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Portland trades away the last of the Jailblazers

That means that the Blazers are at least 4 superstars away from a championship. I don't know if they are four superstars away from a championship, but I do know that they are three good players away from being a respectable NBA franchise again. Maybe using some of those lottery picks a little more wisely would be a good start.

posted by bigrobbieb at 05:35 PM on February 24, 2006

Davis blazes trail with gold

Congrats to Davis on his big win, but it's hard to root for the guy when he looks and acts pissed off after winning Olympic gold. When Hendrick learns how to skate the first two hundred better I suspect he will be the guy to beat in every event he enters. As far as Shani not racing in the team pursuit, whatever. Both guys have valid points, the team would have had a much better chance to medal with Davis and you can understand Hendrick's frustration that Shani didn't care to skate in that event. However Shani's best event was the next day and he did show up and deliver. The guy skated an amazing race and that can't be taken from him. He probably should have just skipped the interview instead of looking like a jackass, but if he doesn't care about the endorsement money that's his deal.

posted by bigrobbieb at 12:34 PM on February 19, 2006

"Univ of MD Men's B-ball Coach Gary Williams got a new contract that could keep him at his alma mater for the next eight years."

I personally think mid-season contracts are for recruits. Let's them know that if they sign a letter of intent, the coach they signed up with will be there for them. That's exactly the reason. Recruits want to know that the coach will be around for their Junior/Senior year - although that can never be guaranteed.

posted by bigrobbieb at 05:30 PM on December 20, 2005

Done Deal, Nomar to Dodgers

Red Sox West How about Giants south? With Mueller at third Kent at second and Coletti expressing interest in Aurillia, Snow, Sanders, and Lofton. I assume Snow is not really of interest any more with nomar playing first, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the other three happen. As far as Johnny D is concerned, is there serious talk of him going to LA? My understanding was that the Dodgers were anticipating an $85 million payroll. The Nomar signing puts them around $88-91 Million. If Damon is coming does that mean someone else will be traded, or are they just planning to break the bank and make a legit playoff run? Who plays more games this year JD Drew of Nomar? Do the two combine for more or less than 162?

posted by bigrobbieb at 10:25 PM on December 18, 2005

Bargain or bust

I don't think Nomar is capable of being a bargain to any team. It looks like whoever gets him is going to be paying 8-9 mil for his (likely) part-time services. It seems to me that is a pretty penny for a guy without a clear cut position (although the Cubs have made it very clear he can't play shortstop anymore), who is also a major injury risk. However what is 8 or 9 mil to the Yankees with the chance to land the sexy name on the free agent market? Give me the Colts with the over and Nomar on the DL by June, here is the deed to the family farm.

posted by bigrobbieb at 11:58 AM on December 16, 2005

Tejada Wants Out of Baltimore

My point is that productive corner outfielders are fairly common, whereas shortstops that produce offensively are very rare.

posted by bigrobbieb at 01:42 PM on December 09, 2005

Tejada Wants Out of Baltimore

Oh, but he is. Ramirez, warts and all, is one of the best right handed hitters of all time - averaging 40 hrs and 130 rbi in the last six years. Tejada is a perennial All-Star and one of the top 3 SS in the game I think we would all agree that Manny is a better hitter than Tejada, but the positional difference can't be overlooked. Manny is a terrible outfielder, while Tejada plays solid shorttop. The simple fact is; a big bat at shortstop is much more valuable than a big bat in a corner outfield position. If you lose Tejada what production could you hope to get from your SS? .270/10/65 would be reasonable. If you lose Manny it wouldn't be difficult to replace him with a corner outfielder that can give you .285/25/90. Manny is the better player, but Tejada has more relative value becuase a highly productive shortstop is a rarity.

posted by bigrobbieb at 12:48 PM on December 09, 2005

FSU gets a BCS Berth.

virginia vs asu nc state vs oregon state clemson vs cal florida vs fresno state?... my money is on the 4 teams that beat FSU not the rejects of mediocre football Take a minute and look at each teams schedule and explain to me how those four teams are any better. Nevermind, they play on the East Coast so they have to be better right? The ACC has three mid-level teams and a whole lot of mediocrity. Look no further than the non-confrence schedule of the bowl teams from that confrence and try to convince yourself they are significantly better teams than the Pac-10. Pac-10 has the best team in the country, a second team better than anyone in the ACC, as evidenced by them not losing to mediocre teams, and the same jumble of average D-I programs.

posted by bigrobbieb at 07:14 PM on December 07, 2005

Weak FA Market

That goddamn reading comprehension gets me again. I hate it when my teachers prove to be right ten years too late. The current pitching situation is definately not up to Dodger standards, but it is still better than most teams. The bullpen figures to be strong again, with or without Gagne, although a healthy Gagne to close things out would make a huge difference. The rotation has some question marks, but when you look at the pitchers available (now that Burnett has signed with Toronto) there is not much chance reasonably upgrade, whereas an outfielder or corner infielder that can be put in the middle of the lineup is attainable.

