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December 31, 2005

Chad Hedricks Breaks 10000 Meter Speedskating World Record : Kearns, Utah U.S. Long Track Speedskating Championships, Chad Hendricks, the talkative Texan, who likes to predict his own World Records, shatters the old record by 3 seconds. He is the only American Skater qualified for five events at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. He has his sights set on Eric Heiden's 5 Gold Medal Olympic Speedskating performance in 1980.

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Is backing another player ethical?: "Let's cut to the chase: Poker players financially back other players in World Series of Poker events and other tournaments when they're playing in the same tournament and maybe even at the same table.... Question is, is this OK? Is this legal? Is this ethical? Is this a festering conflict of interest that is the biggest threat to the public embracing poker's new smiley face instead of the game's outlaw image?"

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Jumping Their Bones: Six weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics in Turin, some members of the U.S. women's skeleton team, including 2002 gold medalist Tristan Gale, have accused Coach Tim Nardiello of improper sexual advances and harassment. "The only time I want to see your legs spread like that is if I am between them," he allegedly said to one competitor.

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December 30, 2005

EPL Fantasy Premier League update, through Week 19. : Screw you, flu, and the snow, too.

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Saints Will Leave San Antonio: New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue have reached an agreement to return the displaced team to its state-owned training facility in Metairie, La., after the season ends Sunday. The agreement likely eliminates the possibility of the Saints playing home games at the Alamodome in 2006.

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The shootout, the NHL's guilty little pleasure.: Some coaches hate it. Others are dismissive of it. It makes many players nervous, while others love the adrenaline rush. Regardless, fans love it to death.

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Tiger Makes the Turn at 30: Tiger Woods' is 30 today, finishing a decade in which he won 10 majors, 36 other tournaments, and was the No. 1 ranked golfer for 372 weeks. If he follows the tradition of peaking after 30 like other golfers, he'll break the records of Sam Snead (82 tour wins) and Jack Nicklaus (18 majors) before he's 40.

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December 29, 2005

if they earn it let 'em celebrate: Over the past few years guys like T.O. and Chad Johnson have been critisized for dances like these... but who's gonna stop them? not me! i think if they score they've earned a dance or two

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Sometimes, you gotta kick a stallion.: [you'll have to try to ignore the atrocious site design]

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Premature Jubilation: Reining in his horse Central House, standing upright in the saddle and jubilantly punching the air before a crowd of 20,000, Irish jockey Roger Loughran, 25, celebrated victory in only his second professional race at the Paddy Power Dial-A-Bet Chase Tuesday. Unfortunately, he was still more than 80 yards from the finish line, having mistaken a birch stick for the winning post. His horse finished third, costing himself $85,000 and gamblers an estimated $1.7 million on the 11-4 favorite.

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Brett Favre & Marshall Faulk want to retire,: but I don't think either should. In the case of Favre, though, if the Packer board allows Mike 'half-assed' Sherman to return next year, then I'd do it. He has said he'd play for Steve Mariucci, and Mariucci was screwed royally in Detroit, where this article comes from.

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Leading FSU Tackler Suspended for Sexual Assault: A.J. Nicholson has been questioned by police and suspended by Florida State after a 19-year-old woman accused him of the crime early Thursday.

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American Rahlves Wins World Cup Downhill: Bormio, Italy: Daron Rahlves won a World cup Downhill Thursday and bumps fellow American Bode Miller in the overall standings.

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December 28, 2005

Aaaaaaand the winners are: AP names 2005 Athletes of the Year.

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Venezuela rebuffs veto on Cuba's World Classic Participation: Venezuela may decline to participate in the Baseball Classic if Cuba isn't allowed to play. Puerto Rico has already said that they will no longer "host" games, in rejection to the veto. This is another great example of how politics can ruin a good sports event.

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New Year, New Stars: Here's a month-by-month look at some of the big events for 2006 and some athletes with breakout potential. Who's on your radar as future Superstars?

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December 27, 2005

EPL Fantasy Premier League: Results through week 18.: The Boxing Day games.

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It's official.: The Toronto Blue Jays are the most improved team in baseball.

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The Man Who Revolutionised Cricket Dies: Kerry Packer, the richest man in Australia, passed away peacefully yesterday. His World Series Cricket in the late 70s changed cricket forever. Perhaps the only 'owner' in history who actually wanted the players to earn a decent wage. And then there was the coloured clothing, the white ball, the floodlights....

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Reardon arrested: for robbing a jewelry store. The lesson here is if you rob a jewelry store, don't stop at the Denney's down the street for lunch!

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Marat Safin’s Knee Injury Makes Him Quit Tournament, Doubt Australian Open Participation: Safin is suffering from tendonitis in his right knee, which also caused him to pull out of the Masters Cup in Shanghai last month.

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December 26, 2005

Why can’t it be Miller time again?: A lament from one man who misses big words on his football broadcasts. A sportsfilter column by wfrazerjr.

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Why can't it be Miller time again?: A lament from one man who misses big words on his football broadcasts.

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Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over: For the 555th and final time tonight, ABC will air Monday Night Football, the longest-running primetime sports series in television history. The New York Jets played the first game on Sept. 21, 1970, and play ABC's last tonight against the New England Patriots. Though the show's best known for the era when Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford called the games, MNF draws better ratings today than it did in the '70s, finishing in the top 10 the past 16 years. Jim Jenkins of the Sacramento Bee offers the top 10 MNF moments, which include the gruesome career-ending injury to Joe Thiesmann in 1985, who will be joining Al Michaels next season when the games air on ESPN.

