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'Dear Mr. Dork ...'

who is Vernon Wells anyways Just because he plays in Toronto doesn't mean he isn't any good. There's a reason Toronto was willing to give him $18 million a year-and it's not just because they need their payroll to look like the Red Sox and Yankees. I wish the Tigers would have gone out and gotten somebody like Wells instead of a second ageing right fielder...but I digress.

posted by treak4455 at 12:57 AM on May 09, 2007

Big Ben

It's not like Batch hasn't started in this leauge before. I know it was for the Lions, but he did start games and on top of that the Steelers won both of their games when Batch started last year. I know he's not the best QB in the leauge, but why take the risk of injuring your stud when you have a capable backup?

posted by treak4455 at 03:34 AM on September 13, 2006

Players demand back wages

yerfatma- Because player's unions (as any union should try to do) drive up the average wage of the players they represent, owners need to raise ticket prices. I'm not saying that owners would lower ticket prices without the unions, but at least they have something to point to to blame for the increases.

posted by treak4455 at 12:10 PM on April 28, 2006

NHL Attendance for November Best in League History

I certainly missed hockey...I'm glad to see it back, and I exspecially like the new rules...However, (and I know I digress) could somebody please explain to me what the goalie trapazoid accomplishes?

posted by treak4455 at 12:46 AM on January 13, 2006

Kenny Rogers goes back to the place he was booed during the all ster game

Jones is about the best Detroit could have asked for with the way the season ended. Also, without getting that closer there's no way the Tigers would be able to sign any starter. Rogers was only booed @ the all-star game because the media made a big deal about the incedent...If he wins games, the fans will be on his side. The Tigers have enough young arms that it wouldn't make much sense to sign a guy that would take a 4-6 year contract to get done because in 2 years the farm should have something more than just promise. As for Jones not being worth that kind of money, how much do you think 40 saves is worth? The place where the Tigers overpaid on that contract is in length: nobody else was willing to garauntee(sp?) him more than 1 year.

posted by treak4455 at 09:50 PM on December 08, 2005

Chargers threaten to suspend Gates if holdout continues

I think they have every right to make this ultimatum. Players can sit out as long as they want, but management needs to know if they have to go out and get somebody else to fill that role. Either he wants to be a part of the team and sign for a reasonable offer or he doesn't.

posted by treak4455 at 01:17 PM on August 19, 2005

The NIT and NCAA face off in court on Monday.

No, teams that have a legit chance at winning the NCAA wouldn't want to go, but when was the last time a 16 beat a 1? Oh yeah, never...If you get enough cash in the NIT, I could see schools chasing the money.

posted by treak4455 at 02:02 PM on August 02, 2005

You always hurt the one you love

dbt302...I'd laugh at the guy getting hurt waving a guy home, but just this year at church softball, I hurt my own shoulder...Now I didn't seperate it put there was a mighty pop...

posted by treak4455 at 12:14 AM on June 26, 2005