December 04, 2005

yankees with a deficit: there is justice in the world.

posted by 15yroldkid to baseball at 12:04 PM - 12 comments

This is a classic case of a team showing losses for the baseball operations only without taking into account revenue from all sources and all related entities and the fact that the team and the television network are under common ownership. Yankees ownership is making tons of money off of this team.

posted by holden at 01:23 PM on December 04, 2005

Well said, holden. Don't expect the Yankees to have a fire sale like the Marlins.

posted by dyams at 01:27 PM on December 04, 2005

Three secrets to not paying taxes - Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Bookkeeping

posted by STLCardinalfan at 04:54 PM on December 04, 2005

Where were these stats when the ypicked up A Rod? If they never made a trade for him, Texas might have just released him, and they could have gotten him at half price. Pretty much our whole team is overpaid, but still good. George needs to know that a good team isnt always an expensive one.

posted by redsoxrgay at 07:26 PM on December 04, 2005

Texas might have just released him, and they could have gotten him at half price. Do you think this is football? If Texas had released him, they still would have had to pay his salary. Un. Like. Lee.

posted by yerfatma at 05:56 AM on December 05, 2005

George has never been JUST a baseball owner. He has many other businesses and business interests. Depending on how those other businesses are doing, it's not uncommon to take a big loss on one entity. To you and me, that type of information sounds overwhelming, but he obviously plays in a different league than we do.

posted by dyams at 08:38 AM on December 05, 2005

George bought the team for $9 million. The approx sale value now is $800 million to $1 billion. Somehow, I think Geroge knows what he's doing. Most teams are competitive for a while, then lose players through free agency and, simply, players getting old. This causes periods of rebuilding. George has figured out that it's best to keep the team constantly competitive, thus avoiding major re-building periods. This means operating at a loss for short periods of time. Sooner or later revenues will once again surpass expenses. When that happens, he will probably be able to get $1.5 billion for the franchise. Keep up the good work, George.

posted by drevl at 10:13 AM on December 05, 2005

And somewhere in the background the world's tinyist violin is heard playing

posted by timdawg at 10:31 AM on December 05, 2005

The yankees I have followed for 50 years (God am I getting old) is no where near what they were say 5 yrs.ago. You trade two of your best pitchers, who by the way proved a great trade for Houston. All they did was take Houston to it's first ever World Series. And leave two big shoes to fill. When it is not broken George do NOT f--k it up. For sure it is not the yankees my grand father took me to.

posted by ozzieosu at 12:34 PM on December 05, 2005

I thought Houston got Andy and Roger from free agency. Did I miss something?

posted by Fade222 at 12:50 PM on December 05, 2005

You're right, Fade. Clemens retired, and the Yankees were stupid enough to think he'd ACTUALLY retired. That was a few years ago. They could have paid a bit more and tried to keep Petitte, but I think he wanted to go to Houston, and when Roger went there, his decision was made easier. Some people have to just get used to the idea teams in today's major leagues don't stay together long. I liked the Yankees '96 team, but I've moved on.

posted by dyams at 01:53 PM on December 05, 2005

Ha. Ha. Ha. While I like the image of George eating Ramen noodles for dinner, I don't think he's suffering too much except from the bad publicity this'll get him. How'd the Red Sox do this last season?

posted by fenriq at 05:06 PM on December 05, 2005

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