December 04, 2005

FSU gets a BCS Berth.: I know that the system is designed this way, but how can a team like FSU (8-4) make a BCS game, when a team like Oregon (10-1) will not. Both the two teams that will be playing in the Fiesta bowl are TWO loss teams.

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Oregon was due to get the shaft anyway because of a 9-2 Notre Dame team, so the FSU situation only magnifies the farce that is the BCS.

posted by jm_mosier at 06:32 AM on December 04

We need congress to step in and fix things!!! (ha)

posted by Big D Alexander at 07:14 AM on December 04

It's pretty damned sad when a team like FSU is assigned a bowl game merely because 'well, they ALWAYS play in one' or some other simpleton rationale. I myself am becoming convinced that 'BCS' stands for 'Bull Caca System', because they are surely screwing this one up. And will continue to do so, until they are reformed or modified from the desperately stupid methods they now utilize.

posted by mrhockey at 07:36 AM on December 04

It's about 1 vs. 2, and that's it. Let the other teams battle it out for the money and supposed-presitge (and hopefully some of the games will be good), but beyond the Rose Bowl, nothing else really matters. That was the game everyone wanted to see, and it's happening.

posted by dyams at 08:31 AM on December 04

All I can say is PLAYOFF!!!!!!!!!!!

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FSU & NOtre Dame have large fan bases.Its not about football. Its about the Benjamins.

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It's pretty damned sad when a team like FSU is assigned a bowl game merely because 'well, they ALWAYS play in one' or some other simpleton rationale. Isn't the rationale here that they won their conference?

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yes it is yerfatma. Also, in the last few weeks of the season when FSU lost a few games, they werent playing for anything except bragging rights against Florida. They already had their spot in the ACC championship sealed. I think they are much better than their record

posted by the don at 10:11 AM on December 04

And the Voice of Reason/On the Facts AwardTM for this thread goes to ... yerfatma!!!

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The BCS bowls should be for the best teams regardless of conference or conference championship. There's for sure no way the Big East should have an automatic berth after the recent defections of their best football teams. But this is indeed about the Benjamins, so just like MLS will not adopt promotion/relegation anytime soon neither will privileged conferences give up these slots.

posted by billsaysthis at 10:33 AM on December 04

Did anybody read the article or watch any of this on TV? yerfatma and bill are on the case, at least. The ACC has a deal with the BCS. FSU won the ACC Championship last night. FSU gets a BCS bowl bid. It's fairly simple and obvious if you take the time to look.

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You can't bitch at FSU as much as I/some may want to.....they did what they had to do.....and Va Tech did not...if that is all they had to give in a game to get into the BCS, should they get in against better team than FSU in a BCS game and really get blown out???....I think their a record over shadows a weak team in Va Tech and a weak ACC....they lost to both Fl teams on their schedule and 90-0 vs Duke and Ohio isn't anything to get excited about......Hate to think what USC or Texas would have put up against those two.....I don't like conference championship games but I think this one shows the "Champ" might have been a "Chump".....

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I agree that the BCS is very very flawed and should be fixed. However, I don't think that the government, while we are re-building New Orleans and fighting in Iraq, should have to devote a section of Congress to fixing a game and its bowl system.

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I just hope Congress can find the time to investigate the meth craze on the rodeo circuit.

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FSU and BCS - What is your problem? It's simple. Certain teams in certain conferences win their conference championship and they go to a designated BCS bowl. Isn't that what FSU did? Do you change change the whole process because a conference has an off year?

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Certain teams in certain conferences win their conference championship and they go to a designated BCS bowl. Again... I know that is how the system was designed, but just as Ricky G said, Its all about the Benjamins. Everyone knows that teams that go to and do well in BCS games are going to come out smelling better than Holiday Bowl teams in the next seasons rankings. There is a disconnect in College football between The rankings and the actual ability of the teams, and between who makes it into Bowl games, etc... I'm not trying to hate the player (FSU), I'm hating the game (BCS). There are fundamental flaws in the way that we pick the teams for these games... Why should the Pac-10 suffer year after year because the East coast stops watching football at 7 PM?

posted by everett at 02:48 PM on December 04

Do you change change the whole process because a conference has an off year? That is a great point imhipdigit. You cant shoot down the conference champ just because the conference had an off year. People said that last year about USC and we all saw what happened in the Orange Bowl.

