December 18, 2005

Oh wait, never mind. (NFL version):
Somewhere in Florida, champagne is being poured.

posted by grum@work to football at 03:37 PM - 22 comments

When Indy took the lead late in the 3rd quarter, I thought they were going to keep the streak alive. I was pulling for them because I'd like to see a perfect season in my lifetime. (Well, 1972 IS in my lifetime, but I wasn't old enough to comprehend sports.) On the bright side, I win $20 in my impromptu football pool. I picked this game as the one they'd lose back after win 6 of the season. 10 people put $2 up and were randomly assigned a remaining game. If the Colts were perfect, we'd donate the money to buying a pizza.

posted by grum@work at 03:42 PM on December 18

I was pulling for them too, simply because New England looks rejuvenated and I was excited for a possible playoff rematch with Indy undefeated.

posted by yerfatma at 03:43 PM on December 18

I was routing for Indianapolis just so I could stop hearing Mercury Morris talk. Nothing personal it is just getting old (like his hair club commercials).

posted by skydivemom at 03:48 PM on December 18

I hate to tell you this, but not even that would shut up Mercury Morris. And bravo on the hairclub dig, those ads really suck badly.

posted by mrhockey at 03:56 PM on December 18

It would have been cool to see Indy go undefeated but you gotta believe it a blessing to take that monkey off their back. Indy can now concentrate on the Superbowl Championship and the Chargers kept their season alive. I'm pissed I couldn't see the Indy Game here, the whole dang country gets to watch and I'm stuck watching Info Commercials or Tenn vs. Seatle. (Tenn almost made my day as a Bears Fan) Couldn,t watch the Steelers vs. Viking either. (Thanks Steelers). I refuse to install the "Dish" and Comcast can't offer it here. Drats, so I watch it in graphics on my Computer. I bet nobody wants to play the Pats. They look great stomping on the Bucs. Indy still has homefield throughout and I'm hoping to see them vs. Bears in Detroit come early Feb only because I admire the Class Act that is Tony Dungy.

posted by skydivedad at 04:09 PM on December 18

Darn-it! I was hoping for an undefeated regular season and a loss in the playoffs or Super Bowl just for laughs. Now that they have a loss I will have a hard time choosing which coach to root for in XL, Dungy or Holmgren?

posted by texoma-slim at 05:49 PM on December 18

I wasn't able to watch that game.... CBS wasn't on until the Lions game, lucky me.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:45 PM on December 18

I only saw about the last 12 minutes of the game, but the wheels were completely off the wagon at that point. I don't think the Colts got "edged", let's put it that way. Now what we get to find out is whether the Colts think small or think big. Undefeated season? That's one for the record books, but outside the record books it would have no meaning in two weeks and one day anyway. If you can't think bigger than an undefeated season, you can't win the Super Bowl.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 08:53 PM on December 18

Seemed like a pretty good game. Lots of drama. But the 1972 Dolphins team + champagne thing is an urban myth it seems.

posted by gspm at 10:05 PM on December 18

The first 19-0 season in NFL history will be huge. I wish the Colts had been able to shut up the sore-winner Dolphins. However, I think the Colts are much better off having lost this game. Three weeks of rest before the second round of the playoffs, and all games in Indy. I think this is the year Manning takes them to the Bowl, as much as I'd hate to see his chicken dance on that stage.

posted by rcade at 10:31 PM on December 18

I think this is the year Manning takes them to the Bowl, as much as I'd hate to see his chicken dance on that stage. By all logic and common sense, it ought to be. I just have a hunch it won't be.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 08:11 AM on December 19

This playoffs will at least prove or dismiss once and for all the 'Manning can't do it when it counts' idea. I'm leaning towards prove, but I'm a biased Pats fan who wants payback.

posted by kokaku at 09:16 AM on December 19

im glad they lost,that dolphin record, is sort of like teddy hitting 406,cant be touched.besides when they lose in round 2 to the superbowl champs there season will again have lost all meaning.

posted by patsdynasty at 09:19 AM on December 19

I didn't get to see a lot of either game so take it easy on me but from what I saw... I'm happy it was the Chargers that snapped the streak and not the Jaguars. All those dirty plays last week (punching Reggie Wayne (I think it was him anyway) in the back of the head, pounding someone's (Edgerrin's?) head into the turf the very next play) made me lose a lot of respect for Jacksonville. What a bunch of thugs. Good for San Diego. Probably good for Indianapolis also.

posted by arrmatey at 09:39 AM on December 19

"We've got players scattered all across the country. Nick Buoniconti, Bob Griese and Dick Anderson all live in Coral Gables, and they'll go to a parking lot and open a bottle of champagne, but those three are too cheap to invite the rest of us down there." It sounds like SOMEONE is popping champagne. It might not be an organized event (which seems obvious since the last loss could come at any time during the season), but it probably does happen. The bad part about the streak ending is that the final game of the season (against Seattle) will be nothing but backups-playing-backups for 75% of the time. That's going to mess up a few people in their football pools.

posted by grum@work at 10:11 AM on December 19

It sounds like SOMEONE is popping champagne. It might not be an organized event (which seems obvious since the last loss could come at any time during the season), but it probably does happen. That's kinda cheezy.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 11:00 AM on December 19

I hope the '72 Dolphins streak stands until all the roster is old enough to be in heart attack territory. The only thing that would make up for having to listen those bitter old bastards is if they did a Heaven's Gate when it finally happens.

posted by yerfatma at 11:20 AM on December 19

I got to watch the entire game here in San Diego, and for thosse fo you who didn't get to see it, the game was almost all Chargers. They shut out the Colts in the first half and kept Indy out of scoring range after giving up the lead so that the offense could come back and win the game. This team (the Chargers) is too good to be on the outside looking in right now. (Has any other team had a total losing margin of 14 points in a season?) Brees has been money all year (except Week 12 v. WAS), LT has been LT and when LT has been LT-on-the-bench lately, Michael Turner has been a good LT impersonator, Gates is Gates, and the receiving core is actually catching passes this year. Oh yeah, the defense seems to finally be gelling. Too many early round picks to be as bad as they have been. If the Chargers, by the grace of the Football Gods, make the playoffs, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

posted by woody1090 at 11:50 AM on December 19

Gates is Gates Except during that Week 1 loss, when he was benched. Re: the 1972 Dolphins, see what I mean?

posted by yerfatma at 12:36 PM on December 19

Except during that Week 1 loss, when he was benched. And that loss, or any single loss from early in the season, could come back to haunt us. (Especially the Steelers loss on Monday Night!)

posted by woody1090 at 01:49 PM on December 19

yerfatma: alternately, had king actually, you know, 'read' all of those quotes, he would have seen that they were uniformly positive and gracious. Just goes to show, again, that a good wordsmith can spin just about anything to fit their agenda.

posted by tieguy at 05:57 PM on December 19

Watching the Colts loss would have been a hell of a lot better than Jax/Whiners. Horrible.

posted by upy3rz at 07:39 PM on December 20

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