December 13, 2005

The Sixth Tool: A Pro Baseball Scout's rolling commentary that takes you on the road from city to city in a high stakes search for talent that will one day make it to the Big Show. (via deadspin)

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ahh who do i look like answering this question

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What experience did Seth Goldbaum have? I'm sorry, but watching SportsCenter everynight, professing to be a follower of Bill James (did he ever play ball?), and reading something called Baseball Abstract just doesn't get it done. Taking a step back, I could probably say the same for Logan Cooper, our GM. Sure, he played little league and high school, but he was never drafted and never graced the lineup card of a minor league team. Gemini Christmas, he's an Ivy Leaguer who majored in math! What experience did he have to lead our organization to a World Series? Little if any I would argue. But the ownership saw something I didn't. A sort of efficiency argument. A business argument. They began to look at things like payroll dollars per win and payroll dollars per run scored. This was all foreign to me. What happened to the old guard? Baseball folk have naturally been former players. What the heck was going on? I guess I see the direction we're headed but I'm not buying into it. This just screams: I fear change and I don't like the look of those kids over there! An interesting read, nonetheless.

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