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Say it aint so: Jeff Maier may become an Oriole. Nofigginway. If this happens there will be some more O's stuff on Ebay as I turn in my fanclub ID card.

posted by seansterps to baseball at 06:25 PM on June 02, 2006 - 15 comments

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Wojciechowski: BCS System Needs Extreme Makeover

The more that people get fired up about the BCS in September and October the less likely NCAA is to do anything about it. If the NCAA were to go to a playoff system, then the games in the first 6 weeks would mean alot less than they do now. The passion of the part-time veiwer would not be ignited until the end of November and into December, and insted of debaiting betwwen the likes of USC and Michigan (this year) we would talking about West virginia and BYU. Which is more exciting? The system as it stands creates buzz the entire season, good and bad. The NCAA loves that. The part-time fan of NCAA basketball doesn't care until Feb and the conferance tournys start. Maybe not until their bartender, I mean co-worker, hands them the bracket to fill out. The NCAA is banking on people getting mad and watching more intently and not turning of the set.

posted by seansterps at 09:37 AM on November 26, 2006

Hundreds to compete for Rock, Paper, Scissors Title.

In the best of three you gotta go Rock, Scissors, Rock.

posted by seansterps at 03:10 PM on November 11, 2006

Rush to Judgement.

It's all about the money. Running the NCAA is like trying to get 150 Mob bosses to agree on how they should split up the money. Nothing will change until people stop watching and going to the games. I don't see that happening any time soon. Having the flaws only makes people talk more about football not less. If there were a playoff system it would limit the number of meaningful regular season games and lower the TV rating for games such as Louisville - Rutgers. Lower ratings means less money. If anybody still thinks that the NCAA is in it for the kids there fooling themselves. How bout them Turtles getting into the top 25?

posted by seansterps at 08:40 AM on November 11, 2006

Little League controversy

The next day the boy said to his dad, "Dad can we go to the batting cages?" And Dad replied, "Sure. But why?" to which this nine year old responded, "Because next year, I want to be the guy that they walk." It sounds to me that the only person that got a good result out of this game was the kid that got struck out.

posted by seansterps at 05:07 PM on August 11, 2006

Going down with the ship

I just watched the video (thanks for the link) and I still don't think it is possible.

posted by seansterps at 10:27 AM on August 05, 2006

Landis Likely to Lose Tour Title

I hope Landis can make a complete return after his hip surgery. I'm getting a little upset about my paper not getting to my house until after I leave for work. Welcome back Floyd. Here is your tip.

posted by seansterps at 10:17 AM on August 05, 2006

Bill Belichick, Home Wrecker?

DO, a deer, a female deer............

posted by seansterps at 05:48 PM on July 25, 2006

Arena out, Klinsmann likely in.

Arena is a passable coach at best. If the U.S. is to continue to advance on the world stage they will need someone more able at the helm. And better players. Come on Freddie.

posted by seansterps at 08:35 AM on July 16, 2006

Cuban: For the first time in my life, I'm speechless

I think the Mavs will win it, but not being a fan of either team it will be fun to watch Wade and Nowitzki try to outdo the other each time down the floor. This going to be an exciting series. I hope it goes seven just for the extra games.

posted by seansterps at 08:35 AM on June 04, 2006

Will Wie make history?

Anybody want to buy a set of used irons and never used fairway woods? I wish her all the luck in the world. It would be great to watch her in a major like that. It is going to be fun to watch her over the next 30 years.

posted by seansterps at 05:56 PM on June 03, 2006

Say it aint so

If you are not an O's fan you can't understand the depth of hatred that is felt for this guy. I know, what about Bartman? After this game the kid was given the royal treatment by every New York news outlet. He was a guest on Letterman the next day dammit. He watched the rest of the series from beside King George. It was rubbed in our faces that this kid interfered with a live ball and nothing was done about it. I don't tink that I will get over this until the O's can win the Series, and at the current rate I will be long dead berfore that happens. It still figgin hurts.

posted by seansterps at 08:26 PM on June 02, 2006

How to Buy a Rocket

Do you suppose that the commissioner would keep it a secret from all of the other teams and let them attempt to negotiate with Clemens, only to pull the rug out from under them at the last moment if they came close to signing a deal? It stops being a secret if too many people know about it.

posted by seansterps at 04:57 PM on June 01, 2006

How to Buy a Rocket

Now that his 50 game suspension is done he can finally get back to pitching. Oh, you didn't know about the failed drug test? AAAHHH, These are not the droids you are looking for. You may go.

posted by seansterps at 03:48 PM on June 01, 2006

Woods skips Memorial:

Remember when Jordan's Dad was killed? The bulls that year could have won the finals in a sweep but lost game 4 , making the final game on Fathers day. (Not that I'm saying they lost on purpose. Wink Wink) If Tiger can come back and play in the Open and win it on Fathers Day I know their wont be a dry eye at my house. That would be a great storyline.

posted by seansterps at 10:14 AM on May 27, 2006

The hard part? "The swimming."

Oh Yeah! Well my four year old can burp his ABCs, with a snot bubble in his nose.

posted by seansterps at 03:33 PM on May 22, 2006