December 08, 2005

Kenny Rogers goes back to the place he was booed during the all ster game: a old guy that is a fan enemy also that other guy was not worth that amount of money

posted by barry from h-town to baseball at 09:10 PM - 10 comments

The Gambler probably has two years left in him, just don't try to film any of it with a camera you'd like to keep.

posted by texoma-slim at 09:31 PM on December 08, 2005

Jones is about the best Detroit could have asked for with the way the season ended. Also, without getting that closer there's no way the Tigers would be able to sign any starter. Rogers was only booed @ the all-star game because the media made a big deal about the incedent...If he wins games, the fans will be on his side. The Tigers have enough young arms that it wouldn't make much sense to sign a guy that would take a 4-6 year contract to get done because in 2 years the farm should have something more than just promise. As for Jones not being worth that kind of money, how much do you think 40 saves is worth? The place where the Tigers overpaid on that contract is in length: nobody else was willing to garauntee(sp?) him more than 1 year.

posted by treak4455 at 09:50 PM on December 08, 2005

No way Rogers is around when this Tigers team gets to be any good. This is a strange signing. Yeah, when a two year deal is too long, you really do have to question its sanity.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:27 PM on December 08, 2005

The reason he got booed in Detroit is because we wanted J. Bonderman to make the team! It had very little to do with camraman fiasco. This a good move as well, he was 14-8 and he was pitching in texas, Comerica is huge so that should also help!

posted by tigertom at 11:57 PM on December 08, 2005

Ok, so Jones was 1-5, he saved 40 games and 2.10 ERA. This is the Tiggs we are talking about. It does scare me that Jones is 37 and Kenny is 104. Maybe this is Detroit's year and we just don't know about it yet?

posted by Wrigley South at 12:17 AM on December 09, 2005

Darn, I was hoping Jones would return to Boston. He had a great year there (great, to a Yankee fan, of course).

posted by drevl at 11:23 AM on December 09, 2005

I just hope Rogers does better than Jason Johnson...

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 12:45 PM on December 09, 2005

Could it be is this the year that we throw off the shackles of ineptitude, and make the playoffs, then shock the world by winning the series?? Could it be that our long national nightmare is over??? Could it be that all of the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place, setting off a thousand year dynastic reign for the Tigers??

posted by Fade222 at 01:47 PM on December 09, 2005

Yeah Fade, a Tigers-Reds series. Right.

posted by Desert Dog at 03:09 PM on December 09, 2005

Tigers Reds World Series who would Sparky Anderson root for???

posted by Fade222 at 08:05 PM on December 09, 2005

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