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The part I don't get is everyone says well #1 vs. #2 is the only one that matters. Yet #22(barely) gets to play #3???? That's not in utmost fairness that's a slap in the face to Penn St. That is why the BCS still sucks.

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Do you change change the whole process because a conference has an off year? No, you change it because one conference (Big East) almost never has a champion worth including after losing their three best teams and because other years at least one other conference champ is not one of the top eight teams. You change it so the eight best teams, on some reasonably consensus basis, make it and play 1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6 and 7 v 8 as long as there is no 'playoff' or preferably play 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5, match the winners, then match those winners for the nig chunk of crystal. Regardless of conference.

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First of all, I think Congress has much more troubling things to investigate before trying to decide who should play in college bowl games. Secondly, the old method of picking a mythical "champion" WAS on a concensus basis using UPI and AP voters. Unless there was one overwhelmingly dominating team, the coronation of the "champion" usually ended in controversay. The BCS is all about getting a #1 vs #2 to actually play a "championship" game on the field. Yes, it can still be flawed but, for the most part, and absent any real play off system, it has been reasonably effective. However, it has created a tough situation for the Bowls, especially the smaller ones, that are not hosting the championship game. They have had to forge alliances with conferences to insure that they can meet their financial goals by getting fans in the seats. Conferences have seen the $$ benefits of a championship game and have jumped on the $$ wagon. FSU did not invent the system, they just have to perform within it..which they did. Also, even in the "good old days" (pre-BCS) the Alabama's and Notre Dame's still went to the bowl games instead of the "have not's" regardless of records. Perhaps if the PAC 10 had a championship game Oregon could plead it's case.

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Again I'll say it PLAY OFF!!!!!!!

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We heard you the first time, Fade222. See you in about ten more comments. Far as I can tell, the BCS is built to ensure a 1-2 matchup at the end of the year, and that's pretty much it. No further attempt was ever made at making things fair, especially for places 5 through 10. Yes, Oregon got hosed (they may not have the wide fan base of ND or FSU or Penn State, but they're not exactly a nothing team), but someone was going to wind up on the outside. They just drew the short straw this year. And yes, Congress shouldn't be wasting their time with this. The USA is not exactly in a peaceful boom time right now.

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Can someone here please blame the ACC braintrust for this whole debacle? They worked so hard to juryrig the divisions so FSU and Miami would match up every year that they ended up getting a horrible representative. Had they just made a north and south division based on geographic lines (like everyone ELSE), they would have got a VaTech/Miami game...between the two best teams in the conference. This is the ACC's fault and it is a slap in the face to Paterno to get his team shafted like this. But hey, it's not like he isn't used to getting the shaft from the NCAA, is it? ;)

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Now, before I get started I know a lot of this is re-hash, but you can not blame the team, or for that matter the system for getting us to this result. How can one say that Florida State is not the best team in the ACC? Yes, their 8-4 record is not that impressive when stacked against Oregon's 10-1. However, FSU knocked off Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College. That quartet represents the four of the best five teams in the ACC, with the fifth being Georgia Tech, and Tech was not on FSU's schedule. Who exactly did Oregon beat this year? There three most difficult games, Fresno State, USC and Cal, I'm not going to mention Arizona State because they ended up being a fraud, were all played at home and the combined effort from those three games, 2-1 while being outscored 109-67. Compair that to FSU's three toughest. 3-0 and outscored the competition 65-46. Maybe I'm the only one out here but I don't care about the line in the Orange Bowl, put my money on the 'Noles and I'll be laughing on my way to the bank. As far at the ACC, rigging the divisions would you really like to see Miami, FSU, GT, Clemson, NCST and Duke all in the south, totally loaded while VT gets to run the table in the weak north with UNC, UVA, MD, BC and Wake? Remember the divisions are as much about basketball as they are football.

