October 18, 2010

High School Girl Kicks 43-Yard Field Goal, Sets National Record: Her kick came with two seconds left in the first half. "Everybody went nuts," Coach Tim Flossie recalled. "She trots off and says, 'Coach, I told you so.'"

posted by DudeDykstra to football at 09:24 PM - 2 comments

Considering similar situations in the past the best part of the article was the ending where she says she's been treated well.

posted by justgary at 07:48 PM on October 19, 2010

Ditto justgary ...

... And more power to her. It will be interesting to see if any college programs give her a shot. However, having watched the video, I don't really expect the same degree of success at that level: she takes way too many steps in her approach to the ball. Any decent rush will be able to block most of her kicks. Still, if she can get it down to three steps and maintain that power, ...

posted by billinnagoya at 11:19 PM on October 19, 2010

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