posted by bigrobbieb at 06:23 PM on December 06, 2005

Weak FA Market

I agree that I would take the hitting/fielding combo Kent brings any day of the week. Having watched nearly ewvery game he played during his entire tenure in SF I can't see how you would take issue with him being called a defensive liability, but to each their own. IF Choi doesn't work out, Izzy moves to 2B, Kent moves to 1B. Can Hee Sop see the ball? I have never seen a player hit 7-8 HRs in a week who looks so clueless at the plate. "Izzy" is out until midseason and will have a hard time showing he is healthy enough to warrent any trade consideration, so playing at 2B might be an option, at least against lefties. Kent has made it very clear that he will not play 1B everyday as he is concered it will effect his team's chance to win...I mean Hall of Fame chances. Hopefully he can avoid washing his truck this offseason. we'll find out whether his struggles stem from Tracy's micro-managing line-ups or not. Maybe you missed the memo, but Tracy was fired the day after the season. The Dodgers are in far greater need of starting pitching and a slugging OF or 3B. Pitching is really the least of their problems. A little production from the outfield and corner infield positions would go a long way for them. JD Drew healthy should help, if ever healthy that is.

posted by bigrobbieb at 03:43 PM on December 06, 2005

FSU gets a BCS Berth.

My point was that it is very possible to be 10-1 and undeserving of a big BCS game because your biggest wins of the year are Cal and Fresno State, who themselves beat no one. 4 losses against Virginia, NC State, Clemson, and Florida and you have the nerve to talk about what teams you have beat. Thank your lucky stars for the BCS system or you could be making your quality wins arguement to the Motor City Bowl commitee. 10-1 with a loss to the best team in the country is more deserving of a BCS bowl than FSUs 4 losses, Ohio State's two, or Notre Dame being f'in Notre Dame. Last I checked Oregon beat the Virginia(ASU), NC State(Oregon State), Clemson(Cal), and Florida(Fresno State) on their schedule. Part of the reason Oregon is getting the shaft is their own damn fault. They have refused to alter game times to allow them to be seen on national broadcasts (not that the East Coast would watch anyways). I live in Portland and don't even get most Oregon games on tv, how can anyone else see them play.

posted by bigrobbieb at 12:20 PM on December 06, 2005

Weak FA Market

What's going to turn Derek Lowe back into a Cy Young candidate is the fact it's an even-numbered year. For some reason he has a distinct up-and-down cycle. Is Furcal really that much better than Izturis or whomever defensively? I thought LA had great defense up the middle. Izturis is a terrific defensive shortstop. The upgrade they are getting with Furcal is on the offensive side of the ball. LA still has the same recipe for disaster, ground ball pitchers and limited range on the infield. Jeff Kent at 2B is a liability, he would be better served as a first baseman. Hee Sop Choi/Olmedo Saenz/whoever else they play at first are below average and Valentin at third is in the same boat. Unless more changes are made to the infield Lowe will be in line for another tough year in 2006.

posted by bigrobbieb at 11:49 AM on December 06, 2005

FSU gets a BCS Berth.

Personally I feel Oregon is a team deserving of a BCS bid instead of ...the Holiday Bowl? Unfortunatly the system got the best of them this year. FSU gets in with the auto-bid despite 4 losses! Argue all you want but a four loss team wouldn't have a place in a major bowl game pre-BCS, unless that school was Notre Dame. Ohio State had to be in as a result of the Kansas State rule, making a mandatory inclusion for a school in a BCS conference ranked #4 or above in final BCS rankings. And finally Notre Dame is Notre Dame. I find it hard to believe that a one loss season in a premier confrence, with the one loss being to a damn near pro team, can leave you on the outside of a major bowl game, but at least we have #1 v #2 so Big-12 fans can inch a little closer to reality after seeing their dominate team decimated by USC for the 3rd consecutive year.

posted by bigrobbieb at 05:47 PM on December 05, 2005

Bly Disses Joey Harrington

The comparison with TO isn't warrented in this case. I can understand Bly's comments. He is playing on a terrible team with a horrible quarterback. The defense has played well enough to win and the offense continues to struggle despite every effort to put the weapons in place...I can understand his frustration. Furthermore, I think he's mostly right. If the Lions had an average to good quarterback they would be a playoff team. I have to disagree with Dre on Jeff Garcia being that guy, but he is better than Joey freaking Harrington.

posted by bigrobbieb at 12:37 PM on November 30, 2005

Yet another leak?

With the Texas deal the Marlins would then need to turn around and trade Blaylock for prospects...and from what I have heard Texas didn't want to include either of their top two pitching prospects. The Boston deal is kinda BS no real problems solved for either team, the Sox will end up getting another pitcher with a 4+ ERA. We are discussing the Beckett trade right? When healthy he is the legitimate top tier pitcher the Sox were so sorely missing last year w/out Pedro and Schilling. This is one of those that could end up being a good deal for both sides. Florida is able to cut salary, get rid of Lowell, which allows them to move Cabrera to third where he would prefer to be, and possibly have a helluva shortstop if Ramirez pans out. Boston gets the front line pitcher to fill the void in their rotation and, if Lowell reverts to prior form (that is a big if), an upgrade at third, although I love Billy Mueller, kid has no pop. Is it just me or is Lowell the least clutch player in MLB? Even in his good years he never amassed RBI totals to match his power numbers and has never put up good numbers with RISP. I going to go out on a limb and guess that a move to Boston will not help his career...what is left of it anyways.

posted by bigrobbieb at 09:53 PM on November 21, 2005