December 16, 2005

Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles: Owens says "You all used me to win a lot of games...". What? Isn't that what a " Job " is? The same argument could be used for anybody who works; " The city used me to collect garbage", if your in sanitation, that's your job. What happened to the beloved "I don't...worry about what people think. People hated on Jesus." T.O that we all used to love? Hard to feel sorry for a multi-millionaire.

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after reading "he-who-shall-not-be-named's" quotes, he sounds like a freaking child. kudos to GQ for such an up-to-date, hard-hitting, time-sensitive interview.

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“And still undisputed idiot of professional sports……………..TO!”

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Used...? That's what Owens received a paycheck for.

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"The things that I've done in the past, like celebrate in the end zone, they're making a fanfare out of it now with (Bengals wide receiver) Chad Johnson," Owens said. I hate it when they make a fanfare.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 02:21 PM on December 16, 2005

Andy Reid is a Holmgren clone, and Mike could never get along with Brett Favre, who wanted to improvise. Owens on the other hand is an incredibly disciplined receiver, he is totally fit, and he runs his routes. Leaving the 49er's was the best thing he could do, especially for a team that would have to carry his salary cap through a rebuilding year. He adds some spark to the game, and wherever he goes he wants to win. I think the Eagles have a corporate mentality, which is the enemy of the game. They just want to be a good team and please their fans, (and sell tickets). It's ironic that the team fell apart after they suspended him.

posted by Two Buck Chuck at 02:31 PM on December 16, 2005

"I went down to the Houston Astrodome after (Hurricane) Katrina, but nobody made a big deal about it," he said. "But you saw Peyton Manning and his brother, they made a big deal about that. I did it on my own. I didn't do it for publicity." He didn't do it for publicity, he whines to GQ magazine. Me thinks T.O. doth protest a little too much.

posted by the red terror at 02:37 PM on December 16, 2005

"It's ironic that the team fell apart after they suspended him." Call me crazy, but I could have sworn the Eagles won three consecutive division titles prior to the acquisition of T.O. Maybe it's just coincidence the team's collapse coincided with T.O. dividing the locker room. But you'll have to ask the Eagles themselves about that, I don't know the answer.

posted by the red terror at 02:41 PM on December 16, 2005

In my opinion, wide receivers are the biggest prima donnas in all of sports and TO is the leader of the pack. I don't know how any team would want this guy. I know he has great stats and talent, but he's not worth it if he is going to cause this much trouble.

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Two Buck Chuck ----What would you do if you had a son as mouthy as T.O. Here's aguy who has the world by the ass, anything he wants he could buy but he still has to act like a spoiled brat, which he is. He does ridiculous things to draw attention and then gets pissed when he's criticized. I'm surprised that after some of his antics on the field some six foot, eight inch, 350 lber hasn't cold-cocked him.

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I'm really glad this was posted. I'd forgotten about TO, and it's nice to know what he's up to these days.

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God, I wish this IDIOT would be banned form all media!! He was "USED"?? T.O., please shut the he** up just for once in your pathetic, "poor me", life. If you would've kept your big mouth shut and done the job you were supposed to do (rather than blab your big mouth because you are attention STARVED, just like every where you have played) then you would be playing right now and possibly the Eagles would be in the playoff hunt. I would rather have Freddie freakin Mitchell as my #1 receiver than T.O. (and that is BAD).....I am a Cowboys fan, and I PRAY the T.O. to Dallas rumors are a (bad) joke!!

posted by NC_Texan at 03:43 PM on December 16, 2005

T.O. is without a doubt the biggest moron in a league full of morons. I would laugh if no one signs him next year and he has to play in Canada !

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Hey NC Texan, Big Tuna would never in a billion years allow that to happen.

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A few posts ago I said something like, 'The least talented ones are usually the ones who make the biggest displays' but this certainly does not apply here. Owens is a talented player, but just ONCE I wish he'd just shut the F*** up, and then let it rest. But, just like winning the lottery, it won't happen for me either.

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Ummm, TO, for 7.5 Million, alot of beople would allow Andy "The Walrus, Coo-Coo-Cachoo" Reid to sodomize them on a weekly basis. As I recall, everyone loved you after the Sharpie incedent, and then you proceeded to make an ass of yourself. However, I digress. If getting 7.5 Million to play a kids game is used, the how does TO justify "using" a McDonalds employee?? "Man, it's like all he wanted was a Filet of Fish, and then all of a sudden he's like 'Naw, I can get a fish sandwich at Captain D's'. Made me feel used man, like 'Yeah, now we don't need Tyrone.' They called me selfish for not serving undercooked meat, and then got on me because I rushed the order and gave him a Quarter Pounder instead..."

