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The 'blurb' question used to say 'explain your nickname'. That's this paragraph:
I was a Cameron Crazie for five years at Duke; during that time my step-father gave me a hideously ugly Duke tie as a gag gift. I wore it to every game for the next three and a half years, including a women's and men's Final Four, one national title game, and multiple ACC title games. Needless to say, the nickname stuck, even though the tie is now retired.

As for the new questions:
This is a tough call. On February 28th, 1998, I attended the Duke-Carolina game in Cameron, after having camped out for seven weeks to get in. After trailing by as much as 17 in the second half, we won 77-75. Thinking about it still gives me shivers. I speak of 'we' when I speak of Duke, and I say it because Coach K said 'we' when referring to us. That game convinced me once and for all he wasn't just talking out his ass. The incredibly close runner up would be the Women's Elite Eight game against Tennessee the following March, which was 40 straight minutes of 'I can't believe we're beating Tennessee, I can't believe we're beating Tennessee.' Keep in mind they were three-time defending national champs and had Chamique Holdsclaw as a senior. She fouled out with a handful of seconds left and Duke went on to win. I still don't believe we won that game :)

Teams I live and die by: Duke men's and women's basketball.
Teams I mainly die by: Duke football.
Teams I've cheered for since shortly after birth, but no longer die by: The 'Canes (football and baseball) and the 'Fins.

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Duke Super Bowl: In-depth analysis of tomorrow's clash of 1-9 college football titans. Mostly sophomoric, but humor us Duke fans on our one chance for football glory...

posted by tieguy to football at 10:04 AM on November 16, 2007 - 16 comments

"The worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching": The linked blog agrees with Bobby that it is basically cheating- but "if you're not cheating, you're not trying." Interesting read on something we're sure to hear more about as OSU (Greg Oden) and Texas (Kevin Durant) advance through the Madness.

posted by tieguy to basketball at 04:45 PM on February 22, 2007 - 52 comments

Happy slightly belated fifth birthday!: User #1 joined on Jan. 22nd, 2002, and invites to a broader public went out on Jan. 29th, 2002 (users 12-48.) Yay us! (Thanks to Ufez for pointing it out.)

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Why Beckham is not Pele.: A really excellent post on why MLS and NASL are in very different situations when they signed their aging superstars. (Related: why LA isn't getting an NFL team any time soon.)

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Roller-coaster ride for men's: and women's #1 teams. College basketball season is here in earnest, and I couldn't be happier.

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Yankees Stay Atop East with Extra Inning Comeback

It's sort of outrageous/insane that the Yankees are +105, the Os are -5, and yet the Os are only one game back.

posted by tieguy at 01:51 PM on September 23, 2012

An Instant Classic

My list had the Angels listed as the Anaheim Angels so my brain skipped over them.

posted by tieguy at 01:26 AM on June 16, 2008

An Instant Classic

So now I've got a spreadsheet (no losers, only winners. Someone else can do that.) I think I've got the years lined up right, though I probably don't account for things crossing years very well (like Sox '07/Celts '08 if it happens.) Besides the ones mentioned above: '35: Detroit Tigers/Lions, and Red Wings won in spring '36, so I guess all three teams were holding the title at the same time? '27: Yankees/football Giants, though the Giants did not win a championship game- merely had the best regular season title before there was a championship game. '28: Yankees/Rangers '33: baseball giants/Rangers '52: Lions/Red Wings (I ignored the AFL-NFL split years in the '60s for football; also, during this period the Lakers were losing a lot to the Celts while the Dodgers were winning.) Impressively, the Celts and Bruins managed to miss each other in the late '60s/early 70s, looks like. Ditto Pirates/Steelers of the same era. '86: Mets/football Giants '89: (sort of): A's/49ers (obviously giants/raiders fans disagree.) '04: Sox/Patriots (duh, given how this came up.) Perhaps the thing that was most interesting to me about this list was how many great dynasties (Jordan's Bulls, the Yankees, early Celtics, '49ers, Steelers, etc.) never overlapped with other great teams in their cities. You'd think that would happen more often. Boston fans really do have it historically good in that sense- even Detroit in '35/'36 didn't have that.

posted by tieguy at 04:09 AM on June 14, 2008

An Instant Classic

Hal: Mets fall of '69, Knicks spring of '70; also Lakers and Dodgers in '88. In baseball-football, Yankees/Giants did it in '38 and '56. I immediately guessed 'Knicks-Yankees', just because the Yankees have so many titles the odds are good, but forgot that the Knicks only titles came during the '64-'76 Yanks malaise. Oddly, the most recent (football) Giants titles came during Yankees droughts as well (the '81-'96 drought and '01-present). Rangers-Yankees also have some overlap, I think. No three-fers for NY that I can see, and I can't imagine there are any for other cities either- Chicago's baseball titles well predate professional football and basketball; the Lions and Tigers had long dry spells, and so on. It'd be interesting for someone with more time on their hands to see if the three appearances in championship games in the same year is unprecedented- I'd imagine it must be. (Handy reference chart for someone who wants to undertake it.)

