December 19, 2005

Mount Union: wins their 8th championship since 1992!

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This is a small college that is about 30 minutes east of where I live. Thought it might be interesting for some of the football fans in here. You know in the lower divisions they do it the right way, and actually have a playoff system.

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Here is another article from the local paper about it.

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I was rooting for Whitewater. It's the alma mater of one of the Redskins greatest punters ever.

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You know in the lower divisions they do it the right way, and actually have a playoff system. And with that in mind, UNC-Tweetsie won their first Division I-AA football championship over the weekend. Way to go Mountaineers! /second link features train sounds. ugh.

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Just thought I would add that Mount Union running back freshman Nate Kmic had 303 yards running and pass receiving. He had minimal playing time during the regular season as he was a backup, but got his chance late at the end of the year when the starter got hurt. Nate gained more then 1000 rushing yards in the 5 play off games plus whatever pass receiving.

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Every year Mount Union are in the playoffs and I see their name flowing across the bottom of the screen. They apparently know how to do things right though one does wonder why the school doesn't move up to the next level as, say, University of Delaware did a few years back on top of a lengthy run.

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I graduated from Mount Union a year and a half ago and moving to a higher division (like Delaware did) would be very difficult for this program. I may have a biased opinion but have a good understanding of the program and the hard work that is put into it. Mount Union is a school with 2,200 kids that offers no athletic scholarships. They recruit kids based on their strong tradition, coaching staff, and facilities. The coaches do a great job of recruiting year after year, and if you look, the majority of the players on Mounts team are from the Northeast Ohio area. Because of its tradition, Mt. Union is attractive to division 1 transfers and strong high school players that might not cut playing at a D-1 school. It is tough to compete with D-1 and D-2 schools in recruiting when no scholarships can be offered. Moving to D-2 for a school of 2,200 kids would be ridiculous even if scholarships could be offered. Even in D-3 we played some schools with 10,000 kids. The larger the school, the larger the talent pool. In Mount Unionís case the talent pool is smaller but very thick with talent. I credit this all to the hard work of the coaching staff.

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