December 25, 2005

Does Michigan deserve a better bowl?: Personally I think the only way to stop my favorite college team from bitching is to go back to the old Pre-BCS Rose Bowl. They don't deserve it this year, but it sure would be nice to see ANY Big Ten team play on New Years Day! The Rose Bowl is about Big Ten vs Pac-10, only that and only on New Years Day! Or is it sour grapes from Carr?

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It's sour grapes from Carr. He can't envision a team like his not having their asses kissed. If things had gone a wee bit differently, Wisconsin or Penn State may have had the Rose Bowl, but that's as may be. But Michigan sure the hell does not deserve anything NEAR the Bowl of Roses.

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The Wolverines aren't playing on New Year's Day for the first time since Carr's first season in 1995 because they weren't deserving. And whining about any perceived problems with the selection process only further salts the wounds. This pretty much summed it up, I thought. Quit whining, your team sucked this year. Play the bowl you are in and be happy that pathetic record even got you into one.

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Now if the powers that be would take the same stance against Notre Dame and give more deserving teams (Oregon) a fair shot!

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I'm a die hard Wolverine fanatic myself. No 7-4 team deserves a New Years bowl game, and that goes for Iowa too. The bowl system is a joke to me. Iowa is playing on Jan. 2nd, and teams like the Miami Hurricanes and LSU Tigers are not. The only bowl games which I watch anymore are the game which the Wolverines are playing, and the championship game. All others have no significance to me at all!

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Michigan is finally seeing the impact from scholarship limits. Many Wolverine fans, including the head coach, can't handle it. Carr really showed a lack of integrity when he changed his position on a playoff when it impacted him personally. This took him down a few more rungs on the respect ladder in the eyes of their fans.

posted by KC at 08:54 AM on December 25, 2005

Big Ten crybabies: If you are crying for your wolverines now, wait until after the Alamo bowl game! Nebraska is going to whip you up and down the field. Yeah that is right a bunch of farmers are going to show you how to play football! Bring your notebooks, you are going to get schooled.

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First of all...NO college team is playing on New Years day, they're not having a bowl game on New Years day. To the decision makers I say, thank you for keeping the tradition that is older than ALL the network execs,(or corperate entertainment moguls) alive. As for Michigan, Lloyde Carr is only keeping the attitude and mentallity of the legendary Bo alive. Every referee, annouuncer, and now, the BCS , is out to get poor Michigan. And why wouldn't they feel that way? They consistantly get a top 5 recruiting class. Great facilities! So it couldn't be coaching could it. It's got to be them. Them are...Media, Notre Dame, Ohio state, Michigan State, the weather, or the Pope. Quit your Damn whining Carr...we're disgusted with it. Get some class, work harder, if that doesn't work, then accept that you are not quite the coach and leader Michigan needs!

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Here's my take and that's that as Americans we have learned and been trained by both government and our employers to accept mediocrity from why not award college football teams have their parade and celebrate with 6-5 bowl games??? Ewwwwwwwww!! I don't have a problem with 7-4 but as one person pointed out, even that is a bit much. Now then; I see Fresno State sitting home and they have a fine prgram,team and coach and though they were ONLY 8-4, only team in the nation to damn near upset USC and give them something to think about. AND: for technicality sake, how the hell do you justify a fine 10-1 team like my beloved Oregon Ducks playing 7-4 Oklahoma??? When you have a BCS game featuring #8 & #23??? Last I saw, Oregon was ranked #6 (#5 in the BCS ahead of the Irish), but by default and reputation, ND gets a big payday??? And Oregon gets aced??? Still worse; lots of 7-4 or better teams that went unranked sitting home while we indulge in the medicrity they have created by too many bowl games and teams not even worthy of being there NO justice in the world???

posted by stella stevens at 10:28 AM on December 25, 2005

more deserving teams (Oregon) a fair shot! Had they played more than one team in the top 10 all year you might have an arguement here.