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Ted Nolan wants back in the NHL: Nolan would like an NHL job, the New Jersey Devils would like a head coach. Lou Lamoriello (team president and GM) has been the Dev's coach since Larry Robinson left the team on Dec. 19.

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Spartak Moscow Sells Vidic to Manchester United: Manchester United have agreed an undisclosed fee with Spartak Moscow for defender Nemanja Vidic, the Premier League club announced.

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December 25, 2005

Castro Cries Foul: Fidel Castro said Friday that the Bush administration was wrong to prohibit Cuba from sending a team to next year's World Baseball Classic.

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Leon Spinks is down, not out.: The man who dethroned Muhammad Ali on a February night in 1978 in one of the greatest upsets in boxing history puts on his gloves -- not the red Everlast boxing gloves, but the orange Rubbermaid cleaning gloves. ... Now he cleans the local YMCA for $5.15 an hour on weekends, sometimes unloads trucks at McDonald's, and volunteers to help the homeless. ... "It ain't what you do," said the custodian. "It's how you do it.

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Deion drops the Neon.: "At this point and age in my career I'm not looking for a stage," Sanders said ... "I'm looking to teach the young players how to be professional, how to be a man, how to be a father, how to be a friend, how to handle your finances."... When he quits for keeps, Sanders probably will be asked to return to the TV studio. But his experience over the past two seasons has caused him to consider an alternate vocation: What he really wants to do is become a coach.

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Does Michigan deserve a better bowl?: Personally I think the only way to stop my favorite college team from bitching is to go back to the old Pre-BCS Rose Bowl. They don't deserve it this year, but it sure would be nice to see ANY Big Ten team play on New Years Day! The Rose Bowl is about Big Ten vs Pac-10, only that and only on New Years Day! Or is it sour grapes from Carr?

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December 24, 2005

God Bless Ye Merry NFL: The NFL will be playing regular season games on Christmas for only the second time in its history, joining the NBA in scheduling games on the holiday. "I feel safe in presuming to speak for most Americans on this: we can make it through Jesus’ birthday without watching the Lakers and Heat on TV," writes Randy Horick of Nashville Scene. NBA columnist Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated takes the other view, running down his favorite games of Christmas past.

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More than just a 'roid freak...: Sad turn of events for body building's star couple. Kelly Ryan was once a student of Bela Karolyi, before she met Craig Titus.

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December 23, 2005

Evaluating: Danny Ainge. The fine folks over at Celtics Blog are going over all the transactions of GM Ainge's tenure and grading them.

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Taking a Header: Not in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, you aren't. A recent bill attempted to ban heading in soccer. It was ammended to require helmets instead. Some are fer, some are against.

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How Bout Them Chargers!: The Chargers, as we all know being the only team to beat the Indy Colts this year, there record is now 9-5 and are on there way to another playoff title. (lets just hope Keading has his leg ready this year for the post-season) 6 Bolts are going to the pro-bowl this year six!! quite an accomplishment I'd say, im a Lions fan but I gotta have love for those Bolts...there a young team with mucho talent! just keep an eye out football fans =D

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"My record was a product of doping." : Former East German swimmer Petra Schneider asks that her national record in the 400-meter medley, set in 1982 (!), be abolished.

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Russian Heavyweight Valuev Returns Champion’s Belt to Ruiz: The agency said that one of Ruiz’s ringside team tried to keep the belt which did not fit the Russian boxer, but was prevented from doing so. However, a short time later, Valuev agreed to give the old belt to his defeated opponent as a souvenir.

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Another Pulitzer for Mitch Albom?: I dare anyone to read this without being moved.

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December 22, 2005

Nice shoes!: Nice Volley! Nice bicycle! Oh Henry! Rrrrrronaldoooooo! and thank you, Mr. Wu!

Merry Christmas fellow SpoFites!

Formerly on SpoFi, although, the title link appears to be down.

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Some honesty, finally: Lawton admits to taking steroids. "It was such a stupid thing, but I was desperate"

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Last minute shopping ideas for the person who has everything:: James Naismith's family is planning to sell the original Rules of Basketball for $10 million. The profits will go to a youth charity. Reading the original thirteen rules (listed in the article) shows that the game may have changed just a bit since 1891.

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Tony Dungy's Son Found Dead: Breaking news from ESPN.

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December 21, 2005

EPL Fantasy Premier League: Results through week 17.

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College Football Bowl Game Pick'em?: I don't see this sort of game on the Yahoo! site, but ESPN apparently has it. I don't have an ESPN account (says they are free), but would get one if others wanted to set up a group to play. What say you SportsFilterFarians?

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Canada's 2006 Olympic team is set, but Sidney's staying home: Hockey Canada names the team for Turin, and rookie phenom Sidney Crosby isn't on the roster. Young turks Eric Staal and Jason Spezza did make the cut, although on the taxi squad, and Todd Bertuzzi also is headed overseas. What's the biggest surprise for you?

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"Honestly? I can't say I ever spend $100 a day,": said Jazz guard Devin Brown, who bragged that his December per diem funded 30 new DVDs for his collection. "Most guys probably end up pocketing about half of it." The Salt Lake Tribune takes a look at the CBA demanded $102 per diem that basketball players get while they're on the road. An interesting glimpse into the everyday life of an NBA player. (via truehoop)

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The end for Puerta.: ITF hits Mariano Puerta with an eight-year ban for a second drug offense, effectively ending his career.

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Pro Bowl Selections: Colts Send 7 Players, Bears 6, 5 on Defense...

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The NHL's Most Consistent Referee: From the mouths of the players themselves: a Hockey News player poll. Most players seem to think very highly of Kerry Fraser, with the possible exception of an anonymous Toronto Maple Leaf.

