December 04, 2005

Taylor Wins over Hopkins: The fight got personal in the days before the two actually climbed into the ring. Hopkins mocked Taylor's speech impediment and called him a phony champion, while Taylor brought a doll with Hopkins' name on it to the final prefight press conference to say he was a crybaby.

posted by T$PORT4lawschool to boxing at 01:08 AM - 3 comments

Man, hearing the "babydoll" cry at the press conference was more exciting than this fight. Heres my problem, hopkins was compared to marvin haggler in recent years. And if taylor is obviously the next "great" middle weight, why was this fight so boring. people say that "its a chess match" and these 2 are "evenly matched". thats why they kind of cancel eachother out. When 2 great fighters met back in the day, they made for great fights. Haggler/hearns-haggler/leonard-duran/leonard.All great fights. nowadays, they just suck. tarver/jones-hopkins/taylor-mayweather/mitchell. To see good fights, you have to watch the guys who have lost a few like the gatti/ward battles, or the corrales/other guy(brain freeze)battles. These fighters are starting to fight not to lose, instead of fighting to win. This "he never touched me" mentallity has got to go.Some of these guys think they should win because they "out bobbed and weaved" their opponet by doing the cabbage patch thru the entire fight. Winkey Wright will whip both of these guys.

posted by RZA at 05:07 AM on December 04, 2005

I could't agree more about how these two fighters fought to not lose TWICE instead of fighting to win. I think Hopkins is always comparing himself in order to try and build his own persona. I'm not buying the chess match bull either because there are so many other great fights that pit two great fighers who FIGHT. The crybaby with taperecorder sounds hilarious i need to get a video clip. Hopkins should just skip his last fight in Jan and retire as of last night.

posted by T$PORT4lawschool at 10:23 AM on December 04, 2005

It's times like this that I miss boxing. I know they still do it some places, but this As-The-Stomach-Turns Mexican-Wrestling crap ain't it.

posted by chicobangs at 10:39 AM on December 04, 2005

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