posted by tieguy at 03:45 AM on June 14, 2008

Stolen Bases Are On the Rise

The Sox had two double steals today, both featuring Ellsbury. Bizzarro Sox! Far cry from the manufacture-runs-by-walks-and-hits-and-none-of-those-pesky-steals team of '04 (that did, admittedly, have one of the most famous postseason steals ever in the ALCS.)

posted by tieguy at 09:59 PM on May 04, 2008

Mavericks begin rebuilding from the top

The whole starting lineup is signed though, right?

posted by tieguy at 02:57 PM on April 30, 2008

Does Evan Longoria's new contract

$17.5million over 6 (guaranteed) seasons is really not that big of an investment for a MLB team. It's actually below the current average salary, so if the kid is good, this is a steal.

posted by tieguy at 08:50 AM on April 19, 2008

Olympic torch put out by protests.

Weedy: the difference is that in China you could be arrested for posting a criticism like that on sportsfilter.cn- that is, if you could get to a politically sensitive page like this at all. I fully agree that the US has lost a fair amount of moral high ground in the past seven years, and as someone with Latin American roots, I'm pretty strongly aware of how weak that high ground was well before that- most of Latin American could swap notes pretty handily with Tibet. If people wanted to protest an American Olympics right now, they'd have every right. But even with all that damage China's government, and the lack of rights people have to protest it, is still in a different, even lower, class. Relatedly, that's why I don't even feel that badly for the torch runners. They chose to participate in an event that was explicitly- from day one of the bidding process- planned as a propaganda coup for the Chinese government, through which they would announce to the world that they had ascended into the realm of modern, respectable, 'first class' nations. (They didn't build those fancy stadiums to show off how effective forced labor is.) Unfortunately, China has been called out on what a lie that is, and so those who were being used as part of the propaganda (torch runners, athletes, etc.) are being caught up in it. Certainly it wasn't their intent to propagandize China, so I feel a little badly of them, but they should point the blame at the IOC- which damn well knew it was a propaganda exercise when they accepted the Beijing bid- rather than the protesters who are trying to expose the Chinese government for the authoritarian police state that it is. (And don't get me started on the 'if we expose them to our culture, they'll realize how bad their government is' stuff. It is basically true- but in letting the Chinese government set up all the ground rules for the Olympics, you really think the average Chinese citizen is going to get any exposure to Western democratic values? No, they're going to get hours and hours of propaganda about how the Olympics proves the greatness of China and the Chinese government. By participating- by showing our flag there- we're only complicit in that masquerade.)

posted by tieguy at 05:04 PM on April 08, 2008

Olympic torch put out by protests.

lbb: no, not you specifically, sorry if I gave that impression. Lots of others, though. (Or alternately, it is only about Darfur, or only about... whatever.)

posted by tieguy at 09:02 PM on April 07, 2008

Olympic torch put out by protests.

It also sucks to be a Tibetan Buddhist nun imprisoned and tortured for taking part in a demonstration. Or a college student shot and killed in Tiananmen, only to have it stricken from your country's history books. Or a Darfurian starved by a government suported by China in return for mineral resources. Or a blogger jailed for speaking their mind, or an athlete prohibited from speaking about all this. The list is very, very long; I could go on. I'm sad that so many people think it is only about Tibet. If the IOC didn't want politics, they shouldn't have given the games to a police state.

posted by tieguy at 07:19 PM on April 07, 2008

24 Hours of LeMons

Jalopnik has extensive coverage of this. It is indeed hilarious.

posted by tieguy at 04:22 PM on April 05, 2008

A Breakthrough for Cricket in NYC High Schools

Cricket for baseball people.

posted by tieguy at 04:16 PM on April 05, 2008

Why the Leafs stink

Jeez. I've complained about the Dolphins pathetic drafting of late (particularly painful when the Patriots draft magic is in your division) but at least we've had successful draft picks more recently than 1986...

posted by tieguy at 04:14 PM on April 05, 2008

Least Likely Super Bowl XLIII: Miami vs. Atlanta

Uhm, what? The Pats O line, the one commentators drooled over all year is a problem? Well, there is the detail that the Giants D line should have collectively been the MVP of the Super Bowl. Partially their great play, partially the Pats O line's complete inability to block most of the night.

posted by tieguy at 12:34 PM on February 06, 2008

Happy Iron Anniversary, Sportsfilter.

Somebody (#1? #2?) emailed me because they'd found me discussing sports on mefi. And now here I am. Wish I had more time to comment here anymore...

posted by tieguy at 01:18 PM on January 25, 2008