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Chicoutimi -- welcome to the 17th century: How far do you have to go to have your franchise disbanded? By sportsfilter's own wfrazerjr.

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Chicoutimi -- welcome to the 17th century: How far do you have to go to have your franchise disbanded?

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Chicoutimi -- it apparently means "racist knobs" in French: Fans of the Chicoutimi Sagueneens, a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League team, pulled out the tomahawk chop, yelled war whoops and insulted Moncton Wildcats head coach Ted Nolan during a QMJHL game on Sunday. Nolan, an Ojibwa and former head coach of the Buffalo Sabres, was upset and angry after the game, but received plenty of support from the public. He also received an apology from the Sagueneens on Tuesday.

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December 20, 2005

Johnny Damon to sign with Yanks.: That sound you hear is that of millions of Bostonian females wailing in unison.

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Pot, kettle...kettle, pot. You two should have a lot in common.: Vikings coach Mike Tice shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that no matter what school he went to, or degree he received, he simply does not know the definition of the word "irony."

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No suds in the Meadowlands: . Jets spokesman Ron Colangelo announced that next Monday night's game against the New England Patriots will be alcohol-free, "for the safety of our fans".

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"Univ of MD Men's B-ball Coach Gary Williams got a new contract that could keep him at his alma mater for the next eight years.": Is there any rhyme or reason as to why coaches (see also: Weis) obtain mid-season, mid-contract extensions? Will this bloster the confidence of the Terrapins or could this be a distraction to a team in, arguably, the best NCAA Basketball conference?

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10-4 Chicago Bears Name Grossman Starter against Packers: Lake Forest, IL Chicago Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith ended all speculation and named Rex Grossman the starting quarterback against Rival Green Bay on Christmas Day.

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Packers Coach Sherman Has To Go: I would not blame Favre if he retired today after the loss last night. His recievers quit on him and the Sherman has proved he can not coach. That was the worst showing of a team that just gave up in a long while, where was there pride?

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Mission 12 Olympic Medals: US SPEEDSKATING Official Tell Us How

In an exclusive interview with SportsFilter, US SPEEDSKATING official Melissa Scott explains why the their "Mission" is 12 Olympic Medals, 1 more then the 2002 US Olympic Speedskating Team. By sportsfilter's own skydivedad.

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USA First Team to Reveal Hockey Olympians : No big surprises except maybe Roenick's saltiness.

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December 19, 2005

Mission 12 Olympic Medals: US Speedskating Official Tell Us How

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Call me Billinho!: The Nike-sponsored Ginga documentary is now out (previous thread) and I saw it last night on FoxSoccerChannel. Enjoyable 45 minutes or so, and they'll be showing it several more times that I noticed over the next couple of weeks, plus you can go to the downloads link and grab the entire video. Focus is on half a dozen youngsters who embody the joyful spirit of Futebol Brasiliero including pre-Real Madrid Robhino plus the required brief visit from Ronaldinho.

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The Great One steps down as head coach of Coyotes: His role in assembling and directing Team Canada at the Turin Games in February is similarly uncertain at this point.

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Boxer Valuev Wins Russia’s First World Heavyweight Title: Nikolai Valuev won the World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight title with a controversial majority decision over American John Ruiz on Saturday to become the first Russian champion in boxing’s most glamorous division.

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They are marching in the streets in Detroit.: If there is one thing people from Detroit know how to do, it's get pissed off. Maybe it's time. I don't think this team is going anywhere until Ford sells it to someone who WANTS to win.

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Russia’s Tennis Star Maria Sharapova on Promotional Tour in Japan: The darling of the tennis world, Maria Sharapova, will grace Japan from Dec. 20-24 for a three-city promotional blitz that will include singles matches against Japan's top-ranked player, Ai Sugiyama, Asahi Shimbun wrote Monday.

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Mount Union: wins their 8th championship since 1992!

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Sao Paulo champions of the world:

"Sao Paulo can do no wrong on the world stage.

Three times the Brazilian team has reached the final of the Club World Championship, and three times they have walked away victorious...Liverpool has now been defeated in all three world club finals it has appeared in."


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December 18, 2005

Done Deal, Nomar to Dodgers: Nomar Garciapara signs 1 Year Deal with Red Sox West (Dodgers)

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Oh wait, never mind. (NFL version):
Somewhere in Florida, champagne is being poured.

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New World Record Canopy Formation 85 Way! : World Record : 85 Disciplined CRW (Canopy Relative Work) Flyers set a World Record, 85 Member Diamond Formation in Lake Wales, FL earlier this month. CRW is a kissing cousin of Skydiving but no Freefall is involved. Beautiful Photgraphs of the Record inside the link.

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Oh wait, never mind.

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December 17, 2005

Rose bat corked, says expert: Apparently the bat ended up selling for over $100,000 to a casino that is going to cut it open to see if it's corked or not. Personally, I hope it is. Maybe this will finally put to rest all of the HOF talk that crops up every year.

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I'm sorry, did you say contract? What contract?: It's a wonderful life, if you can get one. Millions of dollars, expensive sports cars, reservations in the finest restaurants, babes. ...

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Outside looking in: One of the greatest sources of true heat during the Hot Stove season is arguing about who should be in the Hall of Fame. You just don't get the same kind of passion when discussing the Hall of Fame in the other sports. For baseball fans, it's a pastime in itself. So I thought it would be fun to come up with a team of the best eligible guys NOT in the Hall of Fame...

