December 09, 2005

Coaches Ranking Picks: The Coaches get to make out their own top 25 each week. Take a look at some of these WEAK picks. (Spurrier has a mediocre at best team and still does obnoxious $hit)

posted by Wrigley South to football at 12:13 AM - 3 comments

I dunno, this doesn't really surprise me. One could argue they'd be doing a disservice to their team if they didn't vote like this. So, this begs the question: should coaches polls be worth anything?

posted by chmurray at 09:21 AM on December 09, 2005

Maybe the coaches should be prohibited from voting for their own team. However, that would not solve the issue of voting up or down teams depending on conference affiliations, friendships, etc. Though, when all is said and done, isn't the voting really about the money? Get a team to the BCS or to certain bowls, and then distribute some of that money to the other conference members.

posted by graymatters at 11:45 AM on December 09, 2005

Sounds like it to me too, Gray.

posted by Drallig9399 at 12:23 PM on December 09, 2005

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