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eagles, noles, T.O.>(despite his recent stupidity) and T-Mac... everyone else can just take a number and wait their turn

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Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

selfish or not he might be the best player in the league now and i'm a t-mac fan so i hate to say that... but very few players in the league could do this even if they set out with this one singular goal in mind and had the cooperation of their team mates... the sad thing is the lakers still won't make any noise in the playoffs just like t-mac was in orlando and kg was in minnesota... he just doesn't have any help and not even kobe can do this enough to salvage a season... and as for being self centered he averages 4.3 assists a game although thats not a great number its pretty good considering the pathetic lack of talent surrounding him

posted by thomaspearce34 at 01:27 AM on January 23, 2006

if they earn it let 'em celebrate

they're sissies because they dance?... if they were such sissies then they wouldn't be there to dance... and what grade are you in to use a word like sissies?... did some one call you names at recess today?

posted by thomaspearce34 at 11:05 AM on December 31, 2005

if they earn it let 'em celebrate

touchdowns are routine?... how many NFL touchdowns did you score rexlex?... those are 3 of the top receivers in the league...talent coupled with personality is neither a bad thing nor should it be saved for any special occasion...

posted by thomaspearce34 at 02:25 PM on December 30, 2005

if they earn it let 'em celebrate

the only thing ghetto is your spelling dracula (plian?) celebrating is not ghetto ball i went to a private academy and we celebrated just as much as the as anyone else... how can fans first bitch about players not caring about the game anymore then when the players show some excitement bitch about that too?... its ridiculus to complain about something that doesn't even really affect the game

posted by thomaspearce34 at 09:49 AM on December 30, 2005

FSU gets a BCS Berth.

those "3 midlevel teams" could beat anyone in the pac 10 with the exception of USC... but so could the top half of the SEC and the big east could give them a run... the pac 10 is fun to watch but only one of them can hang with the big boys

posted by thomaspearce34 at 12:45 AM on December 08, 2005

FSU gets a BCS Berth.

virginia vs asu nc state vs oregon state clemson vs cal florida vs fresno state?... my money is on the 4 teams that beat FSU not the rejects of mediocre football... those teams play the best (USC) but noone else on there schedule is worth mentioning... and lebowski the big ten does have some great programs historically but none of them have been impressive in the past few years with the exception of OSU when they beat miami for the title... and despite the big difference in the ranking PSU isn't favored by much where they are favored at all

posted by thomaspearce34 at 01:08 AM on December 07, 2005

FSU gets a BCS Berth.

how are we not the best team in the conference... they beat BOTH of your " two best teams in the conference"... and the big ten isn't exactly full of elite teams this year so we will prob be the best team Penn state has played all year

posted by thomaspearce34 at 10:18 AM on December 05, 2005

Oh, for God's sake!

does anyone know the REAL reason we don't already have a playoff?... that BS about missing class non withstanding... why not use a bcs type system to seed a playoff

posted by thomaspearce34 at 11:45 PM on December 02, 2005