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American Women Wins World Cup Downhill! : Val D'Isere France, American Women finish 1, 2. The 1st Americans since Picabo Street (2nd 1996) to finish in the Top 3 at Val D'Isere in downhill. Lindsey Kildow finished 1st with Caroline Lalive 2nd. Lindsey Kildow leads the World Cup Downhill standings with 245 total pts. having won earlier in Lake Louis, Alberta. Austrian Alexadra Meissnitzer finished 3rd. It's seen as a Major Tune-up for the XX Winter Games coming to Torino, Italy in Feb 2006.

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Longhorns preparing for career nfl finding ways to supplement income.: As long as the school doesn't take action and the police don't file charges the Texas DBacks should continue carrying semi automatic pistols, they may need them against USC's passing game.

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Words That Go Together Like a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich: 'Los Angeles Clippers' and 'First Place': Since leaving Buffalo in 1978, the Clippers have finished above .500 twice and lost all three playoff series they reached, cheered on by loyal masochists like Billy Crystal, Penny Marshall and Frankie Muniz. This year, they find themselves in a strange place -- first. "L.A.'s other team has never come close to a start like this," ESPN's Marc Stein writes of their 14-8 record.

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Now security is taking fans brown paper bags away from them in Detriot so fans can't protest the games by being unknown fans.: I think management of any pro team has to allow their fans to express themselves, even if they don't like what they have to say. Without the fans the team wouldn't exist.

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Chelsea wins world title.: Well, OK, not that Chelsea. Ms Chelsea Georgeson is the new world surfing champion, as rival and former champion Sophia Mulanovich is knocked out of the Billabong Pro in Hawaii.

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December 16, 2005

Cool new yahoo feature: Fantasy profiles have show your entire history on yahoo fantasy games. Here's mine. What's yours?

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Countdown to Torino is on! Ohno, Kim still dominant.: ShortTrack Speed Skating wraps up qualifying in Michigan's U.P. ! LongTrack qualifying coming to Utah Dec. 27th-31st.

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Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles: Owens says "You all used me to win a lot of games...". What? Isn't that what a " Job " is? The same argument could be used for anybody who works; " The city used me to collect garbage", if your in sanitation, that's your job. What happened to the beloved "I don't...worry about what people think. People hated on Jesus." T.O that we all used to love? Hard to feel sorry for a multi-millionaire.

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Royals add 4 Free Agents: It appears that the Royals are actually spending that new found payroll in an attempt to turn around their dismal skid.

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Sports agent, 39, has last chance for Olympic dream today.: The article is nearly a month old, but I heard on NPR this morning that Patrick Quinn, after failing to qualify for the USA speed-skating team over the past two Winter Olympics, will attempt to qualify for the two-man luge USA team today. All he and luge partner Christian Niccum need to do is finish fifth at Lake Placid today, in the final World Cup race of the year. This after missing the previous qualifying race just one month ago when they wiped out and Niccum had to be taken to hospital with a concussion. Anyone know where I can get a live radio or Net audio or news feed for this event?

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Champions League draw: EPL champs Chelsea vs El rey de la Liga Barcelona.: And in another mouth watering matchup - Arsenal will take on Real Madrid.

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Meaningless awards for Ozzie, Mo, Ichiro, and Ortiz: More irrelevant fodder for hot stove action. 62 days until pitchers and catchers report, 107 days until opening day.

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Why does Joey suck, but Carson doesn't?: I think Joey just rose to his level of incompentence. Some guys are great in college, but suck in the pro's. In the Lions case I offer Andre Ware and Chuck Long as examples.

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Bargain or bust: Will Nomar be the player of old or damaged goods? Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi is trying to recruit Nomar while some Red Sox fans such as Napster founder Shawn Fanning want Garciaparra back in Boston.

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Charges brought against 4 Vikings for events occurring during "Love Boat cruise" : I debated on putting the link up to this. It is really sickening to hear the light hearted manner by which the ESPN boys are discussing this. What Culpepper and the boys did was terrible it doesnt need to be glorified.

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December 15, 2005

Houston Scores Major League Soccer Franchise: The San Jose Earthquakes are moving to Houston but leaving the name and team records behind. Despite winning the MLS Cup in 2001 and 2003, the Quakes had a flaky ownership history and couldn't get a soccer stadium built. They may return as an expansion team.

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Comparing the NBA's 50 Greatsest. : With fancy schmancy statistics.

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The difference between a win and nothing is 0.1 millimeter: at least in the world of alpine ski racing, where Didier Defago was stripped of his win in the super combined at Val d'Isere on December 11th. Defago, who turned in the fastest time for the event, was disqualified when the top of his riser plate measured 55.1 millimeters, over the regulation 55.0. In addition to 100 World Cup points, the mistake cost Defago more than $90,000 in prize money and sponsor bonuses.

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Talladega track to be repaved for '06 Chase: Talladega Superspeedway officials announced Wednesday that the legendary Alabama racetrack is set to be repaved for the first time since 1979. In the quarter of a century of racing that has since passed, the track has firmly established itself as the most competitive track on the circuit, holding both the record for most lead changes in a race (75, May 6,1984) and the record for most leaders in a race (26, most recently April 22, 2001).

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6'2" v 7'2": Ruiz vs. Beast from the East. Aluev is 43-0 and will be the tallest and heaviest champion of all time if he beats Ruiz (42-5-1) on Saturday night.

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Former Oakland Raider Darrell Russell Dies in Car Crash: Two-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Darrell Russell and another as-yet-unidentified former NFL player died in a 6 a.m. car crash today near Los Angeles. Russell, the second overall pick in the 1997 NFL draft, was suspended last fall for his seventh violation of the league's substance abuse policy, becoming eligible to play in August, finding no takers.

