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Fan of all those who wave the Philadelphia banner.

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Stern Would Like to Eliminate Hack-a-Howard: "I would have liked to have seen the rule changed to make the last-two-minute rule the whole rule,” he said. “It was getting to a point last year where, [in the] first period, they were just grabbing players. I think that’s ludicrous."

posted by DudeDykstra to basketball at 12:06 AM on December 08, 2012 - 8 comments

The 2010 Seattle Seahawks: Worst. Playoff. Team. Ever?: According to Mr. Sagarin’s formula, the Seahawks would deserve to be favored by just 3 points against the 2008 Detroit Lions, who went 0-16. Article also includes a ranking of 10 worst teams to advance to the playoffs across all four major U.S. sports.

posted by DudeDykstra to football at 07:49 PM on January 04, 2011 - 11 comments

High School Girl Kicks 43-Yard Field Goal, Sets National Record: Her kick came with two seconds left in the first half. "Everybody went nuts," Coach Tim Flossie recalled. "She trots off and says, 'Coach, I told you so.'"

posted by DudeDykstra to football at 09:24 PM on October 18, 2010 - 2 comments

Weird Baseball Contract Clauses: Hey, New York Mets fans, think things couldn't get any worse? Next year former outfielder Bobby Bonilla goes back on the payroll at the ripe old age of 48.

posted by DudeDykstra to baseball at 08:18 PM on May 06, 2010 - 2 comments

Utley ties Reggie's World Series Record: Utley has hit five homers in five games, tying Reggie Jackson (1977) as the only other player in history with that many in a single World Series. And Mr. November will have at least one more opportunity, in Game 6 tomorrow in New York, to replace Mr. October in the record books.

posted by DudeDykstra to baseball at 03:19 AM on November 03, 2009 - 22 comments

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76ers Sign Teen with Down Syndrome

This is really awesome.

posted by DudeDykstra at 12:24 AM on March 05, 2014

MLB approves expanded instant replay.

Step 4: The manager will walk back to the dugout after being ordered by the umpires.

From my understanding of the new rules, if the manager wishes to challenge he must do so before returning to the dugout.

posted by DudeDykstra at 11:28 PM on January 19, 2014

Dodgers Drive Money Truck to Kershaw's House

What seven year (or similar) deals for pitchers have worked out?

In 2010, the New York Times ran an article with the same opinion.

Not sure those other deals really qualify as "similar", given Kershaw's age and dominance.

posted by DudeDykstra at 02:26 AM on January 16, 2014

Saints Edge Eagles on Last-Second Field Goal

Neither team played particularly well.

posted by DudeDykstra at 10:26 AM on January 05, 2014

Bulls Lose Derrick Rose to Another Knee Injury

In this case, no, definitely not.

Chicago (with Rose) is one of the top 3 teams in the East, and there's a huge drop-off after them. Before this injury they had a very good chance of making a deep playoff/title run.

Losing Rose for the season is devastating to the city of Chicago.

Zero chance they're milking his injury with the goal of moving 10-15 spots in the draft.

posted by DudeDykstra at 12:42 AM on November 27, 2013

Archie Manning faces family history

They tend to pass when given the chance.

True, but few are as adept at dropping a long one right into a wide receiver's bread basket.

posted by DudeDykstra at 01:13 PM on September 26, 2013

Slate Won't Call NFL Team 'Redskins' Any More

While some of the people in my circle (friends, family) are indifferent about the name "Redskins", everyone who has an opinion about it (roughly 2/3) finds the name offensive.

posted by DudeDykstra at 09:49 PM on August 08, 2013

Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon, Ends Long British Drought

Really great match in spite of being straight sets. The two have now met in 4 slam finals, with each taking 2. I expect to see several more finals featuring this pair in the coming years.

posted by DudeDykstra at 03:24 PM on July 07, 2013

Was the Flu Game a Poisoning?


posted by DudeDykstra at 10:02 PM on April 19, 2013

NFL Players Knew Teammate Was Gay, Didn't Care

Which is why I'm convinced a player coming out is going to be a huge distraction

Meh. It'll be a "huge" distraction for a few weeks, then a minor one, then none at all.

I, for one, am looking forward to it. I hope (and expect) that generations from now people will look back at this and say, "Geez, you mean people used to hide the fact that they were gay? Why?"

posted by DudeDykstra at 07:47 PM on April 18, 2013

Money & March Madness

Yeah, I suppose there's some tricky things to work around, but ultimately it's not that complicated. Allow them licensing rights on their name and the ability to sell themselves in endorsement deals. Don't force them to go to college if a pro team wants them. Take 5% of the net the program makes, split it up based on playing time, buy a fund they get when they turn 30.

I realize I'm just making up numbers but again, my only point was just that I don't understand people (other than those who make money off these kids) who argue against this sort of thing.

posted by DudeDykstra at 10:37 PM on April 02, 2013

Money & March Madness

I am unable to understand why anyone ever takes the argument against compensating highly successful college athletes for their participation on highly profitable sports teams.

posted by DudeDykstra at 11:13 PM on April 01, 2013

Miami Dolphins Change Their Logo

Logo on the page linked to is not the actual new logo. To see the actual new logo, go to the Dolphins website. It's better, and has eyes.

posted by DudeDykstra at 07:48 PM on March 28, 2013

Kyle Lohse Signs 3-Year Deal with Brewers

The draft pick sucking doesn't cost you 33 million dollars.

I do think this makes the Brewers a much more likely playoff contender this year.

posted by DudeDykstra at 12:12 AM on March 27, 2013

SportsFilter 2013 March Madness Bracket

I just got back from the GU - FGCU game here in Philadelphia. Fun game. Florida had a couple really talented athletes, and had enough amazing plays to fill a Sports Center top 10. GU came out sluggish and never found a groove. FGCU game out aggressive and disciplined, and maintained that energy throughout.

During the introductions there were very few cheers for Florida, and huge crowd support for Georgetown. By the half the GU fans were mostly quieted, and there was thunderous support for Florida, who received a standing ovation at the finish.

posted by DudeDykstra at 11:01 PM on March 22, 2013