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Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles

I mean football used to mean something now you have plays spending more time creating dances then practicing. you remember how it was in high school u score u high 5 u get off the field. SPORTSMANSHIP

posted by liggy78 at 02:01 AM on December 17, 2005

Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles

Fade You think to shouldn't be kicked for his actions?

posted by liggy78 at 01:59 AM on December 17, 2005

Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles

I don't know about you but I am sick of this baby. I give him credit he is good. But he ain't no Mohhamad Ali so he needs to keep his mouth shut and play. If he just realized that making good plays is talking then he'd be ok. The sad thing is someone will pick him up (Raiders) and then release him again. I know it's only my opinion but he is a chump!!!

posted by liggy78 at 01:51 AM on December 17, 2005

Is sport worth risking your life for?

I'm not the biggest hockey fan but i like the game. I think it is his decision to play. Who knows how it will end. but you never know. just like in life you never know when and how you will die. when death comes you can't out run it. so what is the big deal. we are all going to die. we know this and he is a big boy. you always hear people say i'd rather die he's putting his life were his mouth is.and as far as players taking it easy on him. i don't see that happening and if it does it won't last to long. this is just one's opinion and i'm sticking to it.

posted by liggy78 at 02:06 PM on December 14, 2005

Space sports closer to reality.

You take the UFC and put it in space and I'll watch other than that not really digging it.

posted by liggy78 at 10:24 PM on December 10, 2005