June 04, 2006

NBA Playoffs Confidence Pool Update:: While this pool may be small, the competition is still tough going into the NBA finals. Holden finds himself with a slim lead over smithers, and DrJohnEvans has shown that his remarkable hockey knowlage does not extend to basketball. The leaderboard is here.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia to fantasy at 07:49 AM - 17 comments

YYM...um, shouldn't MIA have 12 wins? If so, that gains me another point on Holden, and I would either need either a MIA win to come back or a 7-game series to tie. How are ties broken? Or do the 2 share honours?

posted by smithers at 09:41 AM on June 04, 2006

YYM, nice to see you're taking care of the pool! I only keep a distant eye on it, since I don't know much about the NBA. smithers, in previous confidence pools, we broke ties the following way: the participant having given highest points to the tournament winner wins. In case it was still tied, you make the same comparison with the tournament finalist, and you keep heading down the tree this way. Note that tiebreakers are not coded into Project Confidence. The pool administrator will have to break ties manually and explain how he did it. Also, I'm looking for a volunteer to set up and manage the World Cup confidence pool. Project Confidence is running smoothly now. There are still a few wrinkles, mostly in the user interface, but I'll be there all the way to support you.

posted by qbert72 at 12:53 PM on June 04, 2006

(running smoothly? I was just checking the confidence pool stuff and keep getting 500 - Inernal Server error. Must be ironing out wrinkles.)

posted by gspm at 05:00 PM on June 04, 2006

Well ain't that Murphy's Law in action? It's been up for 10 days, and as soon as I give it a little tap on the back, it dies. I've restarted it. It just needs a few optimization tricks, which it will get in the next release, which will be before the World Cup starts. Now back to NBA confidence trash talk!

posted by qbert72 at 05:35 PM on June 04, 2006

Thanks for the clarification qbert....unfortunately, I've predicted to Ufez that Dallas wins in 5 or 6, which will earn me a cup of coffee if I can scrape together the 4 quarters.

posted by smithers at 06:12 PM on June 04, 2006

Smithers I fixed the error, it seems the May 16th game wasn't entered in the pool. Qbert I'd do the World Cup except that I have no knowladge on the matter so I would probably never remember to update. However, I do look forward to see how well my uneducated picks fare.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 07:27 PM on June 04, 2006

Holy heck, I leave for a weekend and my name crops up three times on the Locker Room front page.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 12:02 AM on June 05, 2006

qbert - are the admin duties for a confidence pool shareable? i mean here we are, only days from the first game of the World Cup and no pool has been set up. But I bet it wouldn't be too hard to keep up to date if the work was divided, with the pool groups being an obvious division. it just seems like (judging by absence of the pool) it might be a big project for one person to keep on top of (not to say that the NHL and NBA confidence pools weren't, of course).

posted by gspm at 05:41 PM on June 05, 2006

are the admin duties for a confidence pool shareable? Yes they are. After you set up the pool it will give you 2 urls. One is the admin url, for adding/editing game results, and the other is for everyone else to view.

posted by MrFrisby at 06:07 PM on June 05, 2006

gspm: yes, you can share admin duties. njsk8r, DrJohnEvans and myself inputted NHL results, whereas I did the first 2 rounds of the NBA pool, and Ying Yang Mafia took it over after that. Setting up a pool takes 15 minutes at most, and managing it is one minute a day: just enter game results. [Edit]MrFrisby beat me to it. Thanks, mate!

posted by qbert72 at 06:08 PM on June 05, 2006

Sorry about that qbert, er, you're welcome. Having absolutley no idea about the World Cup, I would love to play in that pool just to see how lucky I am. gspm said there were only a few days left so I wanted to give him an answer ASAP.

posted by MrFrisby at 06:16 PM on June 05, 2006

Gspm if you really need someone to help I could try, I guess I could put the scores in my Yahoo and help you update. MrFrisby you are not alone. My knowlage of soccer football is basically that England and Brazil are good and the USA is average.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 08:31 PM on June 05, 2006

OK, I will set something up today and the admin duties can be sorted out as we go.

posted by gspm at 08:29 AM on June 06, 2006

computer says "Application error (Rails)" no new pool created, yet.

posted by gspm at 08:33 AM on June 06, 2006

My bad. It's fixed now. I'm really sorry you keep hitting all the bugs, gspm. Don't hesitate to email me.

posted by qbert72 at 09:05 AM on June 06, 2006

well shucks. at least i have my beauty pageant career ahead of me.

posted by ninjavshippo at 12:57 AM on June 07, 2006

It's hard for me to say just looking at the leaderboard, but it seems that my disrespect for Kobe and the Lakers cost me my chance at victory.

posted by ursus_comiter at 03:14 PM on June 07, 2006

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