December 15, 2005

Former Oakland Raider Darrell Russell Dies in Car Crash: Two-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Darrell Russell and another as-yet-unidentified former NFL player died in a 6 a.m. car crash today near Los Angeles. Russell, the second overall pick in the 1997 NFL draft, was suspended last fall for his seventh violation of the league's substance abuse policy, becoming eligible to play in August, finding no takers.

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posted by fenriq at 03:36 PM on December 15, 2005

He had so much trouble the last few years that I'm sad but not surprised to read this news.

posted by billsaysthis at 03:44 PM on December 15, 2005

Anyone searching Google for Darrell's going to find an odd coincidence -- another pro sportsman named Darrell Russell who died in a drag race crash in 2004.

posted by rcade at 04:02 PM on December 15, 2005

Dude's a pinball wizard- hit a curb, tree, newsstand, fire hydrant, light pole, another tree and an unoccupied transit bus. A permanent suspension for his latest substance abuse.

posted by irunfromclones at 04:14 PM on December 15, 2005

That's nothing - I was behind a car that went curb, tree, tree, basketball net, tree, cable box and house. Of course, everyone walked away from that one. Don't drive too fast kiddies.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 05:33 PM on December 15, 2005

"He was released by the Raiders in October 2003, shortly after being reinstated by the league" That move in itself should make you straighten out your life. If the Raiders don't want you { and I am a huge Raiders fan} then something has to be awfully wrong in your life.

posted by Tazz1 at 08:03 PM on December 15, 2005

I pray the Lord to comfort his family. Does anybody know if he has a wife / kids?

posted by chrisly13 at 09:15 PM on December 15, 2005

Sad situation. I'm with chrisly13, I'll pray for him and his family.

posted by BIG D at 09:46 PM on December 15, 2005

That is sad I pray for the comfort and the spirit of a sound-mind to protect his family.

posted by d.west at 03:03 PM on December 20, 2005

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