April 05, 2008

Why the Leafs stink: It's not bad luck. It's not bad karma. What it takes to build a chronic loser. Richard Peddie is sitting at a small conference table in his office at the Air Canada Centre. Laying face down on the table in front of him is a paperback copy of Barack Obama's political memoir The Audacity of Hope. Perfect for the CEO of a team about to set a new standard for futility, but that's not the point. The point will be revealed later. For now, Peddie would just like you to know that he enjoys reading books.

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Over the past 20 years, the Leafs have drafted just two players — Tomas Kaberle and Felix Potvin — who went on to play in the NHL all-star game. That is amazing! All-star rosters are what, 22 players? And for 20 years? So 400+ players have played in the all-star game over the years (I know there's players who play multiple years) and only 2 have been Leafs draftees?! That is one of the most shocking statistics I've heard. Even my numbnutz Bengals send players they drafted to the Pro Bowl every year. Damn, I'm sorry, Leafs fans.

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Over the past 20 years, the Leafs have drafted just two players — Tomas Kaberle and Felix Potvin — who went on to play in the NHL all-star game. That's factually false. They've only drafted two players who went to the NHL All-Star Game as Toronto Maple Leafs. Off the top of my head, Fredrik Modin played in the All-Star Game as a Tampa Bay Lightning representative, and he was a Leaf draft pick.

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Nice statfu again Grum. Your correction peaked my interest, so I did a bit of snooping on the Leafs web page. What was really amazing wans't so much the lack of all-stars, but the lack of even household names drafted by the Leafs. Some good all-around players like Keith Carney, Scott Thornton, and Modin, but not much to show for twenty years worth of draft picks. The last pick who had a standout career was Vincent Damphousse, and you have to go back to 1986 for him. It really does hit home the point the article tries to make about the lack of talent front office and laziness in drafting.

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Jeez. I've complained about the Dolphins pathetic drafting of late (particularly painful when the Patriots draft magic is in your division) but at least we've had successful draft picks more recently than 1986...

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but not much to show for twenty years worth of draft picks. Agreed. Of course, due to recent runs at the playoffs, the Leafs have been dealing decent young players/prospects. Brad Boyes is turning into a goal scorer in St. Louis, and he was dealt during a playoff push. Of course, the 2002 draft for Toronto has easily been the most successful one in a long time: Steen, Stajan, Kronwall and White. It's early, but Steen could flourish into an All-Star level player in a couple of years. For kicks, I decided to look at the last 20 years of NY Ranger draft picks: All-Stars: Doug Weight (#34, 1990 draft) Sergei Zubov (#85, 1990 draft) Alexei Kovalev (#15, 1991 draft) That's it.

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Oh but the rest of the article is so true. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that can save the Leafs are: 1 - A billionaire egomaniac who is only marginally concerend with profit (and can pay something like 2-3 billion for the whole thing). 2 - Another team in Toronto (this is a good idea that will never happen under Bettman). That article is so painfully accurate though, it makes me want to punch a puppy.

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I agree with the article, but I have a quibble about the way these (bad) trades were presented in the article, though. >October 16, 1989—Scott Niedermayer for Tom Kurvers >March 13, 1996—Kenny Jonsson and Roberto Luongo for Wendel Clark and Mathieu Schneider That should read "draft choice" because the Leafs never had Luongo or Niedermayer. If the Devils had taken Scott Lachance then this would not have been the worst trade ever? It's a little like saying >"Toronto Maple Leafs traded Craig Berube, Alexander Godynyuk, Gary Leeman, Michel Petit and Jeff Reese to the Calgary Flames for Doug Gilmour, Jamie Macoun, Ric Nattress, Rick Wamsley and Kent Manderville." should really be: "...to the Calgary Flames for Doug Gilmour, Jason Smith, Steve Sullivan, Alyn MacCauley, Jamies Macoun, Alexei Ponikarovsky, Ric Natress, Rick Walmsley, and Kent Manderville." because the Leafs traded Gilmour to Jersey and traded Macoun for draft choice. Whatever a team does with the asset whether it is a player, cash, draft choice, or a bus should not count against the team that gave it away. Other than that and the Fred Modin bit mentioned by grum, fine article.

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