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thank you bucs, atleast someone knows how to put wins and loses into their proper perspective. Masked, how is FSU undeserving? They lost to the bad teams and beat the good ones. So does that make VT or UM better because they beat the bad ones and lost to the good team who had lost to the bad teams itself. That doesnt make any sense, how is FSU bad when 3 of the teams it beat are in the top 20? FSU lost an all world corner in Antonio Cromartie before the season. A great DT before the season. An upperclassman QB, although I didnt want him anyway. Three starters on the O-line. Dude we played with a RSFR QB this year and had the best pass O in the ACC. Our D just shut down the best rushing attack in the ACC, like 30ish yards on 40ish carries. Do you really think PSU has more talent? I can assure you there arent many teams that have the resolve that this team does. Be afraid if your team plays us, it could get ugly.

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how are we not the best team in the conference... they beat BOTH of your " two best teams in the conference"... and the big ten isn't exactly full of elite teams this year so we will prob be the best team Penn state has played all year

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I wouldnt go that far myself, but FSU is probably the fastest team PSU will play this year. As far as talent OSU and Mich are right there too. Anyone else from the Big10 can take a seat as far as I'm concerned. I think I already saw a line that had FSU favored. Isnt that more telling of the lofty ranking PSU has?

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Maybe CFB needs a playoff system, but I dont want them getting rid of the conference champ game. First of all my Noles have an excellent shot of getting to the title game every year for the next eternity. Plus it was an awesome game to watch! People may talk about undeserving but FSU is not Colorado, now that was pathetic. How can someone not be impressed with the season FSU has had when playing with a lot of preseason 2nd teamers as starters, instead of the sub roles they were supposed to have?

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played 25+ freshmen this year.

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They really need an edit feature on this thing then I wouldnt look like an idiot. LOL

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I think FSU is very deserving of this game. Bucsforever said it well. And i agree with Drallig9399 that FSU is the fastest team Penn State has seen but i dont think its the best. I think Ohio State is. I like Penn State to win this game with its elite defense. Its hard to find a weakness on it, and Michael Robinson still doesnt get enough credit at quarterback. Penn State is a solid team all-around.

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Drallig: It's called "Preview." That's why it's there.

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I cant say that the PSU D is better than UM's or VT's. I will say that turnovers are going to determine who wins and loses more than anything else. If we dont give up the rock and put our D in bad situations we're good. I am interested in seeing whether or not FSU can make PSU one dimensional like they did to VT. That would make Robinson's job much harder, can he beat anyone with his arm?

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chico, one uses the edit feature if he wants to change things after its been posted. preview isnt going to help me change something 5 minutes later will it?

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No, the idea is you might spend a couple of minutes composing your thoughts in advance. That's why there isn't an Edit feature, to try to encourage discourse, as opposed to fanboy argument.

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yerfatmama, was anyone talking to you? Didnt think so.

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oops spelling error. another reason for an edit feature.

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Good point about the VT and Miami defense. I think Robinson can win a game with his arm though. He led a game-winning drive at Northwestern, and also had an impressive drive at the end of the game vs. Michigan that gave them the lead only to see it lost again. Also when looking at the ACC championship game, FSU was outgained by about 150 yards. Aside from their first scoring drive (a field goal), their worst start was their own 44 (on scoring drives). So i agree with u Drallig that it will come down to turnovers and field position, but like i said, I like Penn State to win because of their defense.

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Wow. A double burn. You really bring the heat on the Internet, huh?

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Don, I cant really argue with you. Without my great D, it would have been an ugly season. this is the most excitement i have personally had for a bowl game in a long time.

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yerfatma, you are wack and any site that doesnt have an edit feature is lazy. you started this now back up and get back to talking about the topic.

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And just to piss off chico. PLAY OFF!!! I kid I kid.

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Thanks, Fade. I hate it when the other shoe doesn't drop. And yerfatma may be wack, but he's wight. Right. Sorry. yerfatma's right. If you have a notion that what you want to say might change in five minutes, wait five minutes. This ain't Yahoo Sports chat. I'll happily wait for better smarts.