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If Drew R. would stop blowing smoke up T.O.s ass for a little while the headswelling might go down some, at least enough to fit through most doors and domed stadiums.

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Last time I checked, the Tuna had Keyshawn Johnson AND Terry Glenn on his roster, the last two wide recievers I remember being traded/cut/dumped/thrown out of a moving train by the teams they had once starred for before they transformed into unbearable prima donnas. He seems to get along with those guys OK. So I don't think it's clear-cut that Parcells would refuse to take TO.

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I would laugh if no one signs him next year and he has to play in Canada ! Oh sweet justice! That would be about the greatest thing to happen to everyone. The NFL is rid of the biggest sportjerk in recent history, the CFL will finally make ESPN for something other than a rediculous trick play and to (intentionally lower case) gets what he deserves...deported.

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T.O. was "used?!" He was paid handsomely to do a "JOB." While he was doing his "JOB," he took every opportunity to disgrace his team mates, his sport, and his fans.

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Terrell who??

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TO is a giant douche. I'm a Philly boy, born and raised. I grew up watching the Eagles and we've had our share off a$$ clowns before but To had everything he could possibly want until he signed on with Drew "I've done nothing for TO but get him kicked off the team" Rosenhouse. Andy "Fata$$" Reid is a great coach and no one else seems to have a problem with hi my way or the highway way of doing things until you get a primadonna like To who may make alot of big plays but drops the simple first down passes with his stonehands. All he had to do was shut up and play football and he would have gotten his much larger salary next year instead of being cut like a second rate rookie. I would take any headcase in the league over TO just for the simple fact that they may be million dollar crybabies but at least they shut up and play. As for the team falling apart after his suspension, they're starting 4-5 out of the 11 starters from the first game due to injuries. That's a hard deficit to make up. In closing F U TO and good riddance.

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Hey Two Dumb Chuck, Sounds to me like you are the jock carrier for T.O. You and him are both idiots who deserve each other, until you have something constructive, that makes sense, stay off of the blog and the drugs buddie...

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TO = Looser Its amazing how stupid humans can be! Id rather loose with class than be connected with this looser in anyway. If he couldnt play football he would probably be in jail! Its a good thing Kevin Barlow cant run worth a dam or he would be SF's next TO! And thats how it realy is! All the talent with a looser IQ.

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Id rather loose with class than be connected with this looser in anyway. The eagles don't lose with class. They just lose. TO gets all the blame. That way their fans don't have to admit that they just have a piss-poor team and a coach whose inadequacies are showing now that some of his stars are hurt, slowing down, suspended, or have just plain quit. TO = scapegoat.

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Not! He wrecked SF and he wrecked Philly! seems like both teams were playoff teams until he shows his true colors! Hmmmmm maybe your right and its everyone but TO's fault! He's as stupid as his fisrt agent! Fact

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O.K. I'm ready to get tossed under the bus for this one. Basically TO's biggest crime is having a HUGE mouth, talkingcrap ect. I mean he may be a locker room cancer, but then again he did have alot of his "former" teamates show up for his recent birthday party. Would I like to see TO just play ball(with a few end zone dances thrown in)? Sure, of course I would. But the level of hatred for this guy is unreal. We have athletes sexually assualting women, beating their wives, doing performance enhanceing drugs and even KILLING THEIR OWN TEAMATES. A little perspective people might be nice.

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Scapegoat? If that doesn't sound like someone in denial I don't know what dose. Do you think if there was any way the players union could have kept his job they would have done it. Or were they also looking out for the owners? There had to be some very convincing evidence to banish this player. What about shut-up and play did he not understand? I do believe though that Drew Rosenshouse has to shoulder some of the blame maybe 75% to TOs 25%. As you may have noticed both their egos can't fit into the same room at the same time. Rosenhouse created this monster.

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TO = Looser Its amazing how stupid humans can be! Id rather loose with class than be connected with this looser in anyway. I think that pretty much sums it up. There sure is some intelligent commentary on the lose around here!