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EPL Fantasy Premier League: Results through Week 16. A change at the top.

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Eddie got a Raw Deal: I really can't stand the NHL unspoken custom of firing coaches when you clearly have a personell problem. Olczyk is just another vicitm of personell getting old, injured, unmotivated, ect.

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December 14, 2005

Cuba denied participation in World Baseball Classic: "Generally speaking, the Cuba embargo prohibits entering into contracts in which Cuba or Cuban nationals have an interest."

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McNabb fires back at NAACP prez's criticism that he's "mediocre": Personally, i'm not an eagles fan, but i'd say mcnabb is much more than mediocre. From reading the prez's opinion piece on mcnabb, it seems as though he tries to connect mcnabb's decreased scrambling during games and an old soundbyte of mcnabb saying that "everybody expects black quarterbacks to scramble." I think it probably had more to do with the qb playing with injuries, as opposed to him selling out.

Of course, the prez also loses me with quotes like these "Just think how the whole media circus could have been avoided had you had the courage to offer only a tiny fraction of your bonus this year to Owens and running back, Brian Westbrook."

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Italian Soccer Club Juventus 2 Win Appeal from Doping Convictions!: 3 Italian League Titles and the European Cup 1994-1998. I followed the first trial pretty closely and I must admit I am totally surprised by the reversal of this conviction. Then again we are talking Italian Soccer.

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NHL’s Fedorov Won’t Play for Russia at Turin Olympics: Hockey player Sergei Fedorov said he will not play for Russia at the Turin Olympics. Fedorov, a forward for the Columbus Blue Jackets and six-time NHL All-Star, was quoted by AP as saying he needed time to recuperate from a nagging injury and to adapt to his new team. He joined the Jackets in a Nov. 16 trade with Anaheim.

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Is sport worth risking your life for?: Personally I say...yes.

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December 13, 2005

Milton Bradley traded to A's : Dodgers trade Bradley to Oakland for nobody.

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Sport: religion minus the praying? I have often described the Blues as my religion and St Andrews as my church, the only place that I feel at one with my fellows, the one place where I truly feel at home, where I belong. It was meant tongue in cheek, I didn't realise that to enter St Andrews was ...."to enter a world where different laws apply, to be relieved of all the weights that bear it down, to be free, kingly, unfettered and divine"

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The Sixth Tool: A Pro Baseball Scout's rolling commentary that takes you on the road from city to city in a high stakes search for talent that will one day make it to the Big Show. (via deadspin)

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thats why they call it dope: Tim Montgomery gets a two year suspension, has the 100 meter world record he once held wiped from the books, AND loses two medals.

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Classic not drawing heated interest: A survey says that failed to catch the public's fancy, although MLB was encouraged by first-day ticket sales. A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup poll revealed 55% of adult baseball fans in this country have little or no interest in the inaugural tournament, to be played in Japan, Puerto Rico and sites in the USA next March 3-20.

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Is nothing sacred at Wrigley?: Having lived in Wrigleyville just a few blocks from my beloved Wrigley Field for many years, it breaks my heart to watch as the Tribune Co. continues to alter the status of Wrigley as a mecca of the National Past-time. Now they are altering the Bleachers in their never ending quest for revenue! I am saddened to think my children won't have the opportunity to feel 1st hand the awesome joy of of a summer day spent watching my beloved Cubbies from the Bleacher Seats. This Peek Hole thing smells of a gimmick! I shutter to think of losing the sense of intimacy with the players and fellow "Bleacher Bums". It's Evil I tell you! Pure Evil!

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December 12, 2005

Pat Riley - New Heat Coach: What had been a rumor prior to the season has come true.

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Ukraine’s Klitschko to Enter Political Ring: Recently retired heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko said Saturday he would run in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections in March. Klitschko, who has been wooed by numerous political factions since his surprise retirement last month, is to top the party list of a newly formed bloc that includes a party headed by the country’s finance minister and the Pora youth movement, which helped organize last year’s Orange Revolution mass protests.

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Will Pete leave USC for the NFL?: And will he be dumb enough to take a job at a place like Detroit? Why not? Maybe GM and Head Coach...somewhere?

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December 11, 2005

Red Sox contact Clemens about 2006 season: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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Russian Star Anna Kournikova Says May Return to Tennis: The 24-year-old Russian, who hasn’t played professionally since 2003 because of back problems, said she doesn’t have any plans to return to the WTA Tour any time soon, but added that "the possibility is not completely out of the question."

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Please welcome your 2007-08 Kansas City Penguins!: "I think we're really running out of time," said [Mario] Lemieux, his tone laced with frustration. "We probably ran out of time already. It's been unfortunate that the city and the county haven't been willing to work with us over the last two or three years."

There's a ray of hope, with a new Mayor "anxious" to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh, but the with the rhetoric ramping up on both sides, it's starting to look bad.

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Ron Artest wishes to be traded.: Some rather hot-headed analysis here. I don't understand what this guy is thinking.

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December 10, 2005

Bush wins Heisman: USC's Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy today becoming the fifth running back to ever win the award.

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Space sports closer to reality. : Also closer to reality, performance enhancing gravity boosters. [via 3quarksdaily]

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The LeBrons.: Totally viral marketing, but also entertaining, fairly creative and at least a little upfront about it's intentions. And in case it isn't obvious, these are commercials with sounds and stuff. Are there more out there? [via True Hoop]

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NBA to create huge digital archive: If you're a rabid basketball fan who's wished you could get your hands on video of that one memorable shot by Michael Jordan from the Chicago Bulls play-off game you went to in 1989, the National Basketball Association may soon be able to help you out.

