December 17, 2005

Longhorns preparing for career nfl finding ways to supplement income.: As long as the school doesn't take action and the police don't file charges the Texas DBacks should continue carrying semi automatic pistols, they may need them against USC's passing game.

posted by texoma-slim to football at 09:53 AM - 6 comments

The Austin Police have way too much on their hands to deal with this, with all the naked bongo players they have to drag out of thier homes and all.

posted by GoMeanGreen at 11:24 AM on December 17, 2005

However it turns out no team needs distractions like this two weeks before a big game, and I doubt it will just go away cleanly either.

posted by billsaysthis at 02:09 PM on December 17, 2005

weird. well they can't afford to lose any starters on defense. if they do end up filing charges against them, that's a pretty dumb way to short-circuit what's likely to be a big(ger) payday in the nfl.

posted by ninjavshippo at 02:39 PM on December 17, 2005

What's the big deal. Doesn't anybody remember how expensive text books are at the student store. Now THAT'S robbery. USC is going to pound Texas anyways.

posted by Desert Dog at 05:30 PM on December 17, 2005

why is that desert dog?

posted by the don at 01:13 PM on December 18, 2005

Actually, the don, that was just a little tongue-in-cheek about how expensive college can be and the fact that these athletes bring millions of dollars to their schools. If a booster gives an athlete a couple bucks for anything, the athlete gets hammered. Obviously, if those players did rob someone, they should immediately be suspended and dealt with accordingly.

posted by Desert Dog at 08:18 PM on December 20, 2005

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