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Sports Bio

I've been a huge New York Yankees fan since 1960, when I watched Bill Mazeroski's walk off Series winner fly over the head of Yogi Berra in left field. Sure, the Yanks didn't win, but I was impressed with the dignity they showed in losing.

I'm also a rabid University of Tennessee fan, and follow the football team with keen interest.

The most memorable sporting event that I witnessed was the miracle win by the Volunteers in 1998 against Arkansas on the way to the national championship.

Recent Comments

Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend was... fake?

"Sounds like a bunch of shit to me, with Notre Dame scampering to help Te'o salvage his reputation. If I recall, they made a big thing about his relationship with this girl during the Heisman show. Just when did the whole "investigation" thing begin?"

I agree with dyams, this sounds like a big load of shit to me. It sounds suspiciously like an idea floated to give an overrated football program the same sort of inspiration that "win one for the Gipper" and Rudy evidently provided. I guess they felt like they needed a little inspiration playing the overwhelming schedule they faced.

This bunch will never affilliate with a football conference because they will be exposed as the mediocre program they are. Their deal with the ACC involves basketball and an agreement to play five ACC games a year. Of course that includes stout competition like Maryland, Boston College, Wake Forest, North Carolina State, North Carolina, Duke and a couple of Big East refugees that I can't really think of at the moment. On the flip side, they'll get Clemson, Miami and Florida State on occasion, but the creampuff factor will insure they get their obligatory 10 wins and be the Irish of old.

posted by jm_mosier at 10:26 AM on January 17, 2013

Clowney's monster hit sparks Gamecocks' Outback Bowl win

The official that gave Michigan a first down on that measurement must be either a Michigan alumni or incompetent or maybe both. On the other hand. Clowney is probably the best college football player in the country.

posted by jm_mosier at 06:44 AM on January 02, 2013

Bode Miller Hits Wife in Face with Golf Drive

Sounds like a snap hook to me.

posted by jm_mosier at 07:13 AM on December 15, 2012

Giants edge Patriots 21 to 17

"Both quarterbacks played really well but if Welker makes a great catch instead of Manningham we'd be having a completely different discussion right now."

And if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle, now wouldn't she?

posted by jm_mosier at 06:45 AM on February 06, 2012

Warner to Tebow: A Little Less Jesus, Please

And one more thing - if you're going to quote well-put scripture to discredit Tebow for praying in public, I'm all for building a knee-cushion-fitted outhouse on the sidelines to let him do his thing.

Also, are you saying Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?

Of course not. Everyone knows Jesus Christ can't hit a 1 iron.

posted by jm_mosier at 08:36 PM on November 29, 2011

Woods to miss US Open

Mental and physical problems aside, another reason Tiger may be all but finished is that no one on the Tour is afraid of him anymore. In his prime, all he had to do was show up and the rest of the field would wilt. Now the other players realize he's all too human and the intimidation factor doesn't work anymore.

posted by jm_mosier at 10:56 AM on June 08, 2011

Ohio State's Tressel Increases Own Suspension to Five Games

I wonder if he'll pull a Bobby Valentine and show up on the sidelines in a pair of noseglasses?

posted by jm_mosier at 12:15 PM on March 18, 2011

Ohio State's Tressel Increases Own Suspension to Five Games

Who would expect any less from Mr. Goodie Two Shoes Sweater Vest?

posted by jm_mosier at 11:48 AM on March 18, 2011

What's This On My Golfball?

I'm just happy I wasn't in the threesome behind him.

posted by jm_mosier at 07:31 AM on February 15, 2011

Florida hires Weis as coordinator

I wonder if he will have the same "schematic advantage" he had at Notre Dame.

posted by jm_mosier at 01:04 PM on January 02, 2011

Tyson vs Holyfield 3?

Tyson must be broke again.

posted by jm_mosier at 04:56 PM on March 05, 2010

Tiger Woods sorry, admits all: 'I had affairs. I cheated'

This strikes me as a pretty hollow apology from a man who was essentially living a lie. The fact that the statement was issued under conditions totally controlled and dictated by Woods and his "handlers" make it appear to me to be more damage control than a heartfelt apology.

I was one of his biggest fans, but I'lll no longer be counted in that number.

posted by jm_mosier at 12:16 PM on February 19, 2010

New Basketball League Only Allows White Players

What an idiot. His opening game headliner would be something like the Nashville Nazis vs. the Biloxi Bigots.

posted by jm_mosier at 11:41 AM on January 21, 2010

Washington Fires Head Coach Jim Zorn

I hear Mike Leach is available. Snyder and Leach might be a marriage made in hell.

posted by jm_mosier at 12:43 PM on January 04, 2010

Mangino resigns as Kansas coach

I'd love to see Mangino and Charlie Weis in a sumo wrestling match.

posted by jm_mosier at 12:12 PM on December 04, 2009