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December 09, 2005

JULIO FRANCO 2 year contract with Mets for 2 million plus: The Mets agreed to a $2.2 million, two-year deal with Franco on Friday, luring baseball's oldest player away from NL East rival Atlanta and giving them a, well ... `mature' backup for new first baseman Carlos Delgado. Most free agents in their mid-to-late 30s can't attract a multiyear offer. Franco has one at age 47 — and he wants to keep playing until he's at least 50.

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World Cup Draw Now!: Let's discuss and predict.

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Bears OL'men Fined 50G's Each: Fred Miller and Olin Kreutz were fined 50 LARGE each for fighting.

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Board shortage: - the sport of surfing is in turmoil after the world's largest producer of the foam blocks used to make surfboards closed down, citing over-regulation. Surfermag reports the story slightly more optimistically, but everyone seems to be throwing the word "apocolypse" around a lot. Surfer Steve will tell you how to make your own surf board - it looks easy enough, up to the point where he tells you to use Clark foam.

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Goodbye Brass Bonanza: It's been 9 years since the Whalers left Hartford. Sometimes history repeats itself. By sportsfilter's own YukonGold.

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Mystique of Original 6 Fading.: This story is slanted due to fact it only speaks of the attendance figures of Blackhawk games against Original teams. I can only think that is becasue Wirtz has absolutely ruined this team during his ownership and could care less about putting a quality product on the ice. Hawks attendance sucks regardless of who their opponent is. I am wondering if this is a league wide phenomenom or simply Hawks fans not showing up? Do the fans in the other 5 Original cities show up in droves? I think maybe this author is generalizing because of the plight of Chicago's hockey team but I can't speak for the other cities.

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Its now official, players approve new MLB drug testing policy: The threat of congress stepping in seems to gotten this done quicker than most expected.

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Life as a NHL backup goalie.: Warning: imbedded video. Jamie McClennan talks about his role as Roberto Luongo's backup...

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Goodbye Brass Bonanza: It's been 9 years since the Whalers left Hartford. Sometimes history repeats itself.

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Tejada Wants Out of Baltimore: "I've done many things with this team and I haven't seen results," Miguel Tejada said, "and the other teams are getting stronger while the Orioles have not made any signings to strengthen the club." A possible blockbuster! What are the chances and what would it mean to all involved?

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New Course, New Guides, Old Wounds: The women's World Cup ski circuit comes to the United States once a year, so neither freezing temperatures, nor a deepening chill in the family, nor cancer will keep 70-year-old Doris Rudsill Kildow from Aspen Mountain this weekend.

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Penguins' Lemieux admitted to hospital: 40-year-old star suffering from an irregular heartbeat. Team captain will probably be out weeks.

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Coaches Ranking Picks: The Coaches get to make out their own top 25 each week. Take a look at some of these WEAK picks. (Spurrier has a mediocre at best team and still does obnoxious $hit)

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December 08, 2005

mutombo most generous athlete?: he beats out lance armstrong and thats hard to do hopefully shaq will end up on that list all he need to do is give less than 1 year of his yearly sallary. all sports players should give about 10 percent of their earnings in my opinoion

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Kenny Rogers goes back to the place he was booed during the all ster game: a old guy that is a fan enemy also that other guy was not worth that amount of money

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Colorado Coach Gary Barnett Steps Down: Gary Barnett stepped down as football coach of Colorado on Thursday, accepting a $3 million settlement and ending a tenure that was riddled by off-the-field problems but ultimately done in by recent bad results on the field.

This comes as Colorado University was reviewing allegations vs. Barnett. Colorado players, fans wonder 'what now'.

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Nice Trade Roundup: An article that covers the Winter Meetings and FA signings.

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Sox ship Renteria to Braves: The Edgar-era is over in Boston. In exchange, Boston gets 3B prospect Marte. Unless Youkilis moves over to 1B it looks like he won't be in Boston much longer.

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The Silencing of Carlos Delgado.: "The Mets have a policy that everybody should stand for 'God Bless America' and I will be there. I will not cause any distractions to the ballclub.... Just call me Employee Number 21." And we saw him grin and bear it when Jeff Wilpon, son of Mets CEO and owner Fred Wilpon, said, "He's going to have his own personal views, which he's going to keep to himself."

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After struggling with one of the gunmen, Richardson was shot four times. He fell back on his father, who had a bullet hole through his jacket but was unhurt.: For the second time, Quentin Richardson and his family bury a brother that was fatally shot on the streets of Chicago.

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UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football, Matchday 6, group stages complete.: Next stop, the round of 16 knockout games starting in late February.

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December 07, 2005

roger no longer an astro: redsox maybe or maybe just retirement one will not know till late january at the earliest time

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Dance on the Web: CBS announced today a terrorist plot to destroy North American corporations but not until next March.

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ProTrade.: The future of fantasy sports? Football players stock market? Something only MIT statisticians can understand? Check out the about page for more.

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No UEFA Cup for ManU!: For the first time in 11 years, Manchester United failed to move past the group stages of the Champions League. Finishing bottom in Group D also means the Reds won't compete for the UEFA Cup either. Are Sir Alex Ferguson's days at Old Trafford numbered?

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Blinkered America is already among the thugs: SpoFi favourite Steven Wells argues that US sports have a worse "hooligan" problem than European soccer.

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Pierre to Cubs: Juan Pierre to the Cubs for Segio Mietre and Reynel Pinto

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Parity in the NFL has gone too far.: A former Lions fan puts his loyalty up for auction.

