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Fan of pro teams from Cincinnati, vividly remember the cold bowl against Fouts' Chargers, and hope I live to see some glory soon. Still haven't gotten over the Whale leaving Hartford. Jumped squarely onto the NJ Devils bandwagon at that point, but just love all things hockey.

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Warrant issued for Patriots owner Robert Kraft for soliciting prostitution in Florida: Patriots owner Robert Kraft allegedly visited a massage parlor/human trafficking/prostitution establishment in Jupiter, Florida. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

posted by tahoemoj to football at 12:26 PM on February 22, 2019 - 18 comments

NHL Third Jerseys for 2018-19: Several teams unveiled new third jerseys for the upcoming NHL season. The Avs tip a cap to the old time Rockies, Flyers go two-tone (no word on the return of the Cooperall pants), the Devils bring back the Green and Red, and at the risk of offering an opinion on a FPP, the 'Canes win.

posted by tahoemoj to hockey at 03:13 PM on October 02, 2018 - 6 comments

So...About that Serena Cartoon: It sure feels like this is something that would have been discussed at length a few years back on SpoFi. What does the hive mind here think? Is it racist as hell, a cultural phenomenon, or a bit of both?

posted by tahoemoj to tennis at 05:10 PM on September 12, 2018 - 9 comments

Up to 175 Years: "Once a world-renowned sports physician treating America's foremost Olympic women gymnasts, Larry Nassar now will spend the rest of his life behind bars."

posted by tahoemoj to olympics at 02:52 PM on January 24, 2018 - 2 comments

Martin Brodeur to Announce Retirement.: One of the all-time greats, Brodeur finishes his 22-year NHL career with a 691-397-176 record, a 2.24 goals-against average and .912 save percentage in 1,266 appearances, all but seven coming with the New Jersey Devils. He holds regular-season NHL goaltending records for wins (621), shutouts (125), games played and minutes played (74,438), and in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs he ranks first in starts (204) and shutouts (24) and second in wins (113).

posted by tahoemoj to hockey at 05:37 PM on January 27, 2015 - 12 comments

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NFL Pickem Week 13: Duuuuuuuval Edition

I'm well aware of Centerville---as a Moeller hockey player, you guys were our arch-rivals. One of the proudest moments of my life was being introduced as the starting center in your barn and having the entire home fan section boo me. Really told me I'd made an impression over the years. Cheers to you, and cheers to your old man. Cancer sucks.

posted by tahoemoj at 02:08 PM on December 01, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 13: Duuuuuuuval Edition

grew up about 45 minutes north of Cincy

Where? Hamilton or Middletown? Montgomery here. Graduate of Moeller High School and Miami University.

posted by tahoemoj at 01:46 PM on November 30, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 13: Duuuuuuuval Edition

My picks:

Cowboys by 13 (lock)
Colts by 7
Chargers by 14 (lock)
Lions by 6 (lock)
Falcons by 4
Steelers by 7 (lock)
Buccaneers by 7
Dolphins by 13 (lock)
Texans by 4
Rams by 6
Eagles by 7 (lock)
Chiefs by 13 (lock)
Jaguars by 17 (lock)

Left a lot of points on the board last week by neglecting to pick the Thanksgiving blowouts. Alas. And now, to top it off, I have to pick against the Bengals every week (I don't have jagsnumberone's commitment to keep picking a stinker).

posted by tahoemoj at 01:44 PM on November 30, 2023

Colts Owner Jim Irsay: I'm Victim of Prejudice

If I'm just the average guy down the block, they're not pulling me in then I might not feel entitled to drive car under the influence of the contents of your average hospital pharmacy, of course not." Fixed that for you, Jimmy.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:24 PM on November 28, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 12: Tryptophan Edition

My picks:

Saints by 7
Bengals by 6 (lock)
Titans by 4
Buccaneers by 7
Giants by 7
Texans by 6
Broncos by 4
Rams by 3
Chiefs by 13 (lock)
Eagles by 7
Ravens by 6
Vikings by 3

posted by tahoemoj at 11:11 PM on November 25, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 11: Joshua Unitas Edition

My picks:

Bengals by 4
Steelers by 3
Lions by 10 (lock)
Chargers by 6
Dolphins by 13 (lock)
Commanders by 7
Cowboys by 21 (lock)
Jaguars by 7 (lock)
Texans by 10 (lock)
49ers by 9 (lock)
Bills by 6
Seahawks by 7
Vikings by 4
Eagles by 7

posted by tahoemoj at 03:05 PM on November 16, 2023

Man arrested in death of former Penguins forward Adam Johnson

The reporting on this is bizarre. Until we know who was charged with manslaughter, it is impossible to speculate as to why he was charged. That and I don't know how analogous England's manslaughter standards are to ours in the states.

posted by tahoemoj at 07:18 PM on November 14, 2023

NHL Star Takes Subway to Work Every Game

People come up and ask for pictures or say hi, but they don't really bother me. Everybody's very nice

Hopefully, Nylander never gets traded to New York.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:40 AM on November 10, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 10: Stroud Like Colossus Edition

My picks:

Panthers by 3
Colts by 6
Bengals by 10 (lock)
Saints by 7
Steelers by 3
Titans by 3
49ers by 4
Ravens by 4
Cardinals by 3
Lions by 6
Cowboys by 24 (lock)
Seahawks by 13 (lock)
Raiders by 4
Bills by 14 (lock)

posted by tahoemoj at 12:26 PM on November 09, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 9: Trade Deadline Edition

My picks:

Titans by 6
Dolphins by 3
Falcons by 13 (lock)
Browns by 9 (lock)
Rams by 4
Patriots by 6
Saints by 13 (lock)
Ravens by 6
Buccaneers by 3
Panthers by 3
Giants by 7
Cowboys by 3
Bengals by 10 (lock)
Chargers by 6

posted by tahoemoj at 12:32 PM on November 02, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 8: Bill is Back Edition

Revised picks:

Lions by 10 (lock)

posted by tahoemoj at 04:30 PM on October 30, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 8: Bill is Back Edition

The pickems don't allow weekly scores to drop below 0.

A feature I have relied upon multiple times.

posted by tahoemoj at 03:02 PM on October 27, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 8: Bill is Back Edition

My picks:

Bills by 13 (lock)
Cowboys by 7
Vikings by 10
Falcons by 6
Colts by 4
Dolphins by 14 (lock)
Giants by 6
Jaguars by 11
Eagles by 17 (lock)
Texans by 13 (lock)
Seahawks by 6
Chiefs by 24 (lock)
Ravens by 13 (lock)
Bengals by 3
Chargers by 12 (lock)
Raiders by 10 (lock)

posted by tahoemoj at 01:35 PM on October 26, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 7: Caleb Wants Equity Edition

My picks:

Saints by 4
Raiders by 3
Browns by 6
Bills by 17 (lock)
Giants by 3
Buccaneers by 6
Ravens by 4
Rams by 10
Seahawks by 13 (lock)
Packers by 7
Chiefs by 7
Eagles by 6
49ers by 14 (lock)

posted by tahoemoj at 12:25 PM on October 19, 2023

3 Sought for Charges in Death of Fan at Patriots Game

Good reasons to fight: (1) someone is threatening your loved ones; (2) someone is threatening you and you are unable to walk away; (3) end of list.

Stupid reasons to fight: (1) someone cheers for a different sports team than you (likely because they grew up in a different area code); (2) any other reason to fight.

posted by tahoemoj at 04:56 PM on October 14, 2023