 11:22 AM on June 28, 2006

And here's me expecting to be taken seriously. :-)

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 11:31 AM on June 28, 2006

He fell/jumped from twenty metres according to this article. He was holding a rosary. A car broke his fall and still he suffered multiple leg fractures, a displaced hip, a fractured jaw, five fractured vertibrae, and a lung contusion. He is expected to be in intensive care for at least two more days. He had a history of depression since retiring from playing. Accusations of melodrama might be bordering on tasteless. Which makes me feel even worse for laughing.

posted by JJ at 11:34 AM on June 28, 2006

Wow. He had props. My feeling is that it is the rare scenario where someone who is actually trying to commit suicide genuinely fails to do so. And twenty metres just doesn't seem to cut it, but really, I'm not being callow. Just another melodramatic dive from an Italian soccer player. But that is damn funny.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 12:58 PM on June 28, 2006

Just another melodramatic dive from an Italian soccer player. Absolutely tasteless...cruel...horrible...freakin' brilliant.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 01:24 PM on June 28, 2006

My feeling is that it is the rare scenario where someone who is actually trying to commit suicide genuinely fails to do so. I witnessed one of these, very close up, almost 20 years ago. A man jumped from the Angus L. McDonald Bridge onto Barrington Street. He landed right in front of my car, and I mean right in front. So close he was an unrecognizeable flash in front of my windshield. I couldn't see him on the ground because the front of the car was in the way. If the light at North Street had not been red, either I would have run him over or he would have landed on my passenger (a visitor from Toronto). Anyway, he landed on his feet and survived. It was pretty grisly though. I am not sure why he chose not to jump from a much higher position over the harbour ... but then the mentally ill are not always great at rational thinking.

posted by Amateur at 01:37 PM on June 28, 2006

I am sure you all found it hilarious when your UK idol George Best the raging alcoholic died...kind of ironic way he passed dont you think? I am sure you all posted all the usual "Have another pint Georgie Boy" when he passed on instead of talking about what a great player he was. Learn when to show respect and class or you will get none back.

posted by urall cloolis at 05:04 PM on June 28, 2006

Bestie won UK Idol? UK Idle I could believe...

posted by JJ at 05:41 PM on June 28, 2006

But, really - who doesn't like Australia? "I'd rather be a convict than a Pom". Sung by my niece and nephew at the English fans in Stuttgart last week. While carrying their EU passports (my brother and I were born in the UK). Let's face it, the Australian cricket team are awfully hard to love. But give the football team a break.

posted by owlhouse at 06:05 PM on June 28, 2006

Absolutely tasteless...cruel...horrible...freakin' brilliant. My lifeless membership to the Flying Circus remains intact. Learn when to show respect and class or you will get none back. Yea. Given the option, I generally choose to laugh than cry, which means I've done plenty of both. Such is life. And death. And attempted death. And attempting to make it look like attempted death. Good thing I don't come to the filter looking for anything other than entertainment. Respect and class seem to be found in more substantive digs, no offense to the Pantheon or members who "get it". And unless you want to do the heavy lifting to see what was actually written for Georgie, you obviously don't. And are we sure it was the car and not the rosary that broke his fall?

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 06:38 PM on June 28, 2006

"...in replays after the flop, several experts said the subsequent red card awarded to the defender seemed unjustified..."

posted by The_Black_Hand at 08:19 PM on June 28, 2006

Best was a drunk womanizer who condemned someone else to death by taking a liver transplant that could have saved someone who would actually have looked after themselves. The eulogizing and weeping over his death made me want to vomit. (And I'm a Brit.) So he knew how to kick a football, so what? He was a lousy human being. Which is more important? As for the comment about diving... I've always lived by the motto "'Tis that I laugh at any mortal thing, lest I weep." All good comedy is based on the misfortune of others. The very best of comedy is mired in tragedy and personal pain.

posted by Drood at 09:51 PM on June 28, 2006

You know this wasn't the Puerto Rican manager..... You can't commit suicide by jumping out of a basement window.

posted by jojomfd1 at 09:54 PM on June 28, 2006

exan, I'm usually the first with a nasty black humor joke so I can't quite put my finger on why I find that comment so offensive. It's like my brain is saying "Laugh" and my funny bone is in full rebellion. Maybe because Pessotto was one of the few non-melodramtic players and therefore least likely to dive. He was one of those mythical good guys - solid, loyal, tranquil, and got the job done with no diva antics to be spoken of. I think it speaks volumes of a man's character when 4 of his ex-teammates immediately hop on a plane in the middle of the World Cup to be by his side. So I guess my reaction is due to who it is - there are many people in this world who probably deserve to be kicked when they're down. Pessotto's not one of them though.

posted by romakimmy at 03:45 AM on June 29, 2006

This thread has restored my faith in human kindness.

posted by walrus at 06:21 AM on June 29, 2006

romakimmy, I appreciate your comments. Having only a passing familiarity of Pessotto, it may have been best to keep my cutting remark to myself. I'm not one of those who will say, "I'm sorry if I offended X", but hoepfully you'll get the implication.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 12:27 PM on June 29, 2006

Implication accepted. Like I said, I'm usually the first with the nasty humor but making fun of Pessotto is like making fun of mother Theresa... *looks at arsenal of tastless jokes* ...maybe that's a bad analogy... ;)

posted by romakimmy at 01:13 PM on June 30, 2006

Alert Christoper Hitchens.

posted by yerfatma at 01:20 PM on June 30, 2006

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