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will the Seahawks beat the Colts in week 16?: the Seahawks have definetley been rolling this season, wit the combo of Shawn Alexander, and trhere defense..some think they have a shot at beating the undefeated Colts..let me know what u think

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For Red Sox, Ramirez problem: won't go away. Will Renteria? Bernie Williams may have played his last game as a Yankee, and the Astros might not offer Clemens arbitration. Also, John Olerud retires, head intact.

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December 06, 2005

Bruce Arena - Wanker.: US coach opens his mouth. Australia and Trinidad seek an opportunity to shut it. As we say in my part of the world - 'he's up himself'. The group draw awaits.

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The Dodgers hire Grady Little as manager.: Alright Sox fans, tell me now. What kind of collateral damage can I expect? Now is the time for the airing of grievances!!

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EPL Fantasy Premier League update, through Week 15. : A crap week for everybody except for those people that did OK.

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Breaking the Code?: Though the NHL is trying to rid itself of an image unfriendly to American advertisers, with rule changes to punish this type of behavior, the Code just won't leave Bettman alone.

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Based on this comment: I thought I'd challenge my google-fu to see what kind of resources I could find related to the NFL salary cap. Here's a nice FAQ. Here's John Clayton's salary cap status, updated Nov 19. Here's a sortable/filterable USA Today database of player's salaries, unfortunately, it only goes from '01 through '04. Here's an interesting thesis on the effect of the salary cap and the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) on revenue and league parity (warning: 3.7Mb pdf totaling 121 pages). More in the comments...

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Kariya gets into a fight that doesn't involve dropped gloves or a jersey over the head.: I know you all hate the ESPN but I thought this was pretty cool. Noriko Kariya, Paul's "little" sister is a field hockey player turned prize fighter.

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There was plenty of quit in these pitiful Eagles: Without dwelling on McNabb and Owens, has there ever been a worse showing, at home, for a defending conference champ? One of the worst, most uninspired performances I've ever witnessed in sports.

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December 05, 2005

41 percent of bowl teams miss academic standards: I don't know about this, Is anyone arguing that the colleges, and the athletic departments really have anything to do with eachother? The School can only be expected to do so much. It would be great if all the players got straight As, but if they're not going to succeed academically do we really want to take away the only other thing that they have going for them? Let's hear your opinions.

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Red Hot.: The Calgary Flames answer to the Super Bowl shuffle/World's Best Mustache Competition. Circa 1987.

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Heidi Klum to grab balls this Friday.: OK, I don't think she's actually going to be picking the balls, but Mrs. Seal will be hosting the Final Draw for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany. Read this puff piece interview for her answers to tough questions like "What will you be wearing?" and "Who do you think is the best-looking footballer?" (nice dig on Beckham there, Heidi.)

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Fire Millen!: The crowd then started to chant "Fire Millen" and some fans began fashioning their own makeshift signs, using the backs of grocery bags and other items. Millen, who now has a 20-56 record in his four-plus years at the helm, was caught by television cameras laughing, presumably at what was beginning to unfold in the stands. A young fan, perhaps in his early 20s, made up a small "Fire Millen" sign and ran through the crowd, ducking and dodging security. He weaved his way through 15 sections of the stadium, alternately raising his sign, acknowledging the cheering crowd with fist pumps and high fives.

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Weak FA Market: It seems to run in cycles. This year's FA market is WEAK. Damon is good, but not a long term pickup. I like Furcal, but he is REALLY frustrating as a lead of hitter. Other than that, the market is bad. Remember a few years back when the Rockies paid BIG money for Denny Neagle? He didn't last long and he was the premier FA pitcher hat year. It seems like decent pitches or hitters who are the best of a week market make a killing: Furcal 5 years 50 mill or so Paul Byrd 2 years, 14.5 mill

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Single Season All-Time Team: With the caveat that you can only choose one player from each franchise. Ruth or Mantle? Gibson or Musial? My picks are forthcoming....

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since ya'll needed a thread I'll now reiterate =D who was the best back of all time: yeah i did this 1 before but u all said it was a bust so im posting again...Sanders ,Brown, the Juice Payton give me your thoughts...

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It was 31 years ago today: that the Birmingham Americans beat the Florida Blazers 22-21 to take home the one-and-only World Bowl trophy as champions of the late, not-so-lamented World Football League. The Ams jumped out to a 22-0 lead and held of a furious Florida rally. And Miss Florida, who later went on to bigger things was there...

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December 04, 2005

BertBelongs. : A site deveoted entirely to the case for Bert Blyleven, Hall of Fame pitcher.

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yankees with a deficit: there is justice in the world.

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Interesting article from Michael "Moneyball" Lewis : about Texas Tech's football coach Mike Leach. "Leach remains on the outside; like all innovators in sports, he finds himself in an uncertain social position. He has committed a faux pas: he has suggested by his methods that there is more going on out there on the (unlevel) field of play than his competitors realize, which reflects badly on them." (NYT Reg. Req'd.)

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FSU gets a BCS Berth.: I know that the system is designed this way, but how can a team like FSU (8-4) make a BCS game, when a team like Oregon (10-1) will not. Both the two teams that will be playing in the Fiesta bowl are TWO loss teams.

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More than just a football game.: Harvard and Yale have 'The Game' USC and UCLA have each other, Michigan and Minnesota have the Little Brown jug. Army and Navy have each other, and have had for 106 meetings now. But lately, it is more than just a football game.

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Taylor Wins over Hopkins: The fight got personal in the days before the two actually climbed into the ring. Hopkins mocked Taylor's speech impediment and called him a phony champion, while Taylor brought a doll with Hopkins' name on it to the final prefight press conference to say he was a crybaby.