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Sweet, you dont want an edit feature! You do your waiting I'll post.

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I think you all are stuck in the same rut that the Polls are. It seems so clear, yet no one will admit that the PAC-10 IS THE MOST COMPETITIVE CONFERENCE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL! The PAC-10 is the one conference where on any given year any of the teams (except perhaps Oregon State) could be competing in the top ten. Why is it so difficult to understand that when you play eight out of some of the most difficult opponents in college football it will be hard to have an undefeated record. Why do Cal, Wazzu, and ASU have bad records? Because they play tough teams all season long. The only other conference tht is even conceivably tougher is the Big-10. The only reason that they get the national nod because of tradition.

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the pac10 doesnt beat enough teams from other conferences to truly be respected. someone grab some stats to back me up.

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ASU beat Northwestern and lost to LSU by three, Cal won all three of its non-conference games including a win against Illionois, Oregon won all three of its non conference games including Houston and Fresno State. Oregon State got beat by Louisville, but followed it up with a win over Boise State. Stanford beat Navy, and almost routed ND. UCLA spanked Oklahoma, Rice, and San Diego State. Need I discuss USC? In spite of having a tough time with Pac 10 teams Wazzu took care of all three of its Non-conference opponents. You mean those kind of stats?

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posted by everett at 01:50 PM on December 05

Well there goes my argument. May I envoke the curse of East Coast Bias?

posted by Drallig9399 at 01:52 PM on December 05

PAc 10 wha...?

posted by everett at 01:52 PM on December 05

FSU deserves to be in - they won their champsionship - simple as that. But a few things struck me: - Oregon has gotten the shaft, it's true - if the argument that the entire college football season is supposed to be a "playoff", then a team that loses 4 times hardly deserves to be in the think of the major bowls (if you factor out the conference ties) - regardless of the quality of teams they lost to - I've not seen lines posted yet (and I'm not risking my work's firewall on this), but if FSU is favored, I don't think it speaks too much about their talent ... more about the location of the game, long-term respect for Bowden and coaches, and lack of respect for Penn State's offense. - I had to wipe the tears away from my eyes when I read that FSU would be the best team PSU played all year. That's got to be the only person in the country who thinks that the ACC is better than the Big10. - I respect the Pac-10 (except for the way they play defense ... or DON'T play D), but it's about that they have the perception of not playing and/or winning again quality non-conference opponents, with the exception of USC and maybe 1 other team any given year. And citing teams that beat Illinois, Rice, San Diego St, Navy, Oklahoma and houston does not bolster your argument. BUT AGAIN, I agree - Oregon got hosed.

posted by littleLebowski at 01:56 PM on December 05

Granted Lebowski They are not all powerhouses, but the comment was that they do not defeat enough non-conference teams to be "truly respected." They were 23-7 in non-conference games this year. I also agree, defense in the PAC 10 is not always the greatest. But they still win games.

posted by everett at 02:03 PM on December 05

After careful review of the Oregon schedule the ruling is that its sad to ask for a BCS bowl bid knowing that none of the opponents you defeated are currently in the top 25. No signficant wins = no BCS.

posted by Drallig9399 at 02:22 PM on December 05

FMy concern is more quality then quantity (I'd prefer to say "we lost to Texas by 3" than say "we pounded the snot out of Kansas"). But, you have fair points. Best of luck to Oregon vs Oklahoma.

posted by littleLebowski at 02:23 PM on December 05

Look at their schedule. At this moment in time there is one team on they have played that is ranked, USC. FSU beat 3 teams that are nationally ranked, whereas the ducks 0. If there is anyone that is undeserving it is Oregon with their #5 ranking. How could you play through a whole conference and only play one ranked team the whole time. A) your conference is soft, UCLA isnt great at all B) your conference is too small to have a champ game and too big to play everyone, hence not playing UCLA

posted by Drallig9399 at 03:14 PM on December 05

Dralig what did you miss? The reason that ASU and Cal have bad records is because they have to play hard teams all season long, there are no cup cakes in the PAC 10.