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They could have been in the Motor City Bowl. That way the team would have been home.

posted by JIM W. at 10:33 AM on December 25, 2005

Who is going to sponsor it (the Motor City Bowl)? All the U.S. automakers are going bankrupt, or near it. Just a question, for sure.

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The only reason they beat Penn State is because of Carr's whining, and that what this is. Without that they are 6-5.

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Lost the Battle....Won the War WE ARE......PENN STATE!!

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I am a die-hard Michigan fan. This season was a did not live up to the expectations of many of the fans that follow Michigan every season. However with regards to this season in all of the years I have been watching football I have never seen a team so devestated by injuries as this and yet still come to play hard every Saturday. At one time or another this season 4 starting offensive line men were out. All Big Ten runningback Mike Hart missed several games. The starting tight end missed a few games and played a few more with a massive cast on his hand(he is a pass catching tight end). Also they had injuries to the recieving corps. All everything wide reciever/kick returner Steve Breaston missed games and was at much less than full speed for most of the year. Top flight recruit Doug Dutch missed the entire season. Yet dispite all of these injuries, they were in every single game they played until the very last drive of the game. The also beat America's sweetheart Joe Pa and Penn State. Do I think they are more deserving of a New Years game than a team like Oregon? No, but they are more deserving than Iowa, a team Michigan beat. What blows my mind is that Coach Carr suggests the very thing that I see nearly everyone on this site clamoring for, and cites the reason that many people cite for that desire, and you people throw him under the bus. I would thank that people interested in a playoff would be fricking jumping for joy that a well respected coach at a top flight, yet well respected program has joined your cause.

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Michigan vs Nebraska..... this will decide the REAL National Champ from 1997.....Ha!!!!! Two programs going nowhere

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Yet dispite all of these injuries, they were in every single game they played until the very last drive of the game. Shouldn't this read despite all those offensive injuries just cited, the defense gave the game up on the very last drive of the game. Now you also sound like coach Carr, bitter. Just accept the fact that your season didn't go as good as planned, and play in whatever 7-4 bowl you get and be happy to even be there.

posted by jojomfd1 at 01:01 AM on December 26, 2005

Ho Hum yes Michigan had an off year, for many reasons, but in the end we are going to a bowl game and will drive the ball down the Husker's throat:-)) We're already stocking up on blue chip recruits for next season. One thing I can't argue with is that the "2" best college football teams are playing for the National Championship!!!

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The real problem, and the thing that made me mad, is that Iowa is in a better bowl than Michigan. Even though Michigan has the same record, has beat Iowa in Iowa, and is ranked higher, Iowa is going to a better bowl game purely because of their fan base. This is why I think Lloyd Carr is mad, because fans and TV time decide bowl matchups, not the best teams. Oregon fans, why do you think Notre Dame is in your bowl slot? Because Notre Dame will send more fans, it will get more viewers, and it sounds like a better matchup than Ohio State vs. the mighty Oregon. While I don't think Llyod Carr should be pushing for a playoff, he has every reason to be upset with the way the bowl games turned out. The only reason they beat Penn State is because of Carr's whining, and that what this is. Mario Manningham!!!!!

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I was with the column until it padded itself with bunk about the great merits of the bowl system, mouthpiecing the crap about how much economic impact Fort Worth gets from its bowl game. Columns that bash Carr are usually fun -- was LC saying all of this last year when he played Texas instead of Cal -- but while doing it, Sharp threw out some b.s. of his own in the process.

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rockinrussrobb See my comment in the Leon Spinks Post.

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Well said skydivedad.

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Robb, there is a button on the far left of your keyboard, right next to the "A" key. It is called Caps Lock. When it is on you type in all capital letters. From now on, before you post, you should check if it is on (which you can do by looking at a light that says caps lock on the top right of your screen).

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I think you mean keyboard, Ying Yang. Unless you have a MAC, which has more hints than I care for.

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after watching the game, could there possibly be worse officiating? that was the worst play-calling I have ever seen in my life. And the fact that Michigan had to blow all their time outs to get a challenge was B-S.

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Stupid Sun Belt

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