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USC plus 10 in the Rose Bowl: Bush is unstoppable. He runs so much like Billy Sims that it's scary. Texas is tough, but USC is a team on a mission and will find a way to win.

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December 03, 2005

Johnson gets shafted for his putts: The National Football League has docked Cincy wide receiver Chad Johnson $5K for removing an endzone pylon and putting the football after his touchdown last week against the Baltimore Ravens. Learn more about our intrepid hero, and make the call on his fine -- Crime Stoppers or No Fun League?

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Final farewell to the Belfast Boy: One sign read: Maradona good, Pele' better, George Best. You might want to click on the video link for moving tributes.

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Here's the Lions problem...they have the wrong Doctors "helping" their players!: I hate drugs in sports, but it sure seemed to work for the Panthers.

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December 02, 2005

Oh, for God's sake!: The chairman of a U.S. Congressional committee has called for a hearing on college football's Bowl Championship System.

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Steinbrenner and his deep pockets: Is "The Farns" the real deal or did the Yanks over-pay for under-talent?

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Greatest No More: The St. Louis Rams may or may not have a head coach. One of the Rams' executives threatened a beat writer. One of the most productive running backs in NFL history is sitting on the bench.

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Top 10 All-Time Point Guards: According to Sports Illustratred.

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2005 Bears as good as 20 years ago?: The 2005 Bears who have simply dominated on the defensive side of the ball this season, have impressed fans and the NFL alike. But do there players such as Tommie Harris, Brian Urlacher, and Jerry man say these players compare to the dominating defense of 1985 with Mike Singletary, Otis Wilson, Dan Hampton, and Richart Dent, and Dave Duerson Will these Bears get as far in playoff contention as the Midway Monsters did in '85 though? hmm....only time will tell.

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ESPN suspends The PlayMaker: Apparently, ESPN didn't buy the PlayMaker's "I was Innocent" either. They have suspended him for aweek. Funny that they let him plead his case, he had all the answers, said all the right things and then ESPN suspends him because he didn't tell them he was arrested. Is there more to the story than we have heard?

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Reggie Bush: The Bootlegs: Be sure to watch the video. The link is along the left.

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Phillies replace Wagner with Gordon: Tom Gordon and the Phillies reached a preliminary agreement Thursday night on an $18 million, three-year contract.

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December 01, 2005

Martin dismisses Bloc's plan for a 'Team Quebec'. : Canadian prime minister Paul Martin dismissed a Bloc Quebecois plan that would see superstar hockey players like Mario Lemieux and Vincent Lecavalier play for Team Quebec instead of Team Canada in international tournaments. Released on Wednesday, the Bloc platform includes a plank calling for Quebec national teams to play in international hockey and soccer tournaments.

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ROGUE AGENT: In the early morning of April 16, 2004 NHL hockey player Mike Danton was arrested by FBI agents at the San Jose, California airport. He was charged with conspiring to have "a male acquaintance" murdered in a "murder-for-hire" plot. A TROUBLING RELATIONSHIP. But, in the week after his arrest, from inside the Santa Clara, California jail, Danton started reaching out to the very man he had tried to have killed--his mentor in hockey and life and currently his agent--David Frost. ... The fifth estate obtained a number of these recorded conversations. They provide a chilling glimpse into the world of the troubled player and his controlling agent. [Red Terror sez: Read the transcripts and by all means watch this unforgettable documentary (streaming video available) that explores the seedy side of the NHL dream.

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EPL Fantasy Premierleauge update, through Week 14. : Mossy rolls along.

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Red Sox play petty over championship ball: No, it's not over, and yes, the Red Sox lawyers are still after Doug Mentkiewicz to give it back.

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Annika-Pretty Good For a Girl: Satire

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective NFL Coaches: How Patrick Lencioni's business management book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team has become popular in locker rooms around the NFL.

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Moving Jeter or A-Rod to center: The Yankees are so desperately seeking a Center Fielder, now that they don't have Bernie Williams nor Bobby Crosby, that they are even considering moving either Jeter or Rodriguez out there. Joe Torre said that the solution to this problem may be within the own team (refering to moving Alex or Derek).

Brian Giles is in conversations with the Yankees, but he has interest in staying in the West Coast, where he resides, and he would rather sign with the Dodgers. The Yanks have also touched on Johnny Damon, from the Red Sox, but his agent Scott Boras, as always, is interested in a super contract of at least 7 years; something that NY is not willing to do, since they are offering 3 to 4 years at the most.

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Deion Defends PlayMaker and T.O.: Huh? The Mouth of The South is shown support by The Former Mouth of The South.

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Here come the Bulgarians!: Kaloyan Stefanov Mahlyanov, a.k.a. Kotooshu, has become the first European to rise to the rank of champion in sumo. He even got a mention in the Guardian - At 6ft 8in he is the tallest wrestler in sumo, and has fast become one of the most popular. Since his 2002 debut he has become an ozeki faster than any wrestler since 1958.

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It's now or never for Hall for Monk: There are only 17 modern era receivers in Canton. If Monk doesn't get in this time, what are the chances of him ever getting in? Not good.

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It is often said that brilliance is found on the edge of madness. : It is true, too, that that fine line, that space, is often occupied by a fleet bitch of a temptress. Succubi of hubris, conceit and silk trousers fill the sky with their cries of fame: "Men of FreeDarko, you have made it so very big, here come lie by our bosoms and taste this sweet nectar, this sweet poison!"

You'd be remiss if you haven't checked out FreeDarko. Also, for no particular reason: Shawn Kemp.

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