posted by everett at 03:31 PM on December 05

And to think, after the Gators handed the Seminoles their collective asses a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd heard the last of FSU fans' misguided crowing for the season. Thanks, Virginia Tech...thanks a lot.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:33 PM on December 05

if the argument that the entire college football season is supposed to be a "playoff", then a team that loses 4 times hardly deserves to be in the think of the major bowls Aren't the conference championships the closest thing college has to a playoff system? It's weird to see BCS haters angry because Florida State made it in by winning a game. As for the notion that the Noles had nothing to play for the last couple of weeks, that's crazy. People take a four-loss season pretty hard around here.

posted by rcade at 03:58 PM on December 05

Personally I feel Oregon is a team deserving of a BCS bid instead of ...the Holiday Bowl? Unfortunatly the system got the best of them this year. FSU gets in with the auto-bid despite 4 losses! Argue all you want but a four loss team wouldn't have a place in a major bowl game pre-BCS, unless that school was Notre Dame. Ohio State had to be in as a result of the Kansas State rule, making a mandatory inclusion for a school in a BCS conference ranked #4 or above in final BCS rankings. And finally Notre Dame is Notre Dame. I find it hard to believe that a one loss season in a premier confrence, with the one loss being to a damn near pro team, can leave you on the outside of a major bowl game, but at least we have #1 v #2 so Big-12 fans can inch a little closer to reality after seeing their dominate team decimated by USC for the 3rd consecutive year.

posted by bigrobbieb at 05:47 PM on December 05

littlelebowski is right, those are second tier teams in the non conference schedule. And everett, every conference beats up on their own. The Pac-10 certainly isnt the best conference in the country top to bottom. That award is still with the SEC. A case in point is Florida beating FSU. A decent SEC team embarassing the ACC champ. I think Oregon should have a BCS game simply based on record, but they really havnt beaten anybody, and i dont think they would fair well in a BCS game.

posted by the don at 07:14 PM on December 05

bigrobbieb, I hate Notre Dame. it sounds like u arent a fan either.

posted by the don at 07:16 PM on December 05

That award is still with the SEC. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

posted by everett at 07:30 PM on December 05

Why is that funny? Lets hear an argument. Or are u just basing this on strictly opinion?

posted by the don at 07:39 PM on December 05

what? You make the case for Mississippi, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, etc... Half the teams in the schedule are pushovers. I also see that there are tough teams, but every team in the PAC 10 is tough.

posted by everett at 08:34 PM on December 05

Vanderbilt actually was tough this year, and how can U call Washington, Washington State, Arizona, Stanford, Oregon State, or even ASU good?

posted by the don at 08:45 PM on December 05

I don't know what to say, I think that we could keep measuring our belts cross country and still get no where. Maybe its time to rest it. Go Oregon.

posted by everett at 08:48 PM on December 05

What did I miss? Nothing at all, what makes the teams they played tough? I would like to think that rankings are made for a reason. Lets look at just the wins Oregon and FSU has over teams currently ranked in the top 25. FSU has 3 Oregon 0. Wow 10- 1 is very impressive. FSU can lose, they are humans after all, but atleast I can sit here and say that even with a depth chart littered with inexeperience they can still BEAT SOMEBODY. Oregon fans or whoever is on their bandwagon would be just guessing if they made the same claim.

posted by Drallig9399 at 08:21 AM on December 06

Maybe its time to rest it. Or, maybe it's time to read some more.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 08:30 AM on December 06

it was good read black, thanks for the article. But I am not saying that the ACC is the best conf, the champ lost to a middle of the road team from the SEC, that argument is too easy to lose. My point was that it is very possible to be 10-1 and undeserving of a big BCS game because your biggest wins of the year are Cal and Fresno State, who themselves beat no one.

posted by Drallig9399 at 08:52 AM on December 06

SEC is not tops, there is a reason it's refered to as Sucks Enormous Cock...SEC teams beat up on each other because they are on equal footing, but take them out of conference and they falter. The UF-FSU game has always and will always be an exception because of the bad blood. Like your article says black, the past four Peach Bowls have gone the way of the ACC 100-37. I think there is enough proof there, and if any more is needed wait until the Mounties run over the Dawgs.

