December 08, 2005

Colorado Coach Gary Barnett Steps Down: Gary Barnett stepped down as football coach of Colorado on Thursday, accepting a $3 million settlement and ending a tenure that was riddled by off-the-field problems but ultimately done in by recent bad results on the field.

This comes as Colorado University was reviewing allegations vs. Barnett. Colorado players, fans wonder 'what now'.

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Now whose going to be the Longhorns whipping child?

posted by mustang71 at 07:52 PM on December 08, 2005

Watched the whole press conference tonight , and Barnett emphatically stated he "Did not resign". IMHO he also didn't seem very upset about getting the axe either. Perhaps that is one of the reasons other than the most glaring that he was canned. His stoicism and lack of emotion probably cost the ice-man. The new (8mos) AD Mike Bohn seemed full of energy and fire, which was a breath of fresh air after Barnett. Hopefully their "search committee" will find a coach that will take CU to the next level. Perhaps Dan Hawkins from Boise State, or Pat Hill from Fresno St. would be a good fit.

posted by stockman at 08:36 PM on December 08, 2005

BTW...just kiddin' about Mike Bohn...they should add an "er" after his name.

posted by stockman at 11:27 PM on December 08, 2005

Losses Do to Barnett What Colorado Scandal Could Not

posted by justgary at 01:14 AM on December 09, 2005

$3m = hush money It's funny that the more you make, the more you can screw up and then get a sweet payoff when you go. If I had engaged in questionable behavior at my job, I'd be out the door without a dime. -a

posted by kokaku at 05:27 AM on December 09, 2005

CU fans are insane if they think Les Miles, mentioned in the CSTV article, will leave LSU. As for the NYT piece, the Times makes it seem that all the scandals had no effect on Barnett's hiring, where the other pieces idnicated it did have an effect. My personal gut feeling is that the whole sordid mess that was Colorado football off the field for a long time eventually added weight and made it impossible to keep a troubled coach through a bad end of the season. Put another way, without Katie Hnida's story and everything surrounding it, and we talk about Gary Barnett as one of the coaches who could be on the hotseat for 2006 rather than one of the casualties of 2005. And with regards to the next HC at CU, he had better be prepared to run thigns immaculately clean for awhile. The current atmosphere will not tolerate any funny business.

posted by Bonkers at 02:35 PM on December 09, 2005

Excellent post, justgary, thanks for the links. -Snare

posted by redsnare at 12:40 PM on December 10, 2005

Geez I HATE clean programs. Maybe they could get James Cahn to coach he seemed to have the shtick down in the movie "The Program".(Which by the way is one of my favortie guilty pleasure movies)

posted by Fade222 at 07:05 PM on December 10, 2005

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