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Hey, WDMINOTT, I hope you are right..........but I've been a HUGE Cowboys fan for 30+ years. Trust me on this -- Jerry Jone would hire satan himself if he thought it would help his team (and TO is the satan of the NFL, no doubt). Just like someone else posted earlier, Parcells took flyers on Terry Glenn and Keyshaun Johnson -- both former loudmouth complainers. I could deal with Terry Glenn and (just barely) Keyshaun Johnson.....but I would switch my alligence in a second to the TEXANS is that idiot Owens ever becomes a Cowboy....I can't believe how stupid Owens is -- can't he see that EVERYWHERE he goes he causes problems, but yet he always blames everyone from his coach to the freakin local milkman for his problems??? I absolutely despise Owens....I can't even stand to see his face on TV anymore. And say what you want about Rosenfauls, but TO is ultimately the idiot for following Rosenmoron all the way to his suspension!!

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T.O. SHUT UP. No body cares anymore

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anyone who thinks Keyshawn is a prize missed the shoutout with Bledsoe on the sidelines this year. (maybe Parcells knows how to keep these things from getting out of hand, maybe Reid doesn't?) Who forgets that Gruden and the BUCS did a TO on Keyshawn, but then I never saw TO blasting Reid on the sideline during a game? And Keyshawn is just a possession receiver. TO is the problem, the team gets rid of TO, and the team falls apart, end of story.

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Born and raised a 49er fan here in Hawaii with the 49er's, I have seen it all the past 30 years,Gene Washington, Freddie Solomon, the GREAT Jerry Rice, never in that time did I witness such a self centered Prick as T.O.. The man is good, better than most, yet have we heard Marvin Harrison, D. Clark, or John Taylor voice themselves in the manner which Owens claims 'I will never change' for anyone, hell no. These guys all had and have class, something Owens will never have, nor be able to buy. The guy, I won't say man, is by far the biggest, self centered prick/idoit ever in my opinion to take to the field. Sure he has not, as we are aware of, done anything illict or illegal. I saw the talent, ethic and potential in S.F., yet he is not the prima donna or talent as the others previously mentioned. BAN this prick from the N.F.L., he is all about ME, ME,ME,ME,ME,ME, SCREW YOU T.O.

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T.O.=ASSHOLE! Here's hoping he crawls in a hole with the likes of Mike Tyson, Jim Brown, Jesse Jackson, Manny Ramirez and the overrated Teddie B. never, ever to be seen or heard from again.

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Isn't there a separate site where all this TO stuff can be discussed? You guys need a quiet, reflective and peaceful place to vent your spleens.

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My god folks! Considering the loss of face the USA has suffered in recent years, you want to start another international incident and send the non-team player mouth / whiner TO to the CFL? Oh, please....

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The CFL wouldn't have him. Up north they still actually still believe in sportsmenship and all that stuff we seem to have forgotten down here.

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Besides I felt Used by both of my ex-wives, but that sure didn't stop them from collecting money from me. You play, you pay.

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I don't know about you but I am sick of this baby. I give him credit he is good. But he ain't no Mohhamad Ali so he needs to keep his mouth shut and play. If he just realized that making good plays is talking then he'd be ok. The sad thing is someone will pick him up (Raiders) and then release him again. I know it's only my opinion but he is a chump!!!

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Reading these posts someone could get rich with a F.U. TO website.

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Fade You think to shouldn't be kicked for his actions?

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I mean football used to mean something now you have plays spending more time creating dances then practicing. you remember how it was in high school u score u high 5 u get off the field. SPORTSMANSHIP

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The teams discession is their call. Everyone calling for hid head is a little out of line i think. Just an opinion. Also i can't spell or type when i'm buzzed.

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I love the Eagles. I was born and raised an Eagles fan. We all are not awful. TO makes it seem so. The Eagles have their hands full, what happens next? I just wish I was better understood....D-McNabb rocks

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In the history of the NFL, has there ever been a player with more accomplishments and less maturity than Terrell Owens? The league's full of washouts who never lived up to their potential because of personal problems, like Lawrence Phillips, but Owens has a potential Hall of Fame career through 10 seasons. He's ruining it all with his mouth! As for the Eagles, they've had a chance to prove they don't need Owens. The team's 1-5 since his suspension, and all five losses are to NFC East rivals they've dominated in recent years. Clearly they are a much worse team in his absence.

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