posted by bucsforever at 10:04 AM on December 06

Any fix of the BCS or any playoff system would include conference champions in the playoffs. It would be silly to take the best teams by record and forget all about the conference / division in which the teams play. Tougher conferences are going to result in more losses.

posted by bperk at 11:44 AM on December 06

My point was that it is very possible to be 10-1 and undeserving of a big BCS game because your biggest wins of the year are Cal and Fresno State, who themselves beat no one. 4 losses against Virginia, NC State, Clemson, and Florida and you have the nerve to talk about what teams you have beat. Thank your lucky stars for the BCS system or you could be making your quality wins arguement to the Motor City Bowl commitee. 10-1 with a loss to the best team in the country is more deserving of a BCS bowl than FSUs 4 losses, Ohio State's two, or Notre Dame being f'in Notre Dame. Last I checked Oregon beat the Virginia(ASU), NC State(Oregon State), Clemson(Cal), and Florida(Fresno State) on their schedule. Part of the reason Oregon is getting the shaft is their own damn fault. They have refused to alter game times to allow them to be seen on national broadcasts (not that the East Coast would watch anyways). I live in Portland and don't even get most Oregon games on tv, how can anyone else see them play.

posted by bigrobbieb at 12:20 PM on December 06

Black Hand that is a great article. And i swear im not just saying that because it supports my claim.

posted by the don at 12:53 PM on December 06

I guess if a record is the only thing that I looked at then I would be feeling Oregon too. Throw out my FSU comparison. Now look at Oregon's schedule. If you are impressed with their body of wins then you must enjoy low highs and high lows. If it was a game between FSU and Oregon, would you put your money on Oregon? How could you? Oregon hasnt beat a ranked team all year do you think they would magically rise to the occasion? Be glad OU is crappy this year. Now I have to watch that game just to see what happens, thanks for the incentive guys.

posted by Drallig9399 at 02:16 PM on December 06

Fuck yeah, my money is on Oregon. Go ducks. Oklahoma is going to feel the pain that is Holoti Ngata.

posted by everett at 04:26 PM on December 06

virginia vs asu nc state vs oregon state clemson vs cal florida vs fresno state?... my money is on the 4 teams that beat FSU not the rejects of mediocre football... those teams play the best (USC) but noone else on there schedule is worth mentioning... and lebowski the big ten does have some great programs historically but none of them have been impressive in the past few years with the exception of OSU when they beat miami for the title... and despite the big difference in the ranking PSU isn't favored by much where they are favored at all

posted by thomaspearce34 at 01:08 AM on December 07

virginia vs asu nc state vs oregon state clemson vs cal florida vs fresno state?... my money is on the 4 teams that beat FSU not the rejects of mediocre football Take a minute and look at each teams schedule and explain to me how those four teams are any better. Nevermind, they play on the East Coast so they have to be better right? The ACC has three mid-level teams and a whole lot of mediocrity. Look no further than the non-confrence schedule of the bowl teams from that confrence and try to convince yourself they are significantly better teams than the Pac-10. Pac-10 has the best team in the country, a second team better than anyone in the ACC, as evidenced by them not losing to mediocre teams, and the same jumble of average D-I programs.

posted by bigrobbieb at 07:14 PM on December 07

You are saying that UCLA would beat anybody in the ACC? They have a good offense but their defense is horrible. The ACC boasts 2 of the top 3 defenses in the country, and all u have to do is slow down Olsen and Drew.

posted by the don at 07:53 PM on December 07

U meant Oregon didnt u. They really do need an edit feature.

posted by the don at 07:55 PM on December 07

I still think the ACC is better though.

posted by the don at 07:56 PM on December 07

Go Ducks

posted by everett at 09:10 PM on December 07

those "3 midlevel teams" could beat anyone in the pac 10 with the exception of USC... but so could the top half of the SEC and the big east could give them a run... the pac 10 is fun to watch but only one of them can hang with the big boys

posted by thomaspearce34 at 